Sunday, November 28, 2010

AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Paris Base Magique

Happy Sunday dearest!  I had a super busy Saturday and I was all around going to different places!  I can seriously feel December!  So many people inside the mall, traffic, Christmas songs...ahhhh enjoying it while it last!  (the good and the bad)

To those who read my CBox (a chatbox on the right hand side of this blog), I was asked random queries and I usually answer them directly!  One query that caught my attention is the multiple queries on good face primer!  A lot of them asked for a good primer that's not too pricey!  Sad to say, I haven't tested a lot of face primers recently because I've been using BB Creams for the longest time.  I usually suggest Smashbox PhotoFinish Primer Light to those who have oily skin and to some who have dry skin, the Becca Silky Hydrating Primer or Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer for normal skin.

Come to think of it, most of the primers I mentioned are quite pricey to those who are just starting on makeup!  Where are the drugstore brands when we need them?  Thank goodness L'Oreal FINALLY came with one!  And it looks like this....

L'Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer ---

Transform your bare skin texture:  The 1st smoothing primer that makes your lines and pores invisible for a visible and touchable smoothness.

A unique blend of  silicon oils and soft light powders create a sensational smoothing velvet formula to refine the skin.
  • Smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Perfectly hides pores
  • Skin imperfections are corrected.
  • The rosy shade brings out the translucency on bare skin tone.
Net Weight: 15ml
Ingredients: Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethicon/Vinyl Dimethicone  Crosspolymer, Silica, Acrylates Copolymer, Disodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Aluminum Hydroxide, etc...

AMW says ---
  • No weird scent.
  • Skin feels super soft and smooth after application.
  • The look of the pores decreases a bit.
  • Foundation application is easier!  
  • No allergies or skin irritations on me!
  • Works on normal/combination/oily skin. 
  • Makeup stays longer with this base primer on.
  • No need to put a lot on your face, you can choose to apply a thin layer all over face, adding a bit more on areas that are needed.  
  • Comes in glass jar which keeps the product fresh for longer period of time!
  • Smooth and creamy texture makes it easy to blend 
  • Disappears into skin, blends really well, no white cast or any shades.
  • Does not feel heavy on skin and foundation looks better!
  • Foundation holds up longer and the parts of my face that oils up within the day remains oil-free!
  • Packaging!  I am not a fan of dipping my fingers on wide mouthed jar!
  • Has silicon!  Not for people who are allergic to silicon!
  • Very dry skin individuals may need extra moisturizer prior to application. 
Not a bad primer!  I am actually quite impressed with how smooth the foundation application is on both myself and to other people!  

This is a nice primer to start up especially for people on the budget.  It's still NOT the cheapest around but this works!

from L'Oreal
  • Rub the velvet texture between your fingers to ease the spreading.
  • Apply a thin layer over the face, especially focusing on areas with fine lines, and visible pores.
from AMW
  • Use a spatula in getting the product especially if you are a makeup artist and plans to use this for other people.
  • During application, use patting motion with your fingers and press the product directly onto the "fine lines", "wrinkles" or "visible pores", then gently blend the rest of the product out to not create patches. 
  • Always close lid tightly to prevent product from drying up.
  • I think using CLEAN fingers during application is the best for this product.
  • Apply with light, feathery strokes as product dries up easily and may have product flaking.
  • Can't stress this enough, but try to check if counters have testers for you to take the "feel" of the product. 
  • L'Oreal has sale once in awhile so if you have the patience, you can wait for it! :)
Will I repurchase?
Yes.  Though I am not a fan of primer as I prefer BB cream, this is great for my "very dry skin" days and if I prefer to use liquid/cream foundation as this makes the application easier!

To whom do I recommend this to?
People who likes to use primer.  People with oily skin and have visible fine lines and pores.

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at L'Oreal counters for Php945.00 (approx. $22.00).  I think in other countries, this is also known as L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base.

