Monday, December 20, 2010

AMW Reports: Crissa Dance Synergy - The Final Showdown

How does it feel to be a judge for "Fashionably Fun Award" segment of a dance competition?  

Overwhelming, Confusing and yet, it's Liberating!

When AMW was invited for Year 6 Crissa Dance Synergy Competition at SM Mall of Asia last December 11,2010, I was thrilled!  I have been a judge to several times for Singing contests, English declamatory contest in China and even company performances during New Years, I have never been called to judge for "Fashionably Fun Awards"!  I immediately agreed and I'm glad I did!  

 (Photo taken from: Crissa Jeans FB Page)

Let's talk about Crissa, Crissa is a local fashion brand that invested on style and quality!  They cater the smart and practical fashion lovers by providing quality and fashionable merchandises at an affordable price!  I can't believe the brand grew up to be this huge as I've owned their jeans when I was still in College and their collection grew from jeans to skirts, shirts dresses, tees, hoodies and a whole lot more!

I love it when companies give back, and I am all about supporting companies that do so!  Every year, Crissa sponsors the event to give teen girls the chance to show off their talent and make their schools proud!  Imagine, kids busy themselves in practicing for a dance competition which gives them a sense of camaraderie, sense of responsibility, teamwork and hardwork!

The Crissa Dance Synergy Competition is the onlyl DepEd and CHED-Accredited All-Girl Dance Competition in the country to date!

I was expecting for a regular dance contest but when I got to the event, I was overwhelmed with the number of people around the area!  This is a big deal!   Here's my report on the said event:

The event started with several mini games sponsored by:  Juicy Cologne,The Body Shop, WL Foods, Biogenic, Reva Footwear, Fres Beauty Soap and Sisters Sanitary Napkin.

The cool games were hosted by Rizza Diaz, who did a wonderful job!

At around 4:30-5pm, the Dance Contest officially started with funny guy Archie Alemania, former Crissa Girl Rica Peralejo

Co-hosted by Rizza Diaz and Tony Tony from Magic 89.9

The Highschool Division started with a bang!  I was lucky to be seated right in front of the stage as I get the good, heart-pumping view of talents!

The winner for "Fasionably Fun Award" for High School Division ---
St. Paul School of Pasig!

It was a first for College Division to join this year's Crissa Dance Synergy!  Whoever the winner is, will set a history as the first College Division winner for the said prestigious contest!  Here are the Finalists for the College Division Final Showdown.

The Winner for College Division's "Fashionably Fun Award" ---
Assumption College

Here are the criteria for the Fashionably Fun Awards:

If you ask me, they are all winners base on the above categories, what guides me in giving high or low scores is the "wearability", you can dress loudly to catch attention but catching attention base on style and color combination is what I was aiming for!  I am very particular in being able to wear the said outfit outside the stage and how easy it is for the eyes to look at a person's fashion from top to bottom!   

There's no right or wrong though, that's why I wasn't alone in judging, it was a great experience to share with fellow bloggers Ms. Tin Iglesias and Mika Artienda! (Thanks to Mika for the photo)

Before I forget, I have to acknowledge the great performances in between breaks!  A heart-pounding performance by Kris Lawrence!  He actually sang my favorite song "OMG"!

The heartthrob Elmo Magalona!  The son of the late Francis M.!  
I love it when he sang his version of "Kaleidoscope World"

I want to congratulate the finalists and the winners!  There's no losers in this event as the performance I've seen deserves a spot on TV Dance Shows!

I want to thank Crissa for entrusting AMW to be a judge for their segment and for making me part of such historical event!  It's a nice way to end the year doing something new!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oooh, I love watching dance competitions. Nag-compete pala Asia Pacific College and CSB. Nice! (I'm also curious if the UP Manila dancers were good.)

  2. It was super nice meeting you! :)

  3. dance competitions are the best! i used to organize a street dance competition but for another retail brand :-) glad you got the opportunity to judge. looks like you had a blast!

  4. wow judge ka nikki!! coolness.. the dancers look so stylish!!

  5. how fun!! since you're one to have the best moves on the dancefloor, I'm sure you were great in judging! :) congrats to the winners!

  6. congrats to the winners

  7. What a fun event and that's great you were a judge. Congrats to the winners!


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