Thursday, November 4, 2010

AMW Reviews: Purederm 3-in-1 Beauty Magic BB Cream

I've purchased gazillion of Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream (Exaggeration of course), because it works for me!  But I've received so many queries regarding BB creams for so long and I've always replied to them that I don't try other BB creams much because I've found "The One".  But BB Creams seem to be finding its way straight to my arms or shall I say...Face!

I've been given another chance to try on another variant of Purederm BB cream after THIS review.  I want to thank the company for entrusting my opinion about their products!  I know I shouldn't even be trying this product as I have a feeling this BB cream is meant for the oilier lovelies!  But hey, there are some products I am willing to try just to be able to prove a point!  And there are times..well..most of the time, I am right!  (Just using a bit of my bragging rights) *laughs*  oh oh!  *evil laughs* Bwahahaha

Purederm 3-in-1 Beauty Magic BB Creams says ---
SPF30 PA++, Wrinkle, Skin Conditioning

Moisturizes and protects your stressed skin.  With SPF30 PA++, it blocks out UV A and B rays from the sun.  It's waterproof feature makes sure that the 3-in-1 attributes remain against water and sweat.  Enriched with natural and herbal tea extracts increases skin elasticity and improves skin conditioning.
Use this for: Uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, dry skin
Content: 50ml

AMW says ---
  • Packaging looks so cute with it's Pink tube and twisty silver cap!
  • Sealed when new
  • A tiny amount goes a long way
  • Gives a matte effect that most of us love!
  • Has UVA and UVB protection, works as good as a regular sunscreen (SPF30)
  • Has additional anti-aging properties
  • Evens out uneven parts of the skin.
  • Blurs out tiny lines or wrinkles!
  • Inexpensive!
  • No weird scent
  • No white cast on photos and no weird patches once applied correctly.
  • Yellow undertone which matches most Asian skin.
  • Can be a bit too drying on dry skin!
  • A bit tricky to apply, have to blend really well
  • Shade could be a bit too light for darker skin toned individuals
  • Creates "white cast" if not applied correctly, if other areas are applied thicker than the other!  Trick is to blend blend blend really well!
  • Just like most BB Creams: Not everyone can use this, some ingredients may cause irritations or allergies. 
  • Only 1 shade available
A great mattifier and makeup base!  I haven't tested the "overall effect" of this BB cream as prolong usage is needed, but for a span of almost a month, I find that this works best for oily or combination skin.  Dry skin individuals like myself needs EXTRA moisturizer prior to the usage of this BB cream.

from Purederm
  • Evenly apply the right quantity to your face. 
  • It can also be used as a makeup base.
from AMW
  • For normal skin: after skincare regimen, apply liberally with clean hands.
  • For oily skin: after skincare regimen, apply this liberally with clean hands then use another makeup primer on areas that oils up easily. (sides of the nose, cheeks and forehead)
  • For dry skin: after skincare regimen, do not forget to double moisturize areas that tends to dry up easily.  (sides of the nose, lower cheeks, etc...)
  • For sensitive skin: test the product on your wrist area or apply product on small part of the skin like lower part of the ear or back of the ear for the whole day to see if allergies or skin irritations occur.  
  • For combination skin: you can choose to apply lightly on areas that do not need much coverage or "primer" while apply a bit more on areas that needed coverage or oils up more! 
  • Always apply with clean hands.
  • I prefer to warm the product at the back of my hand then apply thinly onto my face starting at the middle portion of the face.
  • After BB Cream application, if coverage is enough, gently dust on face powder or setting powder to "set" the BB cream and you're ready to go
  • If this color is too light or dark on you, you can always adjust with the foundation  (liquid/powder) you use.
  • Always wash your face with a cleanser that has makeup removing properties before going to bed.
  • Do not forget to apply on the neck area as well!
Will I repurchase?
No.  Purederm's Pearl BB Cream works better on me.

To whom do I recommend this to?
If you have oily skin, this is a better BB cream for you.  If you have dry skin like myself, I prefer to use the Pearl BB Cream variant from Purederm.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Watson's stores for Php659.00 (approx $15.30)

Purederm 3-in-1 Beauty Magic BB Cream 
Texture and Shade

Applied lightly on my bare face
For reference: I am MAC NC20/25 shade
Paul & Joe Dual Powder Foundation number 20/02

Are BB creams part of your morning regimen? 
Do you think it does wonders to the skin?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Note from author: Product was sent for review purposes. Author will not accept payments for POSITIVE reviews. All reviews are based on personal experiences, please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. if it thick seems like it does have a nice coverage. it looks so flawless on ur skin!

  2. its hard to find a BB cream that fits anyone.. hehehe so congrats!!!


  3. I use the pink Skin 79 BB Cream and I almost got fooled into thinking this was the same one. The packaging is so similar!

  4. Is it oil free? I've been on the hunt for a good oil free bb cream. If you know one please recommend one. Thank you!

  5. i want to try a BB cream with a matte finish... the pink packaging is so cute!

    based on your swatch the yellow tones of this BB cream is really visible compared to ashy tones of some BB Creams.

