Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Wonder: "Do You Panic?"

When I first received my tube of Lucas' Papaw Ointment from a dear friend last year, I've read raves about this miracle ointment!  I've only used this on my lips like a petroleum jelly and I thought that's all I would use this for!  

Who would have thought I'll be using this again?  When this happens.... (Beware: Gross photo perfect for Halloween)

I may be a dedicated blogger but trust me when I say I did not do this on purpose just for the sake of review!  *laughs*  This happened 3 days ago when I was rushing to curl my hair for a special function to attend!  Lo and behold, the curling iron slipped and fell straight on my leg! (FYI: Curling iron on maximum heat setting)  Imagine those cartoon moments that goes "EOooooOOAAAWWWWWcccCCChhhhHH!!!!???"  Yup!  That's me! 

I quickly scanned around my room in search for a toothpaste!  I saw my Close Up White Now toothpaste but thank goodness my mind was still working as I don't want to put blue stuff onto the burn, I can't seem to find my regular toothpaste!  The burn can actually go up to my "common sense" and put it to HALT!

For a split second, there was a tiny divine intervention, I remembered the Papaw Ointment and even bothered to check the description at the back....


A local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, cuts, cracked skin, gravel rash, splinters, open wounds, insect bites and nappy rash.  The ointment helps to relieve and cleanse.
I applied it directly onto the burn!  You know what?  I do not have a stash of huge band aid or even a gauze bandage!  So I managed to slip into my dress and you know what shocked me?  Even with the clothing rubbing directly against the burn and wound, its not as bothersome as I would've imagined!  

I brought the Lucas Papaw Ointment and reapplied every hour and managed to survive the day like nothing happened!
What about taking a shower?  I can't survive going out without taking a shower so I went to a local drugstore to purchase Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Adhesive Dressing with Pad.  This costs me Php150.00 (approx  $3.50) and it's worth every single penny!

I took a shower and it stayed with me for 2 days!  I can even prolong the usage of this but I am just not comfortable seeing "blood stains" creeping out of the pad!  

So I changed it and tried using a gauze which works well too!  Minus the waterproof function though!

The paste-like texture of Lucas Papaw Ointment works like a charm!  I am now saving this up!  I am definitely not expecting for another burn but this one definitely is a gem in my medical kit!  Sorry lips, there are many lip treatments out there but there's only a few of you that works like a charm with emergencies like this!

I've had bad burns before and 2 weeks isn't enough to heal!  With the magical ointment, my burn may still look bad but I can feel it's healing!  After 4 days of constant application....  (Beware again, still a photo for Halloween)

*sigh* Tips for everyone:
  • Have a medical kit within reach inside the house
  • Do purchase gauze and big sized adhesive bandages
  • Whether you've been handling hot tools or dangerous objects for the longest time, accidents still do happen so always be careful!  (I have to admit that I was daydreaming while rushing at the time this accident happened)

I'm leaving you with an I Wonder thought:
"Do You Panic in Emergencies Like This?"

I'd love to hear some stories from you and how you handle it!

I used to be a "Panicker-Nikkers" but wow!  Times have changed and I've obviously changed!  Since my mom's "bad operation" incident last year, I found myself self-composed at times like these!

Have a safe Halloween!
Happy scaring!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. What a nasty accident! All I can do is cringe at the thought of how painful that could have been ><

    I should have had it in stock when I burnt my forehead with my curling iron!! (I was trying to use the huge diameter one... never again =.=) Mine didn't even bleed and it still stung for a whole week and scarred too..

    Hope you won't have to make any similar posts again!

  2. Omgosh I did the exact same thing last year except on my arm and I still have the scar to proove it!
    It's horrible you poor thing :(
    Hope it heals up quickly for you :)
    Pawpaw ointment is amazing!!!

  3. sis, try using contractubex for the scar.. it will be gone asap if you apply it 3x a day. I used it before on my scar and it faded less than 3 months.

    i use olive oil or to ease the pain while the injury is new. ( do this after using alcohol and betadine to cleanse it )

    olive oil is a very safe and natural disinfectant and moisturizer too!

    you can apply this to your scar so that your skin will be more elastic and will heal faster.



