Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AMW Reviews: Kerastase Masque Nutri Thermique

I call myself a mini-hair expert in my own little ways!  Why?  I've used enough hair treatments to last 100 heads!  Trust me, it takes effort to make my heart look healthy because I am not born with it!  

Recently Kerastase launched its Kerastase Nutritive line called Nutri-Thermique.  Heat treatment is quite interesting because it just makes sense!  "Hot Oil" treatment uses heat, Rebonding or Keratin Treatment uses heat too!  So I guess heat does play a huge role in treating your hair right!

Kerastase Masque Nutri-Thermique says ---
Thermo-reactive intense nutrition masque for very dry and sensitized hair.
Under the effect of heat, thick dry hair is intensely nourished, durably soft and shiny.  Hair is protected from the recurring drying-out process and the harmful effects of heat-styling tools.

Size: 200ml

AMW says ---
  • hair feels super soft after use.
  • hair is tangle-free 
  • dry hair has obviously lessened by "look" and "feel"
  • less frizziness
  • scent: Smells a bit like Pond's Cold Cream *hahaha* but it's actually nice!
  • packaging: has a safety "cap" which prevents spillage.
  • price, Kerastase products always shocks the hell out of anybody but it's worth it especially if you are someone who likes to go to salons for treatment! 
  • if you're a busy person who hates doing at-home treatments.
  • packaging: you have to dip your fingers to get some product!  
  • if you're into curling your hair, curls do not stay on!
If you have very curly hair, do not expect your hair to go straight after this treatment.  To summarize the point of using this treatment, this masque helps reduce frizziness, feels silky-smooth and I never have issues of tangles even a week after the treatment!

from Kerastase
  • Apply 1 to 2 hazelnut-sized amounts of Masque Nutri-Thermique to towel-dried hair. 
  • Gently massage through lengths and ends. Focus on the most sensitized areas. 
  • For optimal results, leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
from AMW
  • Shampoo with warm water so hair feels warm to start with.
  • Wrap with a towel, better if used with "cling wrap" or shower cap.
  • Instead of the usual 5 minutes, I prefer leaving it for 15 minutes which gives optimal result.
  • Try not to shampoo the next day so the product will stay on your hair and gets absorb onto the hair for more than 24 hours.  I prefer doing this when I don't need to go out the next day!
  • Concentrate treatment on the scalp area and ends of the hair.
  • Do the treatment at least once a week for rebellious hair, once every 2 weeks for normal hair.
  • If you hate doing this on your own, you can share with friends and do each other's hair.
  • Some parlor offers cheaper rate if you purchase the whole tub at the salon and you only need to pay for their service each visit!  Check with the salons near you who offers Kerastase treatment and products.
  • For hygiene purpose, you can choose to use a spoon to scoop out product instead of digging your fingers inside the tub.
  • Do not use this treatment a day before going for an updo!  Hairsprays or gel won't stick to the hair.
  • If you have the budget to just choose 1 out of the whole range, choose the masque!  I love how it can change the texture and feel of your hair!
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I will wait for special offers like the one they had last August!.

To whom do I repurchase this to?
To you who have dry, rebellious, thick hair!  Or to some who have sensitized hair (rebonded, color treated, etc...)

Where to purchase and how much?
At leading salons for Php2,635.00 (approx $59.00) for 200ml 

Please do not base the "straightness" of my hair as I've had a Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment months ago.  Here's to show the "tangle-free" look of my hair plus the nice shine after treatment!

If you can pay for rebonding treatments or other in-house salon treatments, it's worth paying extra for this as it helps strengthen your hair from all the harshness you've exposed it to!  It also helps to put it back to it's healthy shape.  Your hair deserves it!  Just like your skin and your body!

What's your most expensive hair treatment to date?
You know which one's mine!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. I've tried many brands from Pureology Nano works shampoo and conditioner which worked really well but expensive. I also tried Pureology hydracure i think its a hair mask and the big tub lasted me about 6 monhts. The good thing about pureology is that a little goes a long way but for the price of it, its a little steep.
    I am currently using Pantene's Beautiful Lenghts line and I must say a lot of people took notice on how shinny and vibrant my hair looked. The cost of an 8 fl. oz. is about $4.80 not sure the convertion.

  2. Great review - love your nails in the photos!

  3. thanks for this review dear ^_^ what would your recommend to thin, dry and frizzy hair? (like mine) *sobs*

    hugs and kisses

  4. I think I need this one but knowing that it's Kerastase makes me want to cry. I mean the price! :P

  5. even PB also raves about kerastase now, my friend has been a die-hard fan for 3 years. with the amount of money spent, the result is remarkable

  6. even PB also raves about kerastase now, my friend has been a die-hard fan for 3 years. with the amount of money spent, the result is remarkable

  7. Crissy, I haven't tried the Pureology one, the only Pureology product I own to date is the Hair Serum which works ok! :) Glad it works for you!

    El Bilson, hahah it was my Halloween nails!

    Rhaindropz, are you talking about this brand? or any other brand? Whatever brand you use, look for "volumizing" properties or try to purchase one that does not have "for Sensitized" hair as they usually remove the frizzies which weigh down your hair even more!

  8. Pammy, I've been there! It took me YEARS of working before I purchased my own tub and I use it so sparingly that I don't see th effect before! hahah but calculating the number of times I've used to finish the tub (approx more than 6 times for my long hair), its worth it :)

    Xin, I know what you mean, its the brand that is uber expensive but worth every single cent! (not applicable to everyone of course)


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