Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Wonder: "What's Your Favorite Falsies?"

I've always complain about my puny lashes!  But the complainer is not vain enough to make an effort to apply mascara daily or even falsies on special occasions!  I just leave it as it is because I accepted the fact that it will be that way until I grow old!  

Don't get me wrong, I know the effect of good lashes, and if I plan to wear false lashes, I wear 'em good!  The Glambox Mink Lashes looks really nice but I want to save them on special occasions.  But there's one cheaper alternative that I love using because it gives a nice "I know you have falsies on, Oh wait, you don't have falsies on" look! 

(Thanks go S for taking this shot while I was doing someone's makeup)

What's my "to go to" lashes?  It's the Korean Lashes I bought from Bonjour Store during my Hong Kong last year!  Don't worry, we have these look-a-likes available at The Face Shop called XLH lashes for about Php100.00 (approx $2.50)!  And another secret why I love using these?  They are way easier to apply because the lash band is shorter as compared to full lashes!

I Wonder:
"What's Your Favorite Falsies?"
Any brand you'd like to share?  

Click comment and it'll be great to know your weapon!
Have a gorgeous Saturday!  I'll be off doing a wedding trial makeup!
Nothing beats the high of prettifying someone over the weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. saizen has almost half type falsies.. :D i find them easier to apply..

  2. i love the lashes!!! it's a winner!!!

  3. thanks for sharing Nikki! I'm also looking for a cheaper alternative and I read from your blog before na maganda ang TFS.

  4. me too. saizen has those half kinda lashes...

    I've saw a couple at etude house but never tried.

    suck for me I have puny lashes too but since I wear graded contacts I never bother to do something about them

    more power to you ms. nikki :D

  5. Sis, I need to learn how to put them on first before I come up with a favourite sad to say. I'm hanging on to my Urban Decay set of falsies until I've 'perfected' putting them on. For the mean time I've got these falsies that cost me £1.99 each pair compared to my Urban Decay that cost me £11

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  7. those half falsies look great on you! I've always wanted to try them but I usually just cut the full length ones into half. lol.
    my fave lashes to use would be I Nuovi lashes and also these taiwanese lashes that come in a box of 10. They're cheap but they don't last very long. I Nuovi lashes on the other hand last much longer!

  8. I like the one in TFS :) But for weddings I like using the Landmark lashes hehe. Nikki if you need a hairstylist for your makeup gigs message me lang ha wehehe

  9. I love the kris-crossing pattern in falsies... i find that those look more natural and are more of a day look when applied...

  10. Donnarence, oh yeah! I've seen them at Saizen too! Haven't tried them, have you?

    Ems. thanks! AGREE!

    Khryz, give them a try, its FUN!

  11. Khymm, cheaper alternative? Not sure if you have Landmark there in Cebu, they also sell the half falsies for less the price of TFS!

    Louise, I will give it a try in the future when I get to Saizen, ohh if you have contacts on, eeek I dont' think I'll even have the effort to put on falsies! hahhaa!}

    Gracie! Oh yeah sis, I remembered you told me you have to learn to put them on first, have you tried na ba? Well you don't need naman you have good looking lashes! Eeekk you're right, practice on inexpensive lashes first before you put on the expensive ones!

  12. *makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun!* thanks for sharing, I went up and read about it!

    Connie, oh cutting the full length ones is a good thing! I haven't tried it, maybe I should!

    Kim, okie dokie! yahooooo graduate na ng hairstyling! wow so proud of you sis!

    thatpinkhouse, same here! :)


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