Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: SumoSam + More Snacks!

My Saturday went pretty well!  Thanks to the "weather God" it did not rain as hard as I've imagined!  I am praying for the safety of the people living in the typhoon alert zone!  

I was in dreamland so I woke up late on a Saturday!  I went to Greenhills to do some errands and I haven't been to Greenhills for quite some time so I did a bit of food tripping!  The usual Soft Taco and Nachos that I love (sorry, no photos taken as I eat those almost every time I'm at Greenhills).  I saw a "Scramble" stand so we gave it another try!  Sad to say, I prefer the Scramble stand on streets when I was still in highschool!

After the errands at Greenhills and a bit of shopping!  Promise, not a lot!  Just a top and a pair of shoes! :)  We went to Shangri-La mall to meet up with my college friends!  I haven't seen them for quite some time so it's great to finally meet up with them together with their kids!  We've decided to dine at SumoSam.  A Japanese restaurant co-owned by actor Marvin Agustin.

Dynamite Roll
Php248.00 (approx $5.70)
One of my favorite "type" of roll!  I love the crunchy fish with the softness of the tuna that melts into my mouth!  It's a bit spicy but hey!  My tongue can go from spicy to mega spicy!  So this was nothing :)

Php308.00 (approx $7.16)

Japanese Pizza.  We chose the Spam and Mushroom combination because they offer Seafood and Chicken version, in which, both type I can't eat due to my allergies.  SPAM of course is a fusion already, I doubt real Japanese restaurant would serve Japanese Pizza with Spam! :)  It's okay though, I love it more when I added the curry sauce from my friend's meal! 

6th Floor Shangri-la Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City
Tel. no: (632) 910-0388
** Price includes service charge, can pay both cash and credit card!

We're not on a diet, the reason why we ordered only a few because we were really full with our prior food trip at Greenhills.  And of course, just in case we get hungry, we saw a restaurant (not really newly opened) but its new to our eyes because we haven't been to the mall for the longest time.  I gave myself a mental note to dine in this restaurant in the future.  As for now, let's go for some take away food! 

Shanghai Pork Bun (4pcs)
Php121.00 (approx $2.80)

Tastes ok, not the most astounding Pork Bun I've tried.  I would probably rate this 5/10

Steam Pork Dumplings (5pcs)
Php142.00 (approx $3.30)
This actually tastes authentic!  Similar to the ones we had in Shanghai!  
Love the sauce that oozes out in first bite!  Be careful not to burn your tongue ok?

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Unit 117-121 Virra Mall
San Juan City
Tel nos: (632) 570-6910/(632) 570-6912

I have to share this!  Hubby bought this at NYFD!  They are now serving meals perfect for moviegoers!  All I can say is...CUTE CUTE CUTE!

Meal consists of Fries with 1 dip (we chose Honey Mustard), Meatball spaghetti, Bacon and Cheese Dog (1/2 the size) and Softdrinks! Price: Php190.00 + Php20.00 (drinks upsize) = Php210.00 (approx $4.88)

Random photo taken at the window display of True Value!  Yup, we can definitely feel the spirit of Christmas!!!

Have you even started your Christmas shopping?
Sad to say, I haven't!  I think I'm leaning on to the "last minute" shopping mode!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You make me SO HUNGRY with your weekly food posts!!!

  2. Alright, I just had brunch but all those food look really yummy! :P

  3. Jasmin :)

    K, not intended! hahaha I am hungry again too each and everytime I see the photos

    Pammy, naks! Brunch, me naman, I woke up and its lunch na! hahahha

    Gio, tastes good too!

    Anastacia, aww, I'm sure you have weekend food trips too :)

  4. I love sumo sam~ they have really good sushi.. My friends and I eat there at least once a year when we're together (most of my friends are out of the country)

  5. I LOVE Crystal Jade though I wish they brought in Din Tai Fung here!! yummier right? :)

    I love Dyamite Rolls that Sumo Sam serves, but not the one at Teriyaki boy, Fowebe can attest how it was too spiceh!


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