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AMW Reviews: GEO Angel Brown Lens

Prior to contact lens usage, I've done a lot of research and I've also talked to a lot of contact wearer friends on tips on how to survive the "scare" of poking my eyes! I've got several queries regarding contact lens when I posted my "I Wonder: Conquering Your Beauty Related Fear" post.  To be honest, I am not an expert with this, I've tried wearing them for more than 5 times now but each time leads to the feeling of "first time", it's just too tedious and takes such a long time to put it on!  I was just complaining to my friend that wearing contact lenses should be the same as learning to ride the bike!  But sad to say, it isn't!  

My first ever contact lens brand GEO Magic Color Lens, how's the performance of this Korean made lens for first time wearers like myself? 

GEO Lens says ---
Soft Contact Lenses for daily wear to correct visual acuity in aphakic and not aphakic persons with non-diseased eyes with myopia or hyperopia.  

The lens may be worn by persons who exhibit retractive astigmatism of 0.50 diopters or less where the astimagtism does not interfere with visual acuity.  The lens is available clear or tinted and may e used to enhance or alter the apparent color of the eye.

Ingredients:  Click photo to enlarge

AMW says ---
  • Seller DashingBeauty: packed in as simple paper packaging together with instructions and lens case.  Shipment is fast and a breeze.
  • Colors available for GEO Magic Color lens are very natural!
  • Once inserted onto the eye, feels comfortable 
  • The lens doesn't look cheap and does not tear up easily!  I've tested this as I've "tried" inserting the lens for multiple times and lens remain ok
  • Can give a different overall look!
  • My eyes look a bit larger with these lenses!  
  • Inexpensive as these can be used for a year.
  • Available in different grades, which means, bad eyesight individual can correct eyesight and prettify at the same time!  Mine came in without grade!
  • Original GEO lens comes with a sticker and code in which you can check online for authenticity!
  • No eye irritation from wearing this!  You have to bear in mind the type and brand of lens cleanser used!
  • Difficult to insert and remove especially for first timers, even second or third or fourth timers!  *lol*
  • Huge hassle as this can dry up some people's eyes and eye drops may be needed which leads to additional expense.
  • Have to purchase a separate lens cleaner (again, additional expense)
  • May cause eye irritations or worst, damage your eyes, check with professionals if you're unsure.
Thank goodness, for a first time contact lens wearing experience, it was a pleasant one as GEO Magic Color lens are super comfortable!

How to open the contact lens bottle

How to insert contact lens 
  • making sure your hands are clean, check to see if lens are free from dirt before insertion
  • check to make sure lens are not turned inside out
  • placing lens on the tip of the finger, place the middle finger of the same hand close to your lower lashline and pull down the lower lid gently.
  • use the forefinger or middle finger of the other hand to lift the upper lid and place the lens straight to the eye.
  • gently release both lids and blink
  • try and try as it's not easy the first time
  • if eyes get tired from trying, do not be hard on yourself, rest!
How to remove contact lens

  • hands should be clean
  • never be in a hurry to remove lens as you may damage your eyes
  • pinch method can be used
  • in my case, I have long fingernails, I remove contact lens with both forefingers in a vertical motion, grab both ends of the contacts and gently pinch out.
  • first timers?  Do not be harsh on yourself, it took me 30  minutes on one eye!
Care for Lens
  • use a solution gentle enough for your eyes.  If you have eye allergies like myself, check out the ingredients before you use it
  • never rinse the lens in tap water, this may cause eye infections or injury
  • always put the lens into the correct L/R chamber even if there's no grade
  • try not to prolong the usage of contact lens.  Never sleep with contact lens on
  • if eye allergies exists, check with an ophthalmologists IMMEDIATELY
Will I repurchase?
I actually do not need a lot of contacts as I'm just happy conquering my fear!  But playing around with scary colors isn't bad at all!  Especially this coming Halloween!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone into colored contacts, especially Cosplayers! 

**photo taken from DashingBeauty Shop FB page

Where to purchase and how much?
Online sellers.  I got this from DashingBeauty Shop for review.  Check out her FB and multiply page for PRE-order dates and the price is cheaper than the price I got in Korea!  Php650.00 (approx $15.00) a pair with free lens case.  Additional lens cleaner costs Php90.00 (approx $2.00).  FREE Shipping for Pre-Orders.

GEO Magic Color Lens
in Angel Brown
B.C.: 8.60
DIA: 14.0 
(I reckon this is the best size for first time contact lens wearer)

Angel Brown

Angel Grey

I don't wear these daily and I don't plan to!
It's just a nice beautifying "tool" for special events or occasion!

Which one would you go for?  Angel Brown or Angel Grey? 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: GEO Angel Grey lens purchased on my own and GEO Angel Brown sent by company for review.  All information written are based on the writer's personal experience.  Author did not and will never receive payment for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion )


  1. I think i like gray better ^_^

  2. i think i love the brown more :D

  3. i love the lens! it really makes eyes look bigger :) i think i love brown more, look more natural :)

  4. Gray :) But I still don't have the courage. Congrats again for conquering your fear, sister! Mwah!

  5. Lynx, my friends like Grey on me too!

    Xin, thanks sis, in person, it's so natural looking! :)

    Starrxuan, I know, the circles of my eyes are huge! I love it!

    Tara, hahaha thanks for the congratulations! I felt like I'm one super mature woman after this!

  6. i agree coloured lenses are great for occasions!

  7. Brown looks more neutral and grey one would be perfect for special days

  8. *inggit ako* hehhe...

    the brown looks very natural on your eyes.:)

  9. oh btw, brown looks natural, but i prefer gray on you more.

  10. Grey, but only 'cause I have brown eyes already ;). The brown ones look beautiful too.

    Thanks so much for the comment :). I wasn't expecting anyone to comment as I hadn't blogged in months, so it felt great :D.

  11. I was using Geo Lens..Currently I'm using Geo Angel Brown & Geo Nudy Grey.. I absolutely love Geo Lens..It didn't irritate my eyes and very comfortable to wear it all day long..

  12. awww angel series, yep me loves it on you.
    and as compared to other varieties, imho, the angel series is a tad easier to put on (my meaning is that the lens doesn't wrap around as much around my finger when i try to put in on as compared to the nudy variant).

    gray or brown they look nice and natural on you. siguro pang night out na lang yung gray for that extra ummphh to your look that evening♥

  13. i thought the grey was actually blue! been wanting blue contacts myself. :) do they also offer with grade? i actually use contacts everyday because i'm short-sighted. this is cheaper than the plain, clear ones i'm buying.

    i used to have long nails din but keep them trim now that i use contacts. really difficult to put them in pag long nails and i'm afraid i might scratch them. congratulations for beating your fear! :)

  14. NicNic, thanks!

    Anastacia, same here! I cannot agree with you more!

    Debi, why? don't be! give it a try when you get the chance! By the way, I agree, I like Grey better as it gives a nicer impact, the brown one looks so natural that it's not obvious anymore! :)

  15. Cris, welcome back!!! :) Thanks for letting me know your fave!

    Angie, I have tried the Nudy Brown, its nice too!!!! :)

    Marge, Thanks for sharing, I've tried both the Angel series and Nudey series and so far, thank goodness, both are comfortable! :) Agree with the grey for nightout! :) Or special events for sure!

    Isea, wow! I guess it's the flash, the grey one isn't grey in real life! But hey, I would love to try blue for once! hahaha

    About the grade, yup, they offer various grades so you can check with the seller! :)

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