Monday, October 18, 2010

AMW Reports: Skin Dermatology and Laser Center

Remember how I've always been telling you that I have the simplest and most basic skin care when I was growing up?  I just started to be vain when I worked in China for a good 3 and a half years!  I worked in a language learning center back then and schedule was crazy!  I can start work as early as 7:00am to 12:00nn and will have another class scheduled from 7:00pm until 9:00pm!  I usually ended up staying inside the office the whole afternoon to prepare for lessons and that entails to sitting in front of the computer for the whole day!  On rest days, I would go to nearby Spa centers just to relax and unwind!  There's one a couple of blocks away from my place and I started to go there to enjoy their spa services!  But they turned out to be good friends of mine and they would give me free facials!  Seriously, it was the best 2 hours spent in a week!  I always get VIP treatment with my own special room and get extra services! I guess it really helps to be friends with them huh? hehehe
I ended up purchasing a membership card (10 sessions + 5) and went there at least once a week!  Those were the times I had my faith in facials!  My skin has to go through 4 seasons and it gets really painful and dry during winter, with the facial treatment done for my skin type, I breezed through winter without issues at all!  Because of stress and work schedule, I do have more breakouts during those times, teaching in front of a big group of professionals took a toll on my skin!  With breakouts starting to rear its ugly head, I would go visit the center and it'll be gone in no time!  

When I came back home, sad to say, I had a couple of bad experiences so I ended up not going through facials anymore!  It has been more than 5 years!  Either I visit some facial salons and just have the usual facials without the painful pricking or peeling or not do anything at all and depend on my trusty at-home facial treatments!

Recently, I got an invite to try a beauty center --- SKIN Dermatology and Laser Center.  I nearly said no but thanks to my researching skills, I've learned that The Spa moves into the beauty world with this extension.  In this center, you can come in and have Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS)-accredited dermatologist to give you an in-depth skin consultations.  That's a number one priority for me for anyone to touch my skin!  I also had wonderful experience with The Spa on my Purifying Moroccan Mud Therapy so it's another "yes" point for me!

At SKIN Dermatology and Laser Center, though the term Laser made me feel like running to the opposite direction, I was quite surprised that I was never intimidated with it!  I guess because of the welcoming and cozy atmosphere that greeted me when I got in the center.

Let's not forget the best Ginger tea I've tasted a couple of months ago at The Spa, they serve it here as well!

While enjoying my cup of ginger tea, I had a consultation with the attending dermatologist.  I told her my skin concerns and my allergic reactions experiences on products I've used.  I also told her that I am not into hard core peeling as my skin is very sensitive.  She listened to my concerns and she created a personal skin plan for me that my skin would appreciate!  

It will be the Ultimate Diamond Facial which combines a Signature Facial with Diamond Peel.  My heart skipped a beat when I heard the word "PEEL" but I was reassured it won't do bad for my skin!  We'll see...

First thing I asked before the facial was done are the products to be used.  I was told by Maricel that it's Dr. Jeff.  Dr. Jeff Skin Care is from the USA and the company constantly expand its product lines to offer new treatments and state of the art ingredients for spas and skin centers just like SKIN.

Let the treatment start...
Thanks to Maricel for the wonderful treatment and for answering my queries.

Here's step by step treatment base on my understanding and good 'ol memory!
  • I actually went there without makeup but just to make sure, Maricel cleanse my skin with Dr. Jeff Cleansing Lotion.  She did it with massaging motion.
  • After cleansing, she gently wiped off the cleansing lotion with cotton cloth.  Applied toner all over my face and neck.
  • A gentle scrub, Honey and Almond was applied all over my face.  I again, advised Maricel my issues on scrubs and dry skin, she reassured me that Honey and Almond works really well for dry and sensitive skin. 
  • Gently massaged the scrub all over concentrating on the sides of my nose, gentle on my cheek area and a bit of pressure on the forehead.
  • After gentling removing the scrub, Maricel applied an enzyme on my skin thinly.  This will harden up and peel off including my dead skin!
  • Maricel  uses her fingers to gently remove the hardened enzyme, it wasn't as rough as it sounds!  It's actually quite relaxing!
  • As the face is clean and ready, steaming was done for 10 minutes to help unclog pores.  The rest of the 10 minutes went really fast because I was given a lovely massage on my back, neck and scalp! 
  • Diamond Peel was done.  It felt super weird at first.  I feel a bit of pain because I can literally feel the tiny diamond pieces scratching against my skin while a tiny vacuum sucks away dirt and dead skin cells.  At this stage, I was acting the mature Nikki because I advised Maricel on the tiny pain I felt and she lowered down the vacuum strength which felt way much better afterwards!  Its really important to speak up when you do treatments like these!
The Diamond Peel was worth it!  She showed me the filter from the Diamond Peeling machine and here are the dead skin and excess hair from my gorgeous face!  *laughs*  In fairness to me, Maricel told me my skin isn't that dirty and its actually well taken care off! 

Applause to Nikki for taking care of my skin!  *claps claps claps*

After the Diamond Peel, dermatologist came in to do pimple injection, I had one rearing its ugly head on my chin area, the injection is obviously painful but its bearable!  Worth it because I don't have that pimple at this very moment!  Sorry I forgot to take a before and after shot of it!  But mark my words for it!  There's a couple of comedone extraction performed to remove some tiny marks like millia that we thought its just white heads!  

