Wednesday, November 3, 2010

AMW Bulletin: Beauty & Minerals Turns 4 Anniversary Sale

Dear Philippine Readers:

I've heard about Beauty & Minerals when I first learned about Mineral Makeups 4 years ago.  I fondly remember browsing through the multiply site checking out photos of Ms. B&M meeting up clients at coffee shops to teach them how to use mineral makeups!  I was intrigued!  But I wasn't into mineral makeups those times and I don't think I would like to spend money on them as I was saving up on something I can't even remember!  (seriously, old age is getting to me!) *laughs*

Now, Beauty & Minerals have grown, and what's even better?  I personally got to be friends with the Ms. B&M Sophie and I am so proud of her!  It's such a small world that we studied the same elementary/highschool and she's way younger than I am and look how she managed her small business!  This girl's got the energy, the creativity, the hard work and the brains!  Oh, can I add something unrelated?  She's got the beauty too! 

**photo grabbed from B&M

Enough about the Beautynomist, I don't need anything from her so those are good words meant from the bottom of my big big heart!  For her 4th year anniversary celebration, she is celebrating it with her B&M friends by giving them huge sales!

Head on to Beauty & Minerals site for more information!

Enjoy shopping B&M friends!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

P.S. I am not paid to do this post, I am doing this because I love sharing "Money Saving" information to my readers!

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