  4. ouch! The burn looks painful! I'm glad it's getting better with the pawpaw ointment. I have a tube too courtesy of dear tine but I'm yet to experience a miracle. I feel left out :(

  5. Oh yes! I panic a lot esp. on burns. I have a scar because of it. :(

  6. hey hun, thanks for the comment you left on my site. ;)

    hm, i'm usually composed. i remember when ondoy happened, i was even picking out clothes to take while my brother was simply stuffing his bag with whatever he could grab his hands on. hehe.

    but for medical emergencies (especially those with blood), i usually lose my head and run to the bathroom. for some reason i always thought that running water would cure everything. hehe.

  7. Ouch!!! Looks so painful!! Hope it heals soon!! *kisses for you*

    this sounds like a great product!! Thank God you have it with you!! :)

  8. Awww. Sweetie naawa naman ako parang ang sakit ng paso :( But that happens to me a lot, as in I get peklat and burns and sugat and I can't remember why. I must get this, haha!

    Glad to see you're okay na sis. Mwah!
    And the Nexcare thing is a discovery, too!

  9. Oh no! Good thing there is that ointment that helps it heal faster. :(

  10. Yeeeoouuuccchh!! Thank goodness the ointment's helping. And don't worry about using it liberally. I can always send you more tubes :P

  11. dear, i'm sorry about what happened to you. as for me, i've burned myself twice with a curling iron. luckily for me, mine is ceramic so the burn is not as bad. :(

  12. That's awful! The burn looks painful! I hope it heals very soon and this ointment helped you.

  13. Mebo Ointment is good for burns and it heals fast my surgeon recommended it. use cotton buds apply it every 4 hours . smells like sesame oil but hey it works!

    bought my Mebo ointment at Mercury P500 a tube

  14. ooohhh that looks nasty.. :(

    in my case i usually dont panic if i get scratches or burns but if its on another person... I kinda get stressed out on trying to figure out where I can get first aids or whatever.. weird.. i know... lol..

    good thing ur ok though :D

  15. oh gosh!!!!! hope the scar will be gone :(

    it reminded me of an accident happened about more than 14 years ago. my sis was only 5 back then, and one day, somehow she got scalded by boiling water on her chest!! we all got panic because she was screaming and crying her lungs out. we rushed her to the clinic and doc treated her. we had to cut a hole in front of most of her Ts since the scalded area was massive and could not be bandaged. thank goodness there is no scar at all.

    definitely a panic moment.

  16. miky612, oh no on burning your forehead! I am lucky to have this burn on my upper leg section so I can still wear shorts and it's hidden! oh man!!! I know how burns can sting for more than a week!!! Glad you're ok! And thanks, I pray i don't need to do a similar post ! EVER!!!

    Sarah, oh gosh! You still have scars? That's bad!!!

    Iya, thanks for the reco, will see if Papaw will remove my scars, if it didn't I'll try your reco thanks!!!! You obviously know your first aid ha! Thanks!!!!

  17. Connie, Thanks to Tine, she really saved my burning leg! :)

    Charry, oh no, I think I always consider myself to be a panic-ker! But come to think of it, when I was 13, my bro chopped both his fingers and it was bleeding like hell and I was the one who helped him out, with bleeding and everything, so I guess I'm a strong woman! :D

    Gingerbee, that's nice that you are composed during Ondoy, I'm glad you guys are safe! Oh no on running water! it's not the answer to everything hahahah!

  18. Jenn, thanks dear for the sweet kisses! :) Thanks for the wonderful comment, you made me smile!

    Tara, sis! When we saw each other for the Pond's Fashion Show, that was the same day it happened! Imagine? I was still able to pose and smile no? hindi halata? hahahha

    Pammy, I know! Thanks dear!