  6. i think someday i'll be able to try out bb creams din..

    maybe im just a late bloomer kaya im suffering from acne. i hope that later on in my years i would be able to have a success in bb creams din.

    nice review

  7. Wahaha! I'm a BB cream addict because I'm lazy. It's a tinted moisturizer and sunblock in one kasi.

  8. From the photo, I thought it was the Skin79 hot pink bb cream! All the bb creams I've tried are pink toned and look too fair on me =( would love to try this but I dont think it's available in Malaysia

  9. Awww. Yeah, I have combi-oily skin and it works great on me. Too bad it didn't work for you but glad the pearl version does! Nice review. :)

  10. yeah i saw this at watson's and was surprised at the price. but i have like 5more unopened bb creams at home LOL so i shy-ed away.
    i'm an nc20-25 as well so i've got no real issues with shade match, but i always try to include that factor in my reviews as we are in the Philippines and we have varying shades of pinay beauty ♥
    i was asked by one of my readers if there are bb creams for men, at least for the face shop, well meron, andun sa Korea LOL.
    at least ok naman pala and has a competitive price.
    no break outs though? black or white heads?
    thanks for sharing ☺

  11. Anastacia, I am so scared to apply more because it is very pigmented! Coverage is really medium to heavy if you want!

    rhaindropz, thanks!

    Lisa, I know ! hahaha I remember the Pink version of Skin79, I guess they do love Pink packaging for BB creams!

  12. Dustbunny, so far, I really can't tell as I don't oil up that much, but I have a feeling it can hold up for at least half a day and the rest of the face can be retouched with oil blotters! :) Already messaged you on my recos :)

    Khymm, this has matte finish! The Pearl one is obviously with shine and pearlescent in finish! I have a feeling you'll like this!

    Thiamere, oo don't rush! Your skin is probably still sensitive from new stuffs! Whatever works for you, stick to it muna :)

  13. skysenshi, I agree with you, I use this daily and just set with a nice loose powder :)

    Isabel, oh, I saw these in Korea though, not sure in Malaysia! hehehe :)

    Pammy, that's great that this works for you! This isn't that bad, but because of my skin's dryness, the extra "moisturizer" is actually fine :)

  14. Marge, take your time, do not purchase a lot if you still have a lot unopened ones! hahahha I'm sure anytime you're ready to purchase, Purederm's still going to be there :) Enjoy! I have a feeling guys aren't open for BB creams YET...but who knows right?

  15. The coverage seems pretty good, it makes your skin look flawless! The packaging is pretty too.

  16. I so need to get my hands on a BB cream one of these days!

  17. Gio, thanks!

    Vanessa, oh girl, I think you'll be interested with it! It's quite addictive!

  18. LOL so true, i've got 4 now that are unopened since i've started on and reviewed etude's total age repair wrinkle reduce royal bb cream (hay ang haba ng name LOL). some women are addicted to foundation, some to lipsticks, i think i've found my make up addiction LOL it's bb creams and the cute korean guys who endorse them LOL.

    accdg to my guy o sige na nga gay friend (blush) said that the face shop has brought in their bb cream for men, that's on one of my blog posts. and of course the model/endorser is jihoo sunbae-kim hyunjoong ♥

    ingat ♥

  19. I apply BB cream daily except on weekends when I'm at home! :)

    I do know that a lot of girls said that bb cream did not do anything good for their skin but it's a totally diff case for me.

    My skin is really fairer, I'm alr the fair skin, but strong yellow undertone, but now, after abt 2yrs of using bb cream, my skin really become fairer!
    Well, and I only rotate around The Face Shop and Skin79 bb creams. :D

    Glad to hear tt Skin79 gold is working on your face tt perfectly. :D

  20. Marge, hahahaha Gosh! That's why I always try BB creams one at a time, my skin will go crazy as I would love to try them ASAP! I still have utang pa nga sa readers, they are still waiting for my Maybelline's BB cream review! oh my MOMAY! hahahhaa OH girl! I LOVE JIHOO!!!!! Kaya nga super nag pose ako when I was at Korean Face Shop!

    Angie, me too! I am glad you've seen the effects, I've seen mine! I've seen them as early as a month after and I've finished up a couple of bottles already of BB cream :)

  21. re Maybelline's BB cream >> yeh, tried that, it's on my vlog and blog, meh, it's alright for first timers with bb cream, at least maliit lang.
    re bb cream stock, LOL, yeh it's my one step (moisturizer, sun block, and light foundation) at least i don't have to buy products for each type of need ^_^
    re Jihoo: the people behind the kpopcon are trying to close a deal with the face shop phils to have posters of hyunjoong be distributed at this yr's kpopcon (for every x-amount of purchases at the face shop) and i spoke to tfs' marketing they're working on bringing khj here for TFS. so good luck to us.
    i'll keep you posted.
    have a good weekend ^_^


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