Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Rockwell Bazaar + AMW Gives Winner

Hi everyone!  Hope Saturday went well to a lot of you!  How did you brave the traffic over the weekend with sales here and there?  I, tried to stay away from those areas!  I actually had a nice chat after lunch by the way with the YT Guru Michelle Phan as I was told she will be collaborating with Close Up Philippines, she doesn't have all the details yet so I can't share any juicy information for now!  But it's nice to know she wanted to visit the country especially Boracay!  

I've decided to fill in the day for official Nikki Relaxation day!  I've booked myself a Facial (which my last was gazillion years) and I am so happy that the facial "steps" were similar and as relaxing from my previous facial experience when I was still working in China!  After facial, I skipped to the next relaxing location!  Hair Salon!  I've booked myself a Kerastase Hair Treatment because my hair is getting long and instead of getting a cut!  I have them specially treated so I can enjoy my long hair more before they decided to commit suicide and I have to chop them off!

I will definitely share you all about my experiences as the days come!  I know it should be relaxing but it's nice to report what happened and share to readers my experiences!  

After the relaxation day, I have to let Mr. AMW relax too right?  And everyone knows that good tasting food is close to his heart next to Mrs. AMW!  I'm no. 1 and food is no. 2 for sure! :P  

We went to Rockwell and we saw a couple of food stalls right outside!  It was a bit late and we don't want to eat too much so here's our simple weekend food experience! 

Swiss Gourmet Hotdog Sandwich
Php80.00 (approx $2.00)
We weren't able to take a photo of this but we ordered 2 Hotdog sandwiches!  Tastes really good!  The sausage is crunchy on the outside and seriously juicy on the inside.  Poured over some ketchup and mustard and its great tummy filling food!

Piri Piri Chicken
Php130.00 for the Chicken pieces  (approx $2.95)
Php70.00 for Jambalaya Rice (approx $1.60)

It's not the best place to eat chicken using paper plates and plastic spoon and fork!  But boy oh boy!  The chicken was cooked on a charcoal and the scent is just nose-tacular!  Poured over with mild or hot sauce (Chili mixed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil), combined with the very tasty Jambalaya Rice, we did not mind eating this while standing up!

Jambalaya Rice serving

We actually love to share food and we were a bit full!  Yogurt definitely is the best bet on dessert but we can't seem to find our favorite Red Mango at Rockwell.  We settled on Lulu Belle and ordered a large size of Plain Yogurt, no toppings!

Plain Yogurt Large
Php120.00 (approx $2.70)

Sad to say, I've been a plain yogurt eater for the longest time even way back before they got famous down here (one bragging rights I am proud of).  Anyways, I am quite disappointed as the yogurt taste wasn't there!  It's just too bland for my liking!  Just my opinion though!  I'm sure if you mixed it with your favorite toppings, it'll be ok!  Mr. AMW on the other hand mixed this with Oatmeal Crispies we purchased and he was fine with it!

As you can see, we've been food tripping again no matter how simple our dishes are!  So off we walk around the mall with full tummy!  And suddenly, we passed by Mc Donald's and we have to slap our forehead for not leaving a space in our tummy for our ultimate favorite junkfood that's available on certain months of the year....

Mc Donald's Twister Fries!!!We swallowed our gluttony instinct and walked away *sobs*
Someday...someday....later?!!? hahaha

Before I end this post, I will finally announce the winner for the AMW Gives: L'Oreal Wear Infinite Pressed Shadow thank you so much for joining the contest everyone!  I am really happy with the responses and I love how most of us have faith in the Lord, our family, friends to give us the strength to survive any trials that may come our way!  Don't we all have problems and issues in life?  We're obviously not alone! :)

Because it is a contest, only ONE winner will be chosen and I've pasted all the "User Names" that has correctly replied the query with the right requirements and used my trustee Fruit Machine to pick up one winner!  Congratulations to...

Sarah Curativo!

I will email you Sarah for your mailing address!
To the rest, hey!  Don't worry, as you know, there's always hope and there will be more contests coming up soon!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Have a great weekend food tripping!


  1. OMG. Michelle Phan! :o I adore her!!

  2. Yahooo! Thank you so so much, Nikki! :)

    Btw, I've already had my Twister Fries. Yumyumyum! :)

    God Bless!

  3. kheyysmiles, yup! I adore her too, glad to have the chance to chat with her via Skype, such a nice girl!

    Sarah, me too!!!! I just had Mcdonald's deliver them this evening! Happy tummy na ako :) Congrats

  4. Nikki, really? Michelle Phan's planning to visit Manila? I'm so looking forward to that! ♥

  5. wow, michelle phan has really come a long way! I love to see her in a toothpaste box or a commercial.

  6. whoah, I love watching her videos. Such an excellent guru. I really adore her!

  7. Say, well not really sure but she said she wanted to! When her BF comes over for a visit, she may probably join him, but given her busy schedule, it may take some time for it to materialize :)

    Becky, I know! Gosh, she was contacted even from our Local Unilever people!

    Mitch, same here


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