Friday, November 26, 2010

Something New: Obagi Medical Nu-Derm

Way back before I was even a blogger, I heard about the power of Obagi via my Mother-in-law!  I even thought it's a Japanese skincare (sorry, my bad, can't blame me though, it does sound like one!) and I gave a huge *gasp* when I heard how much they retail!  My mom-in-law purchase her Obagi set from her sister in the US.  She swore by it and she loves it dearly!

No wonder she always gets compliment on how good and healthy her skin looks amidst her age!  And the Obagi Skincare line was her secret!  

That was a couple of years ago.  She didn't have much of the Obagi sent over that's why she settled for the more inexpensive skincare line! 

Not until recently, when Obagi celebrated its 11th year anniversary here in the Philippines, I came to read more about the brand and its effectiveness to men and women via blogs and online websites!  The fact that I have been seeing more and more House of Obagi stores around the Metro, that just proves that they are being patronized!  High patronization = High effectiveness = High Trust Ratings!  (Yes, just like how they rate our President!)  *laughs*

I may be a devil when it comes to product reviews and tend to try everything "promising", not this time!  I actually believe in the effectiveness of Obagi, after hearing stories from close friends and of course, my mom-in-law herself, that's why I will be putting this under the Christmas Tree with "Mom-In-Law's Name" on it!  I know that whatever I am using right now is effective enough and I don't need this..YET!  I'll be putting myself aside and prefer to make her happy this coming Christmas!  

To the li'l birdies out there who may have slippery tongue!  *laughs*  I am not worried, this isn't my only gift to her! *bleh* :P But hey, it'll still be better if she doesn't know ok? *chickening out mode*

The set includes:
Gentle Cleanser/ Foaming Gel (60ml) 
Php1,250.00 (approx $29.00)
This gentle formula combines a blend of herbs, natural cleansers and Aloe Vera.  It frees your skin of pollutants without damaging the skin's own natural moisture content.  It leaves all skin types clean and touchably soft. This is meant to be applied to damp face and neck with moistened fingertips.  Rinsing completely.

Toner (60ml)
Php1,250.00 (approx $29.00)
A refreshing blend of natural ingredients and herbs that hydrates and tones the skin while restoring its normal pH balance. This can be applied after cleansing with a cotton ball on your face and neck avoiding the eyelid area.  Do not rinse off!

Exfoderm (28.5g) 
Php2,250.00 (approx $52.00)
An exfoliating lotion containing phytic acid in a soothing base, to smooth and tone rough or damaged skin.  To be applied evenly over entire face and neck avoiding eyelid area.

Healthy Skin Protection SPF35 (30ml)
Php1,200.00 (approx $28.00)
A daily sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum sun protection.  This ultra-smooth Z-cote formula helps prevent sunburn from UVB radiation and protects against long - UVA rays linked to deep premature skin-aging.  Apply every Skin Health Restoration System. 

Thanks to Obagi for creating smaller sizes of these to fit our budget!  For more details on Obagi, you can check on their WEBSITE.

P.S. If you're interested, I may even interview her once she starts to use this product again so I can report on her experiences!

This isn't new in the market but I include this in my "Something New" post because it is indeed new to me as I've never tried this product ever!
How about you? Are you younger than I am and uses Obagi?  
How does it work for you?  I am seriously intrigued!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh my, Nikki! Obagi minis! My pocket's screaming with joy.

    I recently posted my take on how my derma's local obagi worked well for my skin... but i'm just a girl and i'd love to get my hands on these babies, too!

    Obagi sure made a good move in selling the much coveted line @ an affordable price!

  2. never heard of this brand too. but you are so so sweet to your mom-in-law!

  3. So sweet of you naman Nikki! I'm sure your mom-in-law loves you so much! I haven't used my set, waiting after my peel. Yay!

  4. I've not heard of this brand before either. I am your newest follower so thought i'd say hi x

  5. Herroyalbleakness, thanks for sharing, I read about it nga :)

    Xin, it is actually made in the US and it has been known for quite some time for it's greatness esp on Acne proned skin :)

    Dang! hahahah they do love me kasi I love them dearly :D hehehhe

    Nicoletta, thanks for being a follower and HI back :)

    TPS, so far, did not see it in the ingredients list.

  6. Great contribution you have there!
    This can be of help for people who wants try this Obagi product I really wanted to try this.



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