Friday, November 5, 2010

AMW Reviews: The Body Shop Autumn Leaves Compact

Whenever I opt for a very natural almost "no makeup" look, I'll reach out for my favorite Mineraux Skin Perfecting Minerals Beach Tan Bronzer as my blush!  I love using it and my only complaint is that I can't carry it around because I don't want it to mess up inside my bag!

I was hoping for a pressed version of something as pretty and as natural and my wish came through after a year when The Body Shop launched its Autumn Collection 2010!

I wanted to blog about this as early as I can as I believe this is super limited edition!  I hope that they still sell these at this very moment!  If not....can I just say.. "Sorry?" *bats puny eyelashes*

TBS Autumn Leaves Compact says ---

Light up with a choice of two pressed powder compacts, each with a mix of four pearly shades pressed together in a beautiful autumn leaf design.  Choose the compact to suit your skint one, give your cheeks and decolletage a gorgeous glow with two new natural-looking palettes in soft dusky pink shades and warm russet tones.
Available in Shades: 01 Chestnut Apples and 02 Berry
Wt: 9grams (0.3 oz)

AMW says ---
  • Packaging: Nice clear case wherein you can see the lovely autumn leaves emboss at once!
  • Very pretty to look at!  Very unique.
  • Does not crack easily as compare to other baked blushes (I actually dropped mine and thank goodness it did not crack!!!!) 
  • Gives a very subtle shimmer which adds up to a nice glow on your face.
  • Gives a super natural flush on the cheeks.
  • Will never create the "clown" look we're scared off.
  • Looks really nice on photos, does not look glittery or oily at all.
  • Multi-functional, can be applied on face and other parts of the body like arms and decolletage.
  • Very tiny Oc-ness detail of mine, I'd love it if they have a bigger sticker at the back as I don't have super sonic eyes to see the details at once :)
  • No mirror
  • Limited edition! 
I reach out for this daily as I can't go wrong using this!  I could never go overboard with this and it gives me a nice "awake" look eventhough I only have less than 4 hours of sleep!

  • Use any blush you're comfortable with, test with a big powder brush, fan brush or blush brush!
  • Apply on the apples of your cheeks going outwards to create that naturally "flushed" look.
  • Apply sparingly and add up as you go on.  
  • Step back and look at your reflection with ample lighting in front of the mirror to check if both cheeks matched or if colors are blended.
  • If you want more color on your cheeks, you can use a separate blush color and apply this on top for that nice "inner glow"
  • If applied too much, brush on your favorite matte powder foundation on top of this to lessen the "glowy" look.

Will I repurchase?
No, this one will last me for quite some time.  And this is limited edition anyways.

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who likes the super natural flush!  Not for you if you are looking for matte blush or something more obvious!

Where to purchase and how much?
At The Body Shop stores for Php1,395.00 (approx $31.00)

Shade: 02 Berry
Soft Pinkish Shimmer Shade 
Texture felt like MAC's Mineralized Skin Finishes

Gently applied Berry using 
Thevi Blush Brush with upward strokes

*laughs* Sorry for the shocked look!  Here's a photo to prove that using this compact gives a natural flush that's not too obvious that I have blush on!  

Face: Neutrogena Fine Fairness Compact in Natural Beige
Eyebrows: Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 04
Blush: The Body Shop's Autumn Leaves Compact in 02 Berry

What's your super-duper natural blush at the moment?

Happy Friday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love your nail art on the blush pic :).

    I like the blush too ;D, it's so soft and lovely and the leaves are so very pretty ^_^.

  2. Wow it looks ver natural on you! I like!

  3. It looks really pretty and especially pretty on you, Nikki. :) I don't think I would have the heart to use such a pretty thing. :)

  4. While looking through your post, the first thing I noticed is your nail... hehe~ I like it! :)

  5. wow ~ it really looks very natural. i'm liking it BUT i think it's too expensive :(

  6. The blush looks so pretty I'm not sure I'd have the heart to use it! It looks very natural on you!

  7. it really looks oh so pretty on you nikki! you've inspired me to be a blogger so here I am, blogging as well.. :)

  8. Cris, thanks! :) Glad you like the blush too! I love it for its look and packaging! Even way before I was able to try the blush itself!

    Charry, thanks

    Meedge, thanks dear!

  9. Pammy, hahaha I'm glad I was able to use it! It was left for a week or so as I don't want to touch it too! But they do expire, that kept me going!

    Khymm, thanks dear!

    Ally, ahhahaha glad you like the nail art! Took the shot a couple of weeks ago so the nail art is already old!

  10. Abbie, I know what you mean, I won't argue with you on that, but if you're the type wo purcase MAC's MSF then its a different story! :) I love my clients, I can use this on clients too! :)

    Gio, hahahah oh my, I'm glad I was able to use it! Good thing I was able to get over my "love sick puppy" look on this blush!

    hey! thanks *makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun!* for telling me that you got inspired by my blog, that is very sweet and congrats on your blog!!!

  11. the reason the sticker at the back is too small is that you got a press sample. if you buy it at the body shop, the sticker is a lot bigger.

    anyway, it's a great blush to have.


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