Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Sesame Street" Nails

When I was in elementary, here's my daily schedule...
  1. Wakes up at 6:00am
  2. Goes to school after breakfast
  3. Goes home from school
  4. Dinner time
  5. Study for quizzes and finishes the homework
  6. Sleep time
That's my cycle for more than a decade and that leaves no space for TV!  When everyone's been singing "Sunny Day...Sweepin' the clouds away..." I was probably burying my head on books!  *laughs*  Do not get me wrong though, it was a personal choice to be a nerd! 

When I worked as a teacher to some kids during the summer, that's when I really watched Sesame Street together with the kids!  When a friend of mine Shane *waves hello* requested for a Sesame Street Character Nails (actually, it was Cookie Monster), I've decided to create something more and thought about my ultimate favorite Sesame Street character.  Everyone's been going crazy over how cute Elmo is or how greedy the cute Cookie Monster is...you know who's my favorite? 


Grover is furry, lovable, hyper monster in which I associate myself to him!  I'm not saying I am lovable and definitely NOT furry but I'm obviously a hyper monster!  That's why I put my dear Grover on my thumbnails! 

Don't worry, I'm not biased, I was able to incorporate the rest of the Sesame Street characters, not all of course but those that are quite distinct and easy to recognize!  Ready to see how I've done this? 

Step 1:
Think of which Sesame Street characters you would want to put on  your nails.  You have to keep in mine the nail polish shades available!  If you don't have a lot, you can choose to make one character for all 10 fingernails!

Just by looking at the shades, you'll probably know which one is for which!

Since these colors are quite vibrant, do not forget to use base coat prior to polish application.

Tip from AMW:
Do not be scared to mix the shades, since I don't have a Grover shade, I've used a dark blue shade from The Face Shop and top it with Caronia Frosted Polish in Bliss for 2nd coat as seen on photo below.

Step 2:  Create Character Nails
Elmo Nail
I forgot to take a shot of the pinky nail which is Ernie.  I've used The Face Shop Nail Color in RD301.  Using 2 Way Nail Art Pens in White and Black for eyes and mouth.

Cookie Monster Nail
2 coats of  L.A. Colors Nail Polish in Static Electricity.  Using 2 Way Nail Art Pens in White and Black for eyes and mouth.

Bert Nail
Using 2 coats of Elianto Yellow as base.  Using 2 Way Nail Art Pens in Black and White for eyes and mouth.  Caress Regular Nail Polish in Neon Orange for nose.

Grover Thumbnail
Using first coat from The Face Shop Nail Polish in BL604, after first coat is dry, applied Caronia Polish in Bliss on top of the first base to create a different shade close to Grover's color.  
Used 2 Way Nail Art Pens in White and Black for eyes and mouth.  Caress Nail Polish in Neon Pink for the nose.

Step 3:
Making the nail art is COMPLETELY dry, apply your favorite top coat to protect the designs.

If you have more time, you can choose to re-arrange the characters and do the same steps on your toenails!  Now, I can literally sing "Sunny day..sweepin' the clouds away" as I strut my childish butt to work!  *lol*

Hope you enjoy my Sesame Street Nails!
You can always choose to do your own favorite Sesame Street characters let me know as I would love to see it!

What's your favorite Sesame Street Character?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Brilliant! I just got a big bird necklace, shows that when you grow up some things just stay awesome!

  2. You have amazing steady hands!!! whew! Hindi ko kaya yan! hahaha its sooo pretty! lavet! If only they can do it here sa mga salons dto ill def ask for that always!!

  3. Very creative, they really look like the Sesame Street characters! Love your ideas Nikki! :D

  4. AHHH!!! SOOO CUTE!!!! I love the group shots! :D :D :D Can you come do this on my nails? You can do The Count, Big Bird and Oscar!

  5. I am sooo inggit that you can do that with your nails! you're so talented :)

  6. Oh dear!!! Thats tooo cute!!!! *squeals* I always loved Cookie Monster!! :D :D

    You're amazing with nails!! You should really consider doing this professionally!! Hehehe!! :D

  7. not exactly a fan of sesame street but your nails are so so so cute!!!!

  8. so pretty! such cute idea for nail design :)

  9. I'm not into nail art as you know Nikki but I loved these! I wouldn't mind one on say my big toe or thumb and leave the rest simple :D Yay! This was a very good job!

  10. OMG!!..Absolutely creative and gorgeous mani!!.. Sesame Street was my childhood fav cartoon.. Never miss watching it..

