Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Wonder: "Conquering your Beauty-Related Fear"

To those who knew me personally would know how I've always been on a safe side but wouldn't be surprised to see me try bungee jumping, sky diving or anything crazy!  My heart would skip gazillion times but its something not impossible for me to do because I may not be the most adventurous type but I love to challenge myself!

Here's a funny thing about me though, would you believe that I would choose bungee jumping on top of the Macau Tower over putting on contact lenses?  I think it has to do with my super bad eye allergies from an eye drops years ago that puts a huge scare to my "eyeball" life!

Me being the pusher, I put on contact lenses to be part of my "superficial bucket list", things to do superficially before I die!  *laughs* Gosh, I've got nothing to do eh? hahaha

Anyways, on my Korea trip, I went to this Myeong-dong underground shopping and you can see shops after shops of Eyeglasses, and contact lenses.  I told Mr. AMW that since I'm in the land of GEO lenses, I might as well purchase one since it could be cheaper there and it has 3 years shelf life!  3 years is enough time frame for me to muster up the courage to at least try right?

This whole set costs 25,000 Won (approx Php1,000/$23.00)
GEO Angel Grey Lens 
B.C.: 8.60
Diameter: 14.00
Includes: All-in-one cleanser, portable case and eye dropper

I actually had it kept somewhere and I never had the courage to try it because...just because...I'm a weakling that way! hahaha  I even thought of giving it away a friend who wear contacts! Yup, giving up!

Well, somewhere out there, the universe gave me a slap on my face by telling me to get this done and not wonder how it feels to wear contact lens or how it feels to touch my eyeballs!  *laughs*  I've said NO to a lot of contact lens reviews way back and I haven't had any coming my way for a year!  Just when I was going to give away my own purchase of the GEO Angel Lens, Dashing Beauty Shop messaged me for a review of the GEO contact lenses she sells!  And she sells it for only Php670.00 LOCAL free shipping but this one is PREORDER!  I was told she gets this directly from GEO company and the retail price of this is actually Php750.00!

GEO Angel Brown Lens
B.C.: 8.60
Diameter: 14.00
with free case

A closer look on GEO Angel Brown Lens
Doesn't this remind you of WALL-E? *tee hee*

Ok, here it goes!  After a couple of YouTube viewing and tips from contact lens users, one fateful night, I finally did it!  Gosh, you just can't imagine the happiness and contentment I felt when I first put it on!  It was like winning a lottery!  *laughs*  Are you ready to see?  Please bear with me as I look quite stressed!  Hahaha it was done several hours before I go to bed...

I think I can be part of Twilight?  Or locally...IMMORTAL?  *laughs*  A closer shot on GEO Angel Grey Lens.  Sorry for the blank, soul-less eye expression, it's my first after 30 years, so please be gentle!  LOL

It looks quite natural in person.  The  moment it was put on, I didn't feel a thing so it's all good...

Now, the hardest part is..removing it!  Trust me, you wouldn't want to know how I look like trying to remove it!  I actually did!  And it's the feeling of winning a Lottery plus House and Lot plus Luxury Car!  You seriously wouldn't want to see that!  hahahaaha

Now, I wonder:
"Have you conquered your beauty-related fear?"

it could be eyelash extensions, eyelash curling,  injections, etc...

Nikki's Superficial Bucket List:
13. Wear contact lens
14. Walk around naked in public (na-ah! That ain't gonna happen! in this lifetime) hahahaha

Dashing Beauty Shop 
For all types of GEO lenses
Click FB or Multiply
Deadline for PRE-Order October 25, 2010

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: GEO Angel Grey lens purchased on my own and GEO Angel Brown sent by company for review.)


  1. nikki!! love the angel grey on you... i want the brown soon.. :D i can imagine you removing it... i was actually crying nung first time ko siya tatanggalin.. i do not have any idea kung pano... it took me an hour to figure out everything at nanood pa ako ng youtube dahil hindi ko magets yung nasa brochure thing.. !!! hahaha...

  2. Hahaha, it does look pretty natural, so you're all right there. No Twilight-ness :P

    Mine would be that as well, colours contacts. Haven't tried that out yet. The next one I did conquer, and that would be IPL. Did it on my underarms, and now I think, why didn't I do it sooner?!

