Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Korea Report: N Tower

"N Tower", previously known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, it is visible almost everywhere you go when you walk around Seoul.  N Tower is located on top of Mt. Namsan and it offers great panoramic view of the whole city!  I don't have fear of heights so I love seeing bird's eye view of a city that I'm in!  I remember back then when I visited Zhuhai City which is a couple of hours away from Guangzhou and I chose to stay at the tallest Hotel in that location just to checkout the view!  Remember how I enjoyed Macau Tower?  

I promised myself that I'll visit N Tower when I get the chance to visit Korea, and dreams do come true!  I chose Myeongdong because it's near N Tower and traveling by taxi won't be that expensive!  Others may like hiking their way up to N Tower but I've decided to save my energy as I've got a couple of plans ahead!  From Hotel Ibis Ambassador Myeongdong, we hailed a cab for the rate was approximately 3,800 Won (Php152.00/$3.80).  

I think there are free shuttle buses from hotel or public buses that can take you to the cable car entrance!  You can click HERE to check out more information on how to get there.

When you get to the N Tower Entrance, do not expect to see this right away....

Because, you are just about to go up to the cable car ticketing office to purchase your cable car ticket or, if you are one hiker!  You can hike your way UP to the N Tower.  Of course, I love my legs so much I've decided to give it a break from all the walking!  We purchased tickets instead!

Adult rate with Round trip Cable Car ride: 7,000 Won (approx. Php280.00/$6.37)

Long line on the way up to the cable car station!  Weather's quite nice so it's ok.  Though lines are crazy long, the waiting isn't that long and I found myself enjoying the view of couples' PDA (Public Display of Affection) *laughs*

One thing I've observed on this trip?  Koreans are quite expressive of their love and they're obviously sweet to each other!  Not the embarrassing kind, but it's cute to see man holding their girlfriend/wife's purse!  They even bought cake on the way to N Tower to celebrate anniversary or something!

Here's the cable car!  Everyone's standing inside and it's quite packed!  If you're smashed in between, sorry, you can't seem to enjoy the view!  *laughs*  Thank God I'm quite a "worm" so I was able to squeeze my way to check out the breathtaking bird's eye view of Seoul!  Seriously...anyone can be in LOVE!

There are so many things and activities to do at the N Tower, I've done my research before I went there so I knew what to expect and which ones are our priority!  (Click here to see the same information I searched for)

Our priority is to leave our lock at the Locks of  Love...Locks of Love is actually not new, several countries have used to same concept to show love.  How?  The fence surrounding the N Seoul Tower where "Locked" with hundreds and thousands of locks by couples to show their everlasting love!  It is amusing that they also leave messages and names!  

Mr. and Mrs. AMW did the same, we did not only left our lock but we also vandalized the fence just like the rest of the visitors! :)

We also found a nice location to leave our "ugly" lock!  Hahaha, sorry we just used a regular lock and wrote our names with a permanent marker!  It looks "kawawa" (pitiful) against the lovely locks of other couples!  But it's the thought that counts!

We did not intended to form a heart shape when we locked our "ugly" lock ha? *LOL*

There's also a souvenir shop nearby where you can shop cute N Tower  sounvenirs

A Bear Museum, if I could take this huge bear home!

We went up and Mr. AMW took this shot!  Such a gorgeous night view of Seoul

Another side of Seoul's night view

On our way back to Myeongdong, we've decided to walk back too the hotel!  It's not that bad!  It's mostly downhill!  There's not a lot of people when we walked back and the weather is really nice!  It took approximately 20-30minutes!  Once we reached Myeongdong, we've decided to eat, though we're not that hungry, what the heck right?

I've seen this sign and it has a drawing of a chicken!  Why not?

We were given a menu and thanks to pictures, we chose Marinated Chicken Bulgogi.  Note to future travelers, most prices are for single person!  If there's 2 of you, you have to pay 2 so 9,000 Won times 2 is 18,000 Won (approx. Php720.00/$16.30).

Some appetizers were served and we waited for our "bok bok bok"! *chicken sounds*

AMW trying to act like I know what I'm doing!  Well, it's actually easy!  Just mix mix mix and Smile! :D

Here's our Marinated Chicken Bulgogi
Tastes sweet and really tasty!  They've added mushrooms, vegetables and noodles.  
Tastes a bit like Jap Chae back home with more chicken!