  11. i really love this! its so pretty! now i wanna try it :)

  12. hahaha! this is really really cute! I freakin love Bert!!! =)

  13. OMG! You did such a great job!
    I think i will have to try this out soon :D
    I'm sure u get soo many compliments everyday....
    You should come out my Halloween nail design!

    Keep them coming! You're great!


  14. these are SOOO cute!! :D kermit and miss piggy next please...heehee!

  15. Brought me back childhood memories. I love Elmo! Really cute mani. :)

  16. this is awesome! one of my favorite nail design of yours. i love sesame street!

  17. Nikki, these have to be the most brilliant nail art designs I've seen in the entire blogosphere ever! You're amazing!

  18. awesome! you are a talented nail artist, nikki!

  19. you're super creative:) this is totally adorable. I like all of them!

  20. So Cute! kuhang kuha yung sesame street characters ms. nikki..

  21. That's so cute! What a great idea!

  22. ah so cute!!! omg can i borrow this design? please please please, ms. nikki? hehe... it's so adorable!

  23. Oh my goodness, they are so so cute....

  24. Dodo, awww Big Bird necklace sounds really cute! You're right, there are a lot of stuffs that stays awesome no matter what age we are!

    ♥Pauchichi♥, sis! This one is quite challenging so I took a bit more time to do my right hand! My left hand's a bit wobbly so my right hand nail art isn't as nice as the left hand!

    Madz, I am so happy you said it does look like Sesame Street Characters! hahaha to be honest, Ernie looks like SPUD the Potato LOL

    Art of Nail, thanks for the visit!

    Connie, of course I can! Just send me a round trip ticket and hotel voucher, I'll be there in no time! LOL Just joking! would love to meet you girls!

    Nikki, awww, thanks!

  25. Jenn, awww, never thought of doing this professionally as I love to do this personally! hahaha

    Xin, thanks sis!

    Angie, thanks

    MyMakeUpMania, glad you find this nail art design cute! :) Appreciates it coming from the nail art expert!

  26. PB I'm glad you like this! I know you're not into nail art! But glad you like this!

    AnGiEpInK, awww I think I need to start watching it more!

    Miss Yaya, thanks!

    Starryxuan, give it a try!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy the outcome!

    ChinaDoll, so you're into Bert? I used to call my big bro Bert, he looks like him! hahaha

  27. Blanca1018♥, awww I'm actually happy when someone says "Is that Sesame Street?" My heart skips a thousand beats because at least, my nails do look even a tiny bit of Sesame street, yay right? About Halloween Nail Design, i actually came up with one last week! :) You can check back!

    Bee, awww, Kermit and Miss Piggy, you're making sure I will have a difficult time eh? hahahhaha love you dear! Will TRY :)

    Pammy, hahaha I have this talking and giggling ELMO!! I hope you own one too if you love him! too cute!

    Lootwagon, thank you

    Dea, oh no girl! trust me, there are way better nail art design "sesame street" inspired out there, trust me! hahahhaa :) Thanks for the compliment though!

  28. Meedge, Mellisa, thanks!

    Belle, really Thanks!!!!! You are too sweet to give me a huge pat on the back! :)

    Gio, actually, my friend gave me the idea by sending me a photo of Cookie Monster with Cookies nails! I thought of incorporating everyone!

    Abbie, oh no girl! this is definitely not OWNED BY ME! I've been inspired too by other nail art designs of Sesame Street. Thanks to a friend who sent a photo of Cookie Monster with Cookies nails! That inspired me! So feel free!

    Lavender, thank you !

  29. so cute! i used to watch sesame street when i was a kid.

  30. I love Sesame Street. This is one of your cutest nail art to date! If only I had your patience and creativity.

    I guess I just never really grew out of my Sesame Street stage.

  31. Donnarence, Khymm, Joice and Maja, Thanks girls! :)

  32. Weee! I'm not into nail art but I miss Sesame Street. Cuuuuuute!

  33. Skysenshi, there's always room for childish-ness no? :P

  34. waaaaaahhhh I so want to do tjis on my nails.....Why you make it look so easy I cannot comprehend.....hahaha....Why cant I copy it????

    1. :) you can start practicing and everything will be easier once you get the hang of it :)

  35. WOW, we're amazed at how you did that without using any decals or airbrushing your nails. A+

    1. Thanks! You sounded like my teacher! heheheh Yay!!! I got an A+ :D Thanks


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