Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Stripey" Nails

Hey sweet readers!  I am still on my Korean Trip hangover stage and I still have a lot of stories to share!  As promised, I will try to squeeze in something aside from the Korea Trip so you won't feel like this is a Korean Travel Blog!  *hahaha*  Before I went on my trip, I only have a couple of minutes to do my nail art!  I wanted something really quick and easy and I think this is one easy nail art anyone can try!  

Oh, before I start the tutorial, I had my nails done in a salon as I don't want to take too much time doing my own manicure and pedicure, I've had it cleaned and applied with 2 coats of polish!  I can't seem to remember the shade!  Sorry!

Step 1:
Apply a base coat prior to polish application.  Apply 2 coats of your preferred base color.

Step 2:
Using L.A. Art Deco in white or any white polish using a thin brush from bookstore, create a horizontal line anywhere you like!  The lines do not have to be perfect and don't worry about lines drawn on finger.  You can clean them up later on.

Step 3:
Next, I pull out the rest of the L.A. Art Deco colors I have and use the red color to apply random lines. 

Glittery Silver

Sky Blue


Step 4:
While waiting for the lines to dry up, wet your q-tip with a nail polish remover and remove excess polish on the sides of your nails.

Step 5:
Making sure the lines are completely dry, apply your preferred top coat to protect your nails.  I used Elianto Top Coat.

Quick and easy nail art of the week minus too much complications!  Anyone can do it and again, lines do not have to be perfect!

I had this nail art on while I was traveling in Korea and its funny how 2 sellers like it and gave me discounts on my purchase! :)  Aren't they sweet?

Have a great weekend everyone!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. ey there, welcome home. i'll definitely wait for your reviews on the stuff you bought in korea.

    i was hoping to see you at the etude house launch [blogged about it, too], but i was thinking you may have been still in korea.

    ingat and have a wonderful weekend ♥

  2. That is so cool!!

    It seems very easy to do. Love the colour combo.

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  3. hahahaha! Wow! Getting discounts cos you have nice nails? xD that's a first for me

  4. I love your nail tutorial..Nice and simple..=)..

  5. Those are cute stripey nails! :P

    The sellers are nice to have given your discounts all because they liked this nail art. :D

  6. Marge! OO I was in Korea when I got the invite, so I wasn't able to see you, so maybe some other events? :D

    Glad you liked it :)

    Isabel, I know! It was a first..and second! hahaha Koreans must love nail art!

    Angiepink, thanks

    Pammy, I know! I was shocked! she touched my nail and said "I Like" then went on to the calculator, gave me a discount hahaha too sweet!

  7. honga sayang, i'd love to meet you for other events, i was one of the many (or few~depends on who you talk to) that enjoyed the Etude House launch. wala lang masyadong booze LOL pero over all ok naman yung event.

    hopefully the face shop cooks up something for us since they will change bae yong joon posters to kim hyun joong (jihoo of BOF). i've spoken to one of their marketing, wish me luck on further dealings with TFS naman.

    glad you're back home safe ^_^

  8. Marge, hahahah I'm sure you enjoyed the event, and I'm sure I'll see you around on future events! Grabe, Etude house makeups are too cute!

    Pauchichi, thanks!


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