Thursday, October 28, 2010

AMW Reviews: Close Up White Now

I had the chance to chat over Skype with MICHELLE PHAN!  Yup, THE Michelle Phan who's a Makeup Guru on Youtube!  Why?  Because I was told that she discovered something that can prettify people and it's not even makeup!

 **photo from google image

Everyone who knows me personally knew how much I love to smile!  I don't say "Keep Smilin', Stay Happy" for nothing!  I do have tiny set of teeth!  So tiny that my dentist thought it was my original kid's teeth!  This tiny set of teeth came a long way, I've smiled to a lot of people and I did manage to make some people feel good and comfortable!  So taking care of my only set of teeth is very important for me that I make sure to use the right kind of toothpaste!  

I have used quite a number, most major toothpaste brands out there, I've given them a try!  When Carla contacted a couple of us Beauty Bloggers to talk about this new brand of toothpaste Michelle Phan discovered, I gave it a yes to talk to her and ask about it!

Michelle was sent with the new Close Up White Now toothpaste from Unilever Philippines.  She never heard about the brand as they don't have it in the States.  She thought it would just be "another whitening toothpaste"!  But after first usage, she got impressed!

Aside from the toothpaste, I got into details about her personal life as well (It was a childhood dream of mine to become a reporter!)  *laughs*  I learned that she wants to visit Boracay as her boyfriend loves the place!  I also learned that she's super busy since her Lancome opportunity that she does not have the time to really relax!  She came down with a Chicken Pox by the way when we had a chat with her that's why we weren't able to do a video call!  It was all good though, she's nice and down to earth!

Ok, back to the toothpaste! How do I find the toothpaste that Michelle Phan has been raving about?

Close Up White Now says ---
Close up White Now is the newest variant of of Close Up.  It has Blue Covarine foam that instantly whitens teeth, after just one brush, giving you that extra confidence boost to get closer.

White Now's Blue Covarine Foam creates an instant visual effect that you will see after just one brush, making your teeth look whiter and brighter and it is proven to be 100% safe.

The whitening effect lasts up to 3 hours on top of the instant whitening effect, White Now also has a progressive action that whitens teeth over time, after continuous use.

Close Up White Now also has liquid mouthwash formula inside, with fluoride for strong teeth and refreshing flavor to give you fresh breath for hours.

Ingredients: Sorbitol, Water, Hydrated Silica, PEG-32, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Flavor, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Saccharin, PVM/MA Copolymer, Trisodium Phosphate, Glycerin, Lecithin, DMDM Hydantoin, Mica, CI74160, CI77891.  Contains Sodium Flouride.

Size: 100g tube
AMW says ---

  • The gel-like texture with blue foam is quite unique
  • Has a slight minty fresh feel after brushing.
  • Teeth has a very clean feel
  • Teeth looks a tiny bit whiter after 3 days of usage (illusion of whiter teeth)  (morning and night).
  • Has fluoride which also strengthens and protects the teeth.
  • Price is affordable for a whitening toothpaste.
  • For those who want the really strong minty taste, this toothpaste isn't the one!
  • I have a feeling this whitening effect is not permanent though, will report back
  • Thanks to reader Anna for this, it does stain my toothbrush!
The Close Up White Now toothpaste is actually considered a makeup for your set of teeth!  I can actually see it's whitening effect!  Your teeth of course is not magically whitened in a short span of time, from constant research, I've learned that Close Up White Now's blue foam formulation forms a blue veil on the enamel, thus reducing the appearance of yellowness of the teeth and creating an optical effect of whiter set of teeth!  Indeed acts like a true makeup!  

On the other hand, it's prolong usage gives a positive result of a true whiter teeth!  Not the "I-have-wear-shades-because-your-teeth-are-too-bright" but it's a nice "clean" look that obviously makes a difference after constant usage.

  • For children, use with supervision of an adult!  Use only a pea size amount.
  • Do not swallow toothpaste, always rinse and spit out after use.
  • If you have weak or sensitive gum, alternate the usage of this toothpaste with another variant for sensitive gum and teeth!
  • Never be in a hurry when brushing your teeth.  Brush all areas of your teeth including the gum and tongue.
  • Brush with light pressure, do not hurt your gum and teeth by brushing too hard.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Close Up suggests this toothpaste to be targeted on Female market with age range of 20-30.  In my opinion this works for both male and female who likes to have whiter teeth even from the 20s up to their senior!

Where to purchase and how much?
Php65.00 (approx $1.50) for 100g available at Supermarkets, Department Stores and Drugstores locally (Philippines).

Well, my teeth aren't that yellow to start with, 
but it obviously helps to flash a brighter smile!
(AMW after 1 week of Close Up usage)
(Makeup tutorial HERE)

Have you seen this toothpaste around?
I'm actually on Pepsodent for a while and it's nice to use this for a change!
After this review, I may alternate my Pepsodent and this Close Up White Now!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent for review purposes.  All information written are based on the writer's personal experience.  Author did not and will never receive payment for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion)


  1. now that i look closely, you do have a set of tiny pearly whites! but on the bright side, you have smaller area to care for :D i don't like smiling with teeth exposing tho :S

  2. wow.. i really want to have white teeth... ang hirap if i use bright colored lipstick eh... i will def buy this.. i am using crest since last year no effect.. :C

  3. Hi Nikki!

    Thank you for sharing this.

