Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Pasto, Brother's Burger + Random Update

My weekend starts today!  It was really a busy week but this girl ain't complaining!  Being busy means getting things done and I like the feel of it!  Though I've always been "work then straight to mom's place" kind of girl, I do schedule to meet up with friends or attend events to keep my brain out of the "worrying stage".  This week is definitely not an exception!  I got to have a bonding time with an ex-colleague as her birthday's coming up!  Advance Happy Birthday Ghetto B!

Thanks to Bea for the dinner and the wonderful stories at Pasto!

Php225.00 (approx $5.35)
Capellini with basil pesto sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts
If you are not into heavy tasting pesto, this is not the dish for you.  I like pesto so this one is a winner in my dictionary!

Salsiccia e Funghi
Php215.00 (approx $5.11)
Rigatoni with sweet and spicy Italian Sausage, mushroom, onions and bell peppers.
Rigatoni, I believe are the "tube type" pasta, they probably ran out of it, that explains the spiral pasta!  I don't mind though, this dish is my absolute favorite for the night!

Formaggi Pizza
Php255.00 (approx $6.00)
Four cheese pizza, consists of Feta, Ricotta, Mozzarella and Parmesan

Not for the "cheese-phobic".  Four types of cheese on top of a crunch crust keeps my tummy happy and smiling!  That includes my fats too!  *laughs*

El Pueblo, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila
Tel. no: (632) 634-0157

Good service, great ambiance, accepts both cash and credit card!


I also did a trial makeup for a client yesterday, I did both hair and makeup (will post photo next time).  We were done after lunch hour so me and the hubby rushed to nearby fast food joint, Brother's Burger for a quick chow!  I am glad when I saw a poster of rice topping as I'm not craving for hamburgers at that moment!

Left: Brother's Burger Bowl
Right: Beef Salpicao Bowl
Each meal costs Php150.00 
Includes: Ice tea or Lemonade, small brownie

I separated ordered Onion Rings and Fries 
Php65.00 (approx $1.50) each

We went to the mall after gazillion years to have my haircut!  The hubby was lemming for a bottle of Coke so we went to Watson's!  As he was lining up, I quickly scanned through the beauty store and I seriously asked myself the last time I set food inside the mall!  I've been hiding inside a rock for sure!  So many makeup brands popping up!  I've seen them around but I haven't seen them for quite some time!!!

(Note from Author: Sorry for the blurry shots as these are all ninja shots!) 

Shawill Make-Up 
I actually got to know this brand 2 years ago at Crossings mall.  I actually bought the Shawill Lip Gloss and haven't seen much of the brand ever since.  Glad to see this brand has grown and they're offering wider range of products!

Beauty Treats
Call me a Flinstone but I haven't heard about this brand til this photo!  The prices are quite competitive, I got intrigued with a huge set of lipgloss for only 160 peso something each!  (approx $3.80)  I haven't gotten the chance to check out the rest because....

My eyes got diverted to this....

Dream Girl
I can imagine myself looking around this area if I'm a teenager who's into make-up!  The booth is quite inviting for "Pink and Black" combination lovers like myself!  I find the products available are quite "teeny-boppy" but it obviously works because I've seen a lot of young girls roving around the area.

James Cooper
A famous makeup artist Fanny Serrano made his own makeup brand.  So why can't James Cooper?  Same generation professional make-up artists who made its name for ears!  His products are more on the professionally looking side, I think the powder foundations and lipsticks look promising!  It does remind me of the Fanny Serrano Cosmetics though!  Sorry James!

There are still a lot more brands which I've seen in the past so I did not bother to take shots of them!  I haven't really looked into the products because I am in a hurry to have my hair done and rest!  It was a long day!

I finally set foot at Tony and Jackey Salon.  I used to go to Mr. Tony from Tony and Jackey Makati Branch, after he left for Shanghai, I went to other stylists and fortunately, I always get good results!  I am quite ecstatic to learn that the salon opens it doors at the SM mall near me!  It's going to be my 2nd time to have my hair cut in this branch!  The guy who did my cut is on leave so it was a girl who did my cut and seriously!  Watching her cut my hair is "performance at its best!"  

If I may say, her scissors are so sharp that my brains will seriously ooze out if she accidentally pokes it on my scalp!  Am I being gross?  YES!  Because I'm paranoid that way!  *hahaha*

Here's me with "the length I want to maintain" plus "the lightweight layers" I've always wanted!

I love the cut she did and my good friend Tara loved her Tony and Jackey experience too!  My cut costs Php500.00 (approx $11.90).  Oh so worth it because my last haircut was 6 months ago!  I've always love their "cutting style" because it gets better as my hair grew longer!

Have a great weekend food tripping!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow you look good nikki, which reminds me I need a hair cut too. I wanted to try Tony & jackey for the longest time but I can't find one near my place :(

  2. im not really a pesto lover so i don't think i'd order that one if ever i drop by there..hehe

    but the Salsiccia e Funghi looks great!

    I have to agree that the James Cooper brand looks somewhat like Fanny Serrano. It's more expensive too....that's why i haven't bought anything from it...but i guess that it's not that bad since it looks good

  3. NIkki, you look sooo pretty!!! I love your hair. I feel like getting the same haircut too. My hair is too plain and blah!

    I love strong tasting pesto! today, I actually had chicken pesto sandwich and it was delicious :)

    oh and I love to read a review of James Cooper makeup if you ever get your hands on them :)

  4. Hi Nikki! I love your hair! I think we have the same style but yours is longer. I'm just wondering what branch of Tony and Jackey you went to? :)

  5. Wow yuuummmmy food from Pasto! =D
    Love the new haircut Ms. Nikki!

  6. "If I may say, her scissors are so sharp that my brains will seriously ooze out if she accidentally pokes it on my scalp! Am I being gross? YES! Because I'm paranoid that way! *hahaha* "

    Hahahaha! Love this paragraph, I swear! I wonder if they're good with naturally curly (and rebellious) hair...Parang P500 is reasonable ah!

  7. The haircut looks really great on you! :) The pesto and pizza looks yummy! :P

  8. nice hair ^_^ and good thing ur haircut was divine, if i may say.. ;)

  9. Charry, hmm where are you located? I believe they opened up a lot of branches na! But just in case lang you're within the area why not? I've always been visiting the place but they're strict on taking photos so I wasn't able to take some :)

    Thia, go gogo! Can't wait to try more of their food stuffs! I will checkout the James Cooper brand when I have more time! Hubby wasn't feeling well after so I have to rush home!

    Becky, awww thank you!!!! Let me know if you have your haircut, an't wait to see it, I'm sure you'll look good! Yes, will revivew whatever makeup I purchase , you know that *winks*

  10. Lanie, I went to the SM San Lazaro branch as I live downtown Manila. I am lucky as that branch isn't as jampacked as other branches!

    Mitchelli, thanks dear

    Skysenshi, hahahaha naku na quote and quote pa ako! thanks! Hmm..Naturally curly hair would work well on layered cut but they "thin" the hair out so that even it it "poofs" , it won't look too thick! They have this style naman in cutting and they know which style that works for youru type of hair! They have promo pala! I just saw, its Php500 for haircut then just additional Php500 you get a Keratin Treatment! I did not give the Keratin treatment a try as I just did "at home" treatment the week before!

    Khryz, awww thanks!


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