  3. Hmmmmmm I dont really know what beauty fear I have since I havent really encountered one yet but congrats on getting over yours

    Putting on and removing contacts gets easier with time so just practice :D

  4. same for me too!!! i am one eye blind and normal glasses can't help to correct my vision properly and i always had headache because of it. due to this reason i had to be on contact which i seriously feared alot. after 3 years of struggling i finally braved myself last year to do it. now i am used to putting for one eye, still have prob for another healthy eye tho

  5. I too... I was afraid to wear contact lenses but i face my fear and build the courage in me.

  6. i've been considering years & years to buy contact lens just the clear ones for my sight is not that good..

    but every time im about to, i remember the horrid things that i hear from my contact lens-wearer friends of mine..

    on which, i just won't be sharing for i don't want you to be upset or to fear lenses like i do, but i said to myself that there will come a time where i'll be able to wear one myself...
    i just don't know when though..hehe

    i also have that sort of list & i keep on telling everybody but they keep laughing at me

    i'll share some with you:
    1. i want to shave my hair - for i have a fetish of rubbing my skin im my bedsheet. i can't sleep without me rubbing my legs/arms back & forth on the sheet without feeling the crispiness & smoothness of the sheet! (im so weird!)

    2. i want to be a taho vendor - this is insanely crazy, but i would want to experience carrying that taho...(bucket?) on my shoulder shouting TAHO!

    *weirdness check*

  7. Hmmm...I think the set you got is priced a tad bit higher...You can get GEO contact lenses locally for only P600, the solution and the kit can be had for P200.

  8. Thanks for sharing! the gray lens are lovely and becoming on you , same here i too have a fear of wearing contact lenses since i have a very sensitive eyes and when i was younger, prone to allergies, it was kind of a having sore eyes so often that i needed to wear dark glasses to conceal when going out . And now seeing a lot wear lenses with ease and courage ...really i feel envious. I will try to wear one soon, but really really scared. It's amazing a lot are keeping that kind of list. Gladly, i mustered my courage to put on nail polish,now am addicted and have my hair rebonded. Having a breast-lift/augmentation tops my list, LOL, its scares me big time! no for something invasive.

  9. I too fear wearing contact lenses...I hope i will have the courage to do like you did.
    but I did conquer one, that is, putting red lipstick on. I just tried it last weekend and whoa! I am so happy cause somehow i feel so pretty with it. LOL
    Im happy for you!
    Yey for conquering your fear!

  10. awe! those contacts looks so nice on you! i wish i can wear them too, after trying it i just can't put them one more time into my eyes :(

  11. congrats on facing your fear, Nikki! I like GEO lenses very much, in fact my first Angel grey! Angel brown suits you

  12. congratulations for conquering your fear. those contacts look great on your eyes! i haven't crossed over yet so I'm still a contact lens virgin. hopefully i can muster enough courage soon so I can try 'em myself!

  13. It looks pretty natural on you. I can only imagine how you tried to remove it. :P

    I can't even bring myself to buy contact lenses for my poor eyesight so I'm sticking to glasses. Guess I haven't conquered this particular fear. Glad you were able to! :P

  14. BAGAY sayo, sis! But I can totally get why you'd be scared to try them on. I have had free contacts before, too, only to have them go to waste. Hindi ko talaga kaya. My med student friend (haha, sya na nga) told me that the eyes, once damaged are irreparable, even if you undergo Lasik. So ingat pa din :)

    Although now that you've tried it, CONGRATS! A fear is a fear, and no that's not superficial! Mwah!

    It was so nice to see you again, too. Namiss kita. :)

  15. Donnarence, the brown looks quite similar to my regular eye color so the effect is not as huge as this Angel grey :) Thank goodness I did not cry and thank goodness for youtube I get to learn how to put and remove contact lenses! The power of YT!

    Tine, thank you! hahahhaa well, there's a bit of shine from the night moisturizer on my face so for me, its really twilight-y :D IPL, oh my, thats part of my list and I'm scared of it!

    kaishiza, heheh thank you! :) well after several tries, its still difficult ha! hehehe

  16. Xin, hahahah the other eye seems to be smaller and just super difficult to work with! I guess that happens to a lot of us!

    Anne, so you succeed? YAY!

    Thia, oh no, thanks for not telling me about it, but you know what? I know the consequences that's why I am really careful even on removing I don't use the normal method people do in removing as I have longer nails, I do the "vertical" forefinger motion which is easier! Well not really, but easier than pinching! :) Thanks for sharing your list, your list looks too cute! Too kakaiba! Not weird! I actually like it! What's the point of having a bucket list if its not weird right? :) So cute on Taho vendor, I'll definitely buy from you!