I was a bit scared that I'll be walking out with marks on my face, the dermatologist reassured me that it'll be fine because they will apply anti-inflammatory cream on my skin!  But I advised her if the ingredients of the anti-inflammatory cream includes steroids, she said yes, and I told her I'll give it a skip as I'm one of the few exceptions who's allergic to the said ingredients.  Better safe than sorry right? 

But the wonderful part?  Even without the anti-inflammatory cream,  I came out the center without red marks or scars!  I actually look refreshed and super clean and I even went out for dinner inside a mall!  

It's a great experience for sure!  The in-house dermatologist is super friendly and she understands how scared patients are especially on injections or extractions and she would make sure to divert your attention by telling you stories or asking you questions!

I was told these type of treatments can be done twice a month or once a month depending on your skin condition!  They did not hard sell me on any products and the dermatologist can also prescribe a daily regiment perfect for post treatment if needed.

I would like to thank people from SKIN Dermatology and Laser Center for making me feel comfortable!  I am not the type who would go for SKIN treatments weekly but if I have days wherein I really need to detoxify my face from all the cosmetics and pollution, I will definitely go back!  

Ultimate Diamond Facial price: Php2,800 (approx $63.00)
They also offer various treatments like  Body treatments, Anti-aging treatments, Complexion Recovery, Skin Whitening, Fillers, Facial Peels and of course, for those getting ready to tie the knot --- Laser Hair Reduction!  Feel free to contact them and and book yourself a consultation!  It's nice to know the dermatologist who work there are licensed and part of the PDS! 

SKIN Dermatology and Laser Center
The Spa Wellness at the Fort
Building 8, 908 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
tel. no: (632)403-8000/(632)856-5858/(632)856-3035

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Service was done for review purposes.  All information written are based on the writer's personal experience.  Author did not and will never receive payment for positive reviews.  Please try their services at your own discretion)


  1. sounds like you had a good facial! My "diamond peel" experience was a bit different. microdermbrasion using some kind of crystal-blasting device of some sort.

  2. it looks good but the price is quite the yikes! hahaha

  3. Looks like a good experience for u! I'm not a big fan of facial. It always hurts when the beauty consultant takes out the blackheads and bits around my nose and the redness will stay for few days. Haha


  4. wow! what a nice experience! sure it was so great and relaxing!

  5. I am getting married soon! Thanks for this, I am interested with the underarm treatment

  6. this seems like a great experience!! I too, am very scared of the word "peel" because getting eyebrow waxed alone irritates my skin :( But this facial scrub seems like a nice one!

    The family (husband's side) is actually planning a mini trip to the Philippines (it's all last minute) and I might stay there for a week. It's been 7 years since I last visited Philippines and I'm from La Union so I'm not really familiar with places in Manila. Do you know any good places to get body scrub and massages near the international airport? Do you know the price range?

  7. Sounds like you had a really good experience with them! One reason I'm scared of having facials is I see how red and spotted people's faces are after their sessions. But glad that didn't happen to you. :P

  8. I love diamond facials, they are the best if you want a quick fix to lovely healthy skin :-) I cannot recommend this treatment enough. Unfortunately living in London, they are not cheap! But you gotta maintain, and since winter is upon us skin gets prone to dryness.

  9. Cpmmoe. oh my, crystal blasting device? I am flinching here! I can feel it! hahah how does it feel? Bearable?

    Crystal, it is! but if I have those really hardheaded pimples like my hubby, its worth to do it even once!

    Charming Vanity, I always feel hurt too but promise, Dra's hands are really light ! I'm thankful! I've been vigilant the whole hour, waiting to get hurt and complain! hahahah thank goodness I don't have to!

  10. Anastacia, thanks

    Jessica Cruz, hey Congratulations for getting hitch soon! :) GOodluck with the underarm treatment, I didn't go through any when I was getting ready to get married! I wish I did, although I don't have to raise my arms on my wedding day, it's just nice no?

    Iyah, I remember you have dry skin too Iyah right? So this one didn't break me out, thank goodness! Hmm..body spas and scrubs near the airport..damn..I haven't really thought of it! Oh yeah, there's one at SM MALL OF ASIA Area called Zenyu Ecospa, Hotel H20 at Manila Ocean Park. It's really good as what I've read! I have yet to try it pa :)

  11. kirstyb , no problem, always my pleasure

    Pammy, yes, I am scared of that too, I did not have any redness even without anti-inflammatory cream! :)

    Michelle, yes, it is pricey I know in other countries, it is also quite on the higher mid range to high range down here! Well considering the salary.

  12. Hi, I also tried their Ultimate Diamond Facial from Skin and I have to say its the best experience. The staff are so accommodating and the place is so cozy. Thats right they never "hard sell", they only think of whats best for their clients. I also tried their cellulite reduction machine and I really saw a huge difference, amazing!

  13. Glad you have a great experience there too! You're right about not having the "hard sell" feel :) Wow, cellulite reduction? It works? :D

  14. yea its the vela something cellulite reduction. my skin feels tighter and i had one inch off my tummy with just one session! I do it once a week and Im happy with the results. Gee I love your posts... looking forward to hear more from you.. thanks!

  15. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  16. Do you need to book an appointment or you can walk in and have your treatment done? Likewise, do they charge you with a consultation fee? Thanks!

  17. Thanks Anonymous! :)

    Tine, with regards to booking, yes I suggest you give the center a call to make sure the dermatologist is there, actually they charge you with the treatment (and medication) if needed, they don't really charge you for consultation as you usually have your treatments done there and consultation is part of the treatment :)


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