Saturday, October 23, 2010

Something New: PH Care Wipes

2 years ago, I posted "All About Down Under" and it's funny how some thought I'll be talking about Australia!  It stirs up a couple of issues and you can click this link to read the comments going on!  It was fun and the girls are just wonderful in sharing their ideas and thoughts!

I actually think it's one of my favorite post not because I get a lot of clicks or views on that, I am liking that post because I was mature enough to share my thoughts on dealing about hygiene "down there".  Aside from that, because of that post, I learned about the harmful effects of pantyliners and I get to learn about Cloth Pantyliners and own them and actually use them!

I don't use feminine wipes daily because I am not that dirty down there!  Plus, I don't like the fact of adding up to environmental wastes.  There are moments though that feminine wipes are quite useful and it's during "the time of the month" and women do not have access to feminine wash and water.  Imagine, you have your period and you're using a public toilet! 

That's the reason why I purchase feminine wipes and it saves my life!  I've been a constant user of Charmee Feminine wipes and I hoard on them as seen on photo below.

It's nice that my favorite feminine wash came up with their own feminine wipes and I just got to learn about them recently...

pH Care Feminine Wipes Cool Wind

pH Care Feminine Wipes in Passionate Bloom

I haven't used them yet, have to wait for the "time of the month"!
Have you tried the brand?  How do you like them?

Enjoy your Saturday! 

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  1. LOL, I havent tried this or heard of it. I just had my time of the month ;) Did not like it.. LOL

  2. I have seen PH Care wipes but I have always been using the green Charmee one with the minty feel. :)

  3. Waah! i use the Charmee ones often!! even without a period. :) love it!

  4. Lisa, oh my! hahahah well at least the toxins are OUT of your body :) Take care!

    Tara, really? I'm excited to use these! and compare them to Charmee

    Pammy, yup those are good! :)

  5. Ms Kendall, I don't think so :(

    Shen, hahah I know, I was the same way back, but I cut the usage for environmental reasons lang! :D

  6. pH Care Feminine Wipes is not yet available in the US. You can ask your Ph-based friends to buy you some. :)

  7. I just discovered these amazing wipes on a recent trip to the Philippines. I love them. Need to get them in the U.S.


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