    I'm excited to try the new close up variant.. I can finally try to whiten my teeth in an inexpensive way!

    I thought I would need to save thousands of bucks before I can actually try to have whitening procedure at the dentist. From her past videos, Michelle Phan did the same a few months back. But it was in the States and when converted to our currency, the procedure costs more or less 20k!

    But, now.. there's a more simply and cheaper solution! I hope my teeth would soon show whitening progress!

    Just like you,I too have tiny teeth.. but I love them. I think they look so cute! hahaha!!

    Can't wait to grab 'em and purchase this stuff!

    Thanks again Nikki! ^_^

    CHEERS to our cute TEETH!

  4. blue covarine foam for 3 hours of pretty pearls... hmmm, interesting.

    ive always remembered you for telling everyone to keep smiling as it makes anybody beautiful. your trademark, really.

  5. you know what? this is the best pic your hubby has ever taken of you! your eye makeup is to die for too not just the teeth!

    i wonder where i can find a tube of toothpaste that brightens up my teeth good? i go to my dentist every 6 months and he can't do much for me other than cleaning and polishing.

    i quit coffee for months now ad partly because I think it's damaging my teeth too. *_*

  6. Mare, di ako makareact muna sa toothpaste but sa FOTD mo! Super pretty! I mean you're always pretty but smokey smokey looks so good on you. :) Very beautiful!

  7. im shocked coz its so inexpensive LOL.. i want to give this a try! thanks for sharing Nikki!

  8. Shempre naloka ako when I saw Michelle Phan on the blog entry. I'm a huge fan of the make-up guru! She literally sparkles! :D

  9. You have a beautiful set of choppers there, Nikki! I personally don't have a problem with yellow teeth but I think my mom can definitely appreciate this toothpaste! She's a coffee drinker. And it's affordable too! Just a shame that it's not available here

  10. makeup for your teeth! i'll try this :)

  11. I would definitely try this, since most whitening toothpaste brands are so costly... I love my teeth and they are starting to yellow because of my growing love for coffee... =D

    I am uberly excited to try this!!! ^__^

  12. I had to look at your FOTD closely and yes, you do have a tiny set of teeth. Cute. :P

    I'll give this toothpaste a try. Great review, thanks. :P

  13. Looks like a good product to try!

  14. oh i see, i'm having images of maritoni fernandez from way back before she had her procedure done to remove part of her gums that cover almost the upper half of her teeth. but yeah having brighter teeth would give the illusion of bigger teeth.

    thanks for the headsup. michelle phan was one of the first people i subscribed to on youtube when i started my own yt vlog ♥

  15. Hi Nikki!

    I've been using close up WHITE NOW too for two weeks. I really love this product! I made review of it too yesterday.

  16. wow that sounds pretty promising, i want to try this now!
    on a side note, i love love michelle phan! you're so lucky to have a chance to talk to her.

  17. OMG you chatted with michelle phan?!you're so lucky!
    anyways, so this stuff really works, huh? been intrigued by the TV ad when i saw it the first time, so i guess it wouldn't hurt if i give it a try. :)

  18. Hi Nikki! Ive been using this for over a month now and I must say it is effective in whitening overtime!!

    I have really yellow teeth with stains, and now its not white but its less yellow. I was shy to smile before because of my teeth color, and also it was so hard for me to choose lipstick colors..

  19. Xin, lol on smaller area to care! And why do you have to look closely? hahahah Now I'm shy! Sis, you look good smiling with teeth!

    Donnarence, so true! I have taken my teeth for granted, just the usual annual cleaning and that's it, I do take care of my gums though as it bleeds!

    Kate Sinaon, yes, I'm surprised with the price too! I'm glad its inexpensive for us to give this a try! I've tried those stick on type and it kept on sliding off! hahhah those were the days! Gosh 20K procedure? NEVER MIND! I just have it clean more often na lang by a dentist! hehehe Thanks for sharing your love for tiny set of teeth! High Five!

  20. Herroyalbleakness, thanks! I'm glad the trademark is quite nice :)

    Jojoba, wow, really? I originally do not plan to put up this photo, but I have to get the photo taken most recent after I've used the toothpaste, thanks for liking the photo! Super appreciated coming from you! I believe the tube of toothpaste is available in Asia, not sure if its available there though.

    Tara, hahahah thanks sistah you love me!

  21. Khymm, let me know once you try it!

    Skysenshi, hahahah so true, she's a guru to a lot of us!

    Connie, thank you dear! I am a coffee drinker so I have to take care of my pearlies! hehehe :) You have gorgeous teeth yourself, I can totally see it on your FOTDs!