Oh, before I end this post, someone was trying to hit on me at the N Tower!  *laughs*

I'll be flying back to Manila tonight but the Korea Report will still continue!  Please stay tune for more stories!  I'll try to squeeze in some reviews when I get the time!  Oh Seoul, just thinking about leaving makes me sad!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i so love reading your posts,nikki!
    it really makes me feel as if im with you & you are giving me a grand tour..

    uh, i think i remember you saying that you graduated with a degree in tourism,ne?
    or am i wrong?
    because you are so good in taking us, readers, wherever you go!

    love the last pic!
    you & mr amw looks sooooooooo kawaii!

    on your bear store pic, you look so pretty & cute.. as what koreans say.. 'yipbuda'

  2. the last picture made me laugh!haha.. konting pakipot nikki..ahahhaha

  3. your enthusiasm makes me want to go to korea. haha!:)

  4. I saw that Tower a couple of times in Korean Tele-nobelas LOL
    sana makapunta ako dyan soon

  5. thanks for your animated reporting. makes me want to go to the N Tower myself. :)

  6. Hi! :) I'm leaving for Korea on October 12 and your blog posts are very helpful!! Thank you!

    I hope you ca answer these questions.. How's the weather there? Is it quite cold already or kaya naman?

    Do you see people wearing shorts? Coz I hate wearing jeans but if it'll keep me from freezing then I'd have to wear them, I guess. Hehe.

    Looking forward to your answer. Thanks again! :)

  7. Hello!

    Wow!!! I really really needed something like this! I will be going to Korea by the end of this month to celebrate my birthday WEEK! :) hahaha please keep the posts coming! more pictures and details! thanks so much!


  8. because of this post my boy and i have decided to spent our future honeymoon in korea. hehe...

  9. haha the more i read your korea posts the more i laugh because we went to exactly the SAME places! i ate at that chicken place as well although it wasn't as expensive as that before, that was just in april haha.
    although we were unsuccessful in going to seoul tower because it was too cold and my clothes were just not enough to survive the night :((

  10. lol @ the last photo

    your trip sure looks fun! ^^

  11. Hi Nikki.

    I've been a long term covet reader of the blog. But i nearly shrieked reading your post! I love Seoul (been 4 times, including this summer) and my sis and I went to the N tower and ate at the exact same restaurant in June (Dak Galbi - BBQ / Skillet Spicy Chicken is SO good). A tourist Tip for N Tower is that there's actually a bus right outside Chungmuro Station and it's a circular route ( I think no 4 or 8) going up to N Tower. Costs 3000 won, but great views of the hill on the way up. There are 3 buses from the N Tower stop which take visitors to Myeongdong , Chungmuro, Namedaemun Market after their N Tower visit.

  12. very cute couple, Im sure PDA din kayo dun hehehe, more pictures of Mr. & Mrs AMW please! luv to see you both!

  13. Thiamere, yes, I am a Tourism Grad :) hahahha and I am very talkative and very OC, I guess that's why my posts are very detailed! hahaha Thanks for enjoying my posts! :) Yipbuda? I did not even know that! ahha thanks for the new word you taught me :)

    Zashiq5, of course! I love doing pakipot! I'm not easy to get noh! hahahah Porke't ba mag isa sa N Tower easy na ako? No way! hahahha

    Meedge, someday? who knows?

  14. Lhymm, I know, I was imaginging nga when I was on top when actors and actresses done their shooting there! With cheaper airfare I have a feeling you'll get the chance to visit the country!

    Anonymous, wheather is still okay for now, ranging from 10-23 deg celcius, but it gets colder at night so I suggest you take jeans with you especially when you travel to N Tower or Nami Island. If you prefer shorts, you can wear stockings like most Koreans would do to protect their legs! :) Bring comfy shoes ok? Rubber shoes are much better! My shoes are way flat so its a pain on the Heel part!

    Aimee, End of this month! OH my !!! So excited for you!!! Advance happy birthday and same tip, take along comfy shoes as there's a whole lot of walking in Korea! And take along scarves and jacket!

  15. Lanie,yay!!! That is soo sweet, honeymoon in Korea is the best Idea! I should have thought about it 3 years ago but hey, its never too late to have 2nd, 3rd and 4th honeymoon right?

    Bea, I guess it's just those places that looks interesting to our eyes! hahaha siguro we did the same thing na din! I have a feeling going around Seoul during summer and winter are difficult, so I'm glad I went there in such nice weather condition!

    Isabel, thanks

  16. Rogue Rouge, lucky you to visit Seoul for 4 times! I heard about the Bus but I guess we just did not wait for it anymore as we're pressed for time, but thanks for the LOVELY TIP! IT'll help the readers!

    Mags, hoy, hindi kami PDA no! hahah sweet lang! hahah ay, its the same pala no? :P

  17. Yay! Thanks so much for answering my questions, and for the tips! :) You're an angel!

    Now I can't wait to go to Korea. Your posts have been uber helpful ha. Thanks again and keep on blogging! :)

  18. oh, how i miss Korea. went there myself after college for 90 days. and those were the best 90 days of my single life. :) your posts about your adventure made me so nostalgic. i wish i had taken more pictures, been more adventurous and been more religious in writing my daily accounts when i was there...

    thanks for your posts, i love reading them. :)

  19. @Anonymous I'm glad to be of help! :) I've been helped by bloggers who wrote about Korea too so I want to return the favor. Hope you have a great trip :)

  20. @Pinkheart wow! Lucky you! I really want to live in Korea, such a beautiful country and the food!!! I'll probably go super fat when I stay there


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