The close up look on the mousse-y texture

Applied a tiny amount (photo above) on half of my hand
You can see the lines blurring up a bit (click photo to enlarge)

I've used this for a couple of weeks on myself and it works!  Note that I do have dry/normal skin (dry on sides of the nose and forehead while normal on cheeks), for oily/normal (oily on t-zone and normal on the rest), my model Karen was ready for a shoot and I've given this a huge test!  She had her shoot inside a home and it's not air-conditioned and she had to pose on camera near windows or direct sunlight!  I brought along with me a "re-touch" powder and I did not use it much for 3 hours straight!  I did blot twice but even if I didn't, it still looks good!  The primer made the foundation easy to apply and it does not create white cast on photos as seen (super closeup) below.

Have you seen this primer around?
What's your most inexpensive primer that works to date?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Products were sent by company for review purposes.  The writer did not and will never receive any kind or form of payment for positive reviews.  The review has been done base on personal experiences.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Happy Sunday, too, N! I've tried the L'oreal Smooth Up Base not so long ago and it did a fair job in controlling my oilies :)

    I'm glad you're loving this new primer. And to think that it's far more affordable than what's already out there. It's a plus that you are able to reach for this during the cold season when the skin gets really really dry. :) happy!

  2. It sounds like a nice primer, Nikki! I have not seen it around though. :)

  3. Not sure whether they have it here in Msia. When u say it suits oily skin, I am keen try it.

  4. Thanks for reviewing! A dear friend got me this primer but it's under a different name though I'm pretty sure it's the same thing. Looking forward to trying it out! The texture feels heavenly and I'm not always a fan of silicones

  5. I like!! Tried this one only but i love the results!!

  6. i see the difference nga in your hand! might try this after i run out of primers :)

  7. Hi! I'm a suuuuper make-up noob and I've been hearing a lot about using a primer to make the make-up longer lasting when worn. Though I'm kind of on a budget. What is the cheapest primer you've seen so far? Thanks!

    Zeng of TheBeehive
    PS: We are having a giveaway. Yay!

  8. its still pretty pricey at 950! i suggest trying the missha perfecting base! its super cheap and i like using it :)

  9. Good oil control primers are so hard to find =( I don't think this is available in Malaysia

  10. herroyalbleakness, Happy Monday to you now! :) I'm glad you find this works for the oilies too! Yes, I agree, I'm glad this works for me considering the dryness of my skin!!!

    Pammy, I know, I think this is quite new, around mid of this year to end of this year that this was launched!

    Lavender, I think they are starting to have this available in Asia in this name!!! :)

  11. Connie, yes, the same thing but different name and its the US version! :) It has the feel of the Smashbox Photofinish primer original :)

    Shen, glad you like it too! :)

    Crystal, yup, it lessened the lines a bit no? :)

  12. Zeng, so far, there are far way cheaper like the Monistat Chaffing Gel, there's cheaper ones like the Mineral primers that are made locally but I haven't really tested it, so its THIS for now :)

    Bea, yeah, I heard about Missha, you bought it here? The Missha bb cream does not work much on me that's why I'm a bit wary in testing their primers :) Thanks for the reco

    Isabel, awwww, sorry that it's not available in Malaysia, i hope it reaches your shores soon!

  13. Hi,
    Though i didn't use primer but your write up made to think again and i am also want to try once. Mine is normal skin, which primer will shoot me?

  14. Mineral Cosmetics, this would work for normal skin! :) Also, it depends on what's your budget :)

  15. Hi, are you using this primer under your eyes also? Because I have few fine lines under my eyes and tried using it there, it kinda disappeared, but when I applied my foundation and my under-eye concealer, it kinda made my skin flaky. :( any tips? tia!

  16. @Monique I do put a bit but the reason why it flakes is because I think you rubbed the foundation underneath the eye area ? When you used a foundation primer like this one (reviewed above), you need to apply with a patting motion esp under the eye area


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