  22. Crystal, hahaha goodluck! let me know and I can't wait to read your review!

    angelamhiere, I know right! I really did not give them the time of the day until a couple of years ago! Feel free to let me know your experience with this

    Pammy, naku, have to look closely pa? Nahiya na ako ah! hahahah

  23. Ceemee, it is! its worth to try as the price isn't bad

    Marge, yup, I do know her and I believe she's got problems with small teeth too!

    Akiko, thanks for sharing, it'll be great to read your reviews, will jump after this!

  24. Bea, hehehe yup, it was surreal!

    Abbie, yup, she's a bit softspoken but really nice! :) I saw the commercial too! that girl has seriously super white pearlies! hahaha

    K, hey, thanks for sharing your experience, I'm getting more and more excited to see the effect of this after a month or more!

  25. so intriguing...I just hope the mercury a few meters away from us do have stocks as they are so not complete! hehehe
    I envy your teeth as mine are so big!

  26. i will try this are super lucky to talk with Michelle #1 idol & guru in're the best!...hope to see any news about her, sana makapunta sya..possible meet and greet!..w0w!!! excited...hehe..thank you!

  27. mahanap yang yang close up na yan.

    i'm an avid coffee drinker so it eventually stains my teeth, so i kinda need all the help in whitening my teeth, too.

    have you tried the crest whitening strips? if only those were readily available here ♥ ~blog ko naman

    ingat ♥

  28. Debi, naku, let's meet halfway na lang? Let's go for middle sized teeth :) hehehe goodluck finding this! I hope you get the find this!

    Jezzhae, I know what you mean! I told her if she visits Manila, she has to let me know as It'll be great to see her and meet her in person!

    Marge, same here! Coffee drinker unite!!!! I have tried the Crest Whitening Strips way back but I find that it kept on slipping from my teeth, probably because they're too small? But it does whiten effectively! Na try ko na 5 yrs ago when I was in China!

  29. It's really a clever idea to trick your eyes into thinking your teeth are whiter but really it's just the coolness of blue counteracting the warmth of yellow that gives the "whiter" look. I love this toothpaste but I just hate that it stains my toothbrush =(

  30. I went to Watsons yesterday to search for this toothpaste but it wasn't stocked yet. Looking forward to getting one! =D

  31. Anna, yeah! thanks to your reminder, it does stain my toothbrush and I will add that up to the CON :) Thank you!

    Peachy Pink Sisters, oh no! I guess they get sold out quite fast because of its price :)

  32. haven't tried the crest white strips but it interests me since it was always used on queer eye for the straight guy (yan ang blast from 5yrs ago LOL).

    awww your teeth aren't that small, i think maritoni's were smaller, thus her decision for that procedure to remove some of her gums to reveal more of her teeth ^_^

  33. hahahah I used to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy din Marge! hahahha well, my teeth in person isn't too obvious that it's small, I think may daya lang! hahahha even my fingers, they are super short and it's just not obvious lang with the shape! I think madaya lang ako! hahaha ;)

  34. awwww and therefore you photograph very well since i don't see anything wrong or i don't see how short the pulp of your nails in your pix and i see your teeth to be just a tad small and in fact makes you look younger which is a bonus [but prolly might think not sometimes].
    but i would have to agree with you that there are women na madaya tignan, and i suppose that's what trinny and susannah are banking on in what not to wear ♥
    so kudos to us, madaya din ako tignan, i iz short pero di halata LOL

  35. may I know who's the girl in the latest close up [WHITE NOW] commercial?? =)

  36. OMG! Michelle Phan is one of my idols! You're so lucky! How is she as a "chatter"? Hehe

  37. Marge you are so sweet, thanks for saying it looks nice actually on me, it could be my trademark too right ? :D

    Newbiemode, sorry, I don't know eh! She's actually just a random model I guess I'll let you know once I get an idea

    Sai, she's ok, not as chatty as I originally thought :) But nice!

  38. Does the whitening effect photograph well? Or is the illusion of whiteness only evident face to face with a person?

  39. I have to clarify that you don't see the whitening effect that FAST but it
    does give an illusion of a "tiny bit whiter" teeth after several use, and
    that includes photograph.

  40. LOL sabi ng office mate ko yung pantalon nya daw pumuputi (after he brushes his teeth after lunch sa office) LMAO

  41. Sana magkaron ng commercial si kc concepcion and sam milby ng close-up commercial. D ba they're both endorsers. I'm a big fan of them.

  42. wow great review on the closeup white now toothpaste! i love how it's super detailed. anyway, i'm interested in trying this toothpaste and looking forward to it after reading this! :)

  43. @Brittany Thanks Brittany! A simple tip though, you still have to use your regular toothpaste for gum care :D

  44. im using this toothpaste close up whitenow but I think it has no effect for me.. its stil

    1. How long have you been using it? I have finished a couple of tubes but I don't use it as regularly. So far , my teeth isn't super white but it doesn't have the yellow stain (half of my teeth) has most of the time.

  45. :I am using close up menthol toothpaste. It's the best whitening toothpaste i have ever seen. Thank you.


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