  17. Lynx, you know what/ You're righ! I thought it'll be cheaper when I bought it in Korea but hey, I'm a tourist, I don't have a single idea how much contacts are locally and you know what????? It's ok..hahaha I bought it in a tourist area anyways! Thanks for the info

    Jenh, hey don't force yourself though, this is just me, I love challenging myself and I'm glad I did! Eventhough I leave the contacts most of the time in its rightful case (not eye socket) hahaha I'm happy! Ooohh those breast augmentation is not my thing and will never be in my list..well ask me again after 30 years! lol shucks! An old woman with perky breasts! Nope, not my thing still! hahaha

  18. Debi, ditto! Putting on bright red lipstick is also part of my list! :) Thanks for being happy for me! You're sweet!

    Anastacia, ohhh girl! Keep on trying, but be careful as well ok?

    Coonie, oh girl, you have the most gorgeous eyes with contact lenses! I so love your eyes! You are one of the many beauty bloggers who gave me the push! So thank you!

    Lootwagon, thank you! :) I remembered you put it on your list too! Goodluck!

    Pammy really? I think it looks weird on me! But it does grow! :)

    Tara, labs mo lang ha kaya sabi mo bagay sa akin! hahaha it was great seeing you! And girl, I know about those eye damages, I heard about it kaya nga it took me THIS LONG to muster the courage!

  19. bagay sayo Nikki! =) esp the Grey one. Cant wait to see more pics of you with eye makeup..
    alam mo, Im also afraid of wearing contact lenses and like you na conquer ko na yung fear na yun! haha pero I only wear 'em on special occassions lang LOL

  20. Congrats for conquering your fear Nikki! I'm still too scared of wearing contact lenses, I just don't like the thought of putting anything in my eyes. But the lenses look beautiful and natural on you.

  21. hi nikki! i just wanna let you know that the kiehl's midnight repair concentrate really worked!! i still have a lot in the bottle. my fisnce noticed the glow that i have because of the product. thank you so much!!!



    p.s. i have an online shop already http://allthatjuicystar07.multiply.com

  22. I also tried GEO lenses once but never wore it again....Parusa sa pagsuot and pagremove hahaha. I think you're prettier without it Nikki :)

  23. awww they're cute on you. na-addict din ko dyan, i have 3 pairs of geo's and now wanna try the japanese ones naman.

    since i wear glasses, wearing geo lenses makes my eyes stand out rather than be hidden (and all people would see are my frames).

    yeh i'd skip number 14, too, LOL.

    ingat ^_^

  24. your website is very helpful!!!
    keep up the good work ^^!!

    xx mooshichui.blogspot.com

  25. Khymm, hahaha thanks! I am still afraid to put on eye makeup with these on as it is quite difficult for me to remove the contacts at baka magkalat lahat ng makeup! hahahha :) Will do so if I'm pro na! I have a feeling I'll only wear this on special occasions!

    Gio, ahahahha thanks for making me feel such accomplishment, though in truth, its really superficial! Thank you!

    Iya, thanks for the update and I'm happy it works for you! :)

  26. Kim, hahaha PARUSA! So funny! awww you are sooo nice to say I look better without these, so bakit pa ba ako naghihirap? hahaha Oh y eah! BUCKET LIST! :)

    Marge, awww thank yoU! You think it looks cute on me and not scary? I just watched Immortal and I thought of myself! hahaha So true, your eyes will stand out with these even with glasses! :)

    Mooshi.Chui, thanks for visiting and thanks for commenting!

  27. Yeah, we all experience that anyway but I"m glad you like your new contacts ^_^ and i hope it will inspire women to be not afraid to wear 'em.

  28. oo sis, bagay sa iyo. it brightens up your face. lenses and just eyeliner, a girl would hardly need eye make up (LOL)

    and i like that you got the angel series, it's odd enough to be noticed but not too weird to be like anime for cosplay, it's just right ♥

  29. Lynx, hahahah I hope I was able to inspire them! hehhee Thanks for the comment

    Marge, aaww, thanks! I think I'm better now, the photo posted was the first time ever so imagine the number of times I tried to poke my eyes, I felt like the photo showed up a super tired Nikki, but thanks for saying its alright! I am still afraid to apply a lot of eye makeup with contacts as I still take time removing them and I don't want messy makeup gets into the eyes! :D Next time..next time :)

  30. I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?

  31. I'm really scared of going to the derma. :( Im scared that it would only aggravate the ugly skin that I have.. but I really want to get rid of these ugly blemishes and ugly scars... speaking of that, I just did some research on good dermas here in Makati. I hope I could visit one soon. :)

  32. Apola, thank you so much for sharing your fear, I am wishing you luck and hope the Dermatologist you will meet is a good oen :)


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