Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Johnny Rockets

When Johnny Rockets opened its first restaurant in the Philippines, the "Back to the Future" style diner has always been on my "must visit" and "must-try-the-hamburger" place!  Seldom do I set food around Eastwood Libis, but once I did, the dance number from the Johnny Rockets lady outside the restaurant with my favorite songs from the past puts us on spot and we have to give this restaurant a try "now or never" style!  We weren't that hungry but what the heck?  It's burger!  It's calories worth to intake!  *hehehe*

I literally walked back time and thought about the times my mom and dad were dating as we wait for our food to be served!  Everyone's on their costumes and the songs played are dance music from the past!  No need to put Php1.00 as the songs were playing nonstop!  It must be a perfect timing for us to visit the place!

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich with Side Salad
Php405.00 (approx $9.40)

The Original Hamburger with Unlimited American Fries
Php285.00 + Php50 (cheese) = Php335.00 (approx $7.80)

I have to share this very cute sexy Coca Cola glass!  Hubby loves it so much we have to ask the waiter if they sell this!  Unfortunately they won't! :(

Both burgers tastes okay, I would say I can get similar burger experience at other burger joints!  What's impressive and original are the ambiance and the staff service!  I love how groovy they are! Check out the groovy wild hair of the waiter right behind the blue balloon! :)

And you know what adds up the charm?  They serve you fries with a nice "Ketchup-y SMILE"

Johnny Rockets Philippines
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall Veranda
Libis Quezon City
Tel. Nos: (632) 470-2208/ (632) 470-2117

Have you tried Johnny Rockets burger?
Which is the best tasting burger for you to date?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Happy Weekend Food Tripping!


  1. I've seen the place in Eastwood but haven't dined in there. The unlimited fries deal looks too good to pass up and the burger is actually enormous ha!

    The best burgers I've tried to date our Burger King's Whopper and Big Better Burger's Hahalapeno.

    Happy weekend Nikki! :)

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Your weekend food posts always make me hungry!!!

  3. awesome lookin' burger ^_^

    i love the theme, it reminds me of arnold's diner back in the day (near where I.S. used to be on makati ave~LOL am that old) i think there's a diner like this on timog as well, just don't know if it's still standing.

    do they play 50's-60's music on the juke box?

    ingat sis, have a great long weekend

  4. thats so cool, you guys have JOhnny Rockets! I love their patty melt. It always hits the spot!

  5. Waaaah! I got hungry just looking at this. I think this is one of the places I must try some time. :D

  6. Unlimited fries does not make its PHP195.00 Hotdog any better. Purefoods and Sabrett hotdog stands are far better in terms of taste.

  7. the jukebox and ambiance reminds me of 50s Diners here at Baguio, burgers and fries are great too!

  8. The place looks really cool and the food yummy.

  9. My boyfriend and I have dined here two times. It's simply a no-brainer to order their burger since this is a burger joint. Great ambiance; all the better as soon as the waiters start dancing! Though it's quite pricey, I'd have to say it's all worth it cause the servings are HUGE! Glad you enjoyed :)

  10. Madz, ooohh I love BK Burgers! I actually love BK's Mushroom Burger or something, don't know how its called but tastes really good! :) What I love about Johnny Rockets of course, the unli fries!

    K, I had a wonderful time, everytime I eat, it's always good times! hahaha

    Marge, yup! hahaha Me too, I always love to daydream on places like these! Hmm..Timog? I think I know what you're referring to! I think they close down na! Yup the juke box works ha! Have a great weekend to you too!

  11. Becky, I know! we have Forever 21, Payless Shoesource , Krispy Kreme and now Johnny Rockets, I wish there will be more coming down soon! Let's say...ULTA? The whole ULTA and COSTCO? hahahaha

    Skysenshi, yay! Enjoy when you visit, do not be in a hurry and chow down on unlimited fries then jog your way back home! hehehe!

    Anonymous, well if we're talking about Hotdogs, it's all different story, it is quite pricey to dine in here but its worth the experience IMO :)

  12. zashiq5, wow, I haven't been to any 50s diner in Baguio! Now you got me thinking, i should visit Baguio again some time!

    Gio, thanks!

    Jean, I love it when the waiters and waitresses starts to dance, I seriously want to join in! :)

  13. though i agree it's a bit pricey to dine at themed places like these, but, after all, it isn't just the food that is served in such places but the ambiance as well? and woah, just look at that burger patty, it's as thick as how home made patties are and i dare say even fr the pix it has very little if at all any extenders.

    wow, if we had an ulta, cvs, or walgreens, it would give the beauty bar a run for their money LOL

    hay back to work, y'all have a great week ♥

  14. they sell those coca cola stuff at their outlet. around $3 =} my sister's a fan too. haha


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