  19. Tine! OHMYGOODNESS! THANK YOU GIRL! I can't thank you enough for sending this to me! I know this thing works but I didn't know it works GREAT! Thanks for saving my burnt leg! LOVE YOU!!!

    Crystal! Oh man! thanks for ceramic, imagine mine is the GOLD iron thing! hahaha so its really HOT!!!! And come to think of it, it was only on my leg for less than 5 seconds, I was really quick and "THIS" happened, imagine if I'm a slow poke? The effect could even be worse!

    Gio, thanks dear! Thanks for wishing me well!

  20. Pretty Gorgeous, thanks for another nice find! I'll keep this in mind since Papaw is not available locally! :)

    ivy_league05, ahhh, I think I panic on both cases but there will always be split seconds wherein I'll be level headed :) Thanks dear!

    Xin, oh man! Scalding on chest area is NO NO! Oh my! I'm glad she's ok now..I had one super bad accident sis, I fell down from standing up on a high chair and I fell straight on the corner of a wall and I think my head cracked, and my mom had to rush me to the hospital to have it stitched! I still have a tiny bald spot on my head to prove it! hehehe Those were the days!

  21. where did you buy the papaw ointment?:)
    yowch, my friend was accidentally burned when the fashion stylist actually ironed the clothes on top of her skin!

  22. united home burn ointment's my remedy for paso, especially kung minor lang. i usually get it pag nagluluto. don't need to bandage it or anything. within a few minutes after applying it, cured na.

  23. this looks super painful=( but I would like to thanks you for posting this, i will be extra cautious curling my hair...hehehe=) that adhesive gauze pad is indeed a miracle, my ob-gyn used that on me when I got discharged after my caesarean section..stayed on for a week=) If I didnt have that adhesive gauze, I wouldnt have the courage and strength to even take a bath..LOL (sorry for the long post!)

  24. Oh I love this ointment. I learned of it when I was in Sydney and saw a lot of people putting this stuff on their lips. It turns out it can also be used as a lip balm.

  25. that's a nasty burn. good thing you had something to reach for. i remember back in the good old days, our first aid kit would always have 'Vandol', an ointment similar to Pawpaw used for burns.

    i got majorly wounded years ago when i was dragged by my pit onto an asphalt parking lot. my skin on the elbow got scraped off showed the dermal layer. pretty soon, i had ugly keloid scars which i managed by doing cross-fiber massage and applying Revlon Aquamarine thank god it's all good now. no keloid scars, all flat. but the area's kinda flawed already by the discoloration that the wound left.

    be well soon nikki. i know how depressing it is to get scars, sa legs pa of all places!

  26. Bea, its from a friend who lives in Australia!

    Rochelle, Oh yeah I heard bout United Home, thanks! I should purchase some of them and put them all around the house! hehehe

    JTA, aww you're welcome, I'm glad to give some caution to readers as you know what? If we're so used to doing stuffs on a daily basis, we usually space out and that's where accidents happen! BE careful ha? :)

  27. Anna Escondo, I know!!!! I didn't even know they can be used on lips until I've read reviews. Now, no more on lips, I'm storing this baby like gold!

    Herroyalbleakness, oh yeah !Vandol is great for scars! My friend, who's got gorgeous skin told me that it's her beauty secret to really soft baby skin! Her "lola" advised her to use it on her face even young pa! :) Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you're better now! I am so sorry for Keloid scars but hey, beauty is not only on the outside and you know that! I did not worry much on the ugly legs thing as it's hidden and I'm positive it will be gone :)

  28. gosh take care! I hope youre better soon!

  29. eep! i actually burn myself often from cooking and baking, but never quite as bad as that. :(

    as far as i know, you're not actually suppose to put anything on a burn so i just cool it with running water and leave it alone. no bandages, even. the scars go away by themselves, maybe because light lang naman?

    i have worse scar problems from mosquito bites: so itchy kasi so i scratch them and end up with wounds on my legs. until now i have ugly black spots. :( any recommendations to get rid of them?

    1. either Sebo De Macho nag wowork talaga yon :)


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