Sunday, December 19, 2010

Paul & Joe Lipstick C and Random Reporting!

Hi AMW Readers!  How's your weekend?  My December has been super hectic but don't you worry, I still know how to catch up and breathe!  Last Friday, it was a fun time with my colleagues for our Christmas Party.  We went out to have a nice dinner in a posh looking restaurant and we ended the night with a few drinks!  I was expecting for nice music to let loose, but there wasn't any and it was traffic elsewhere so we ended up chatting the night away!  

Though I arrived home late, I did not forget my responsibility as a makeup artist and I woke up early on Saturday for a make-up gig!  I've done makeup for 4 females and 5 males and it was time constraint so I am giving myself a pat at the back!  I will definitely be sharing the makeover soon!

Anyways, when I posted about the Paul & Joe Lipstick C that has a cute cat's head, a lot of the reader comments shared the same sentiments as myself, it was too difficult and heart wrenching to use!  But for the love of the blog and for the love of this lipstick shade, I managed to use it and here's the lipstick color on my bare lips!  I am quite surprised the shade came  out super nice and my lips look moisturized!

Here's my application technique
Back-biting is not an issue here! *lol*

I am actually using a RAW Mineral Concealer brush as a lip brush!  I actually like using concealer brushes as lip brushes!  I guess I got huge mouth!  *laughs*

Anyways, eventhough I am very tired after the makeup gig, the husband and I were able to go to the mall for last minute Christmas Shopping.  I've passed by Watsons Store and I haven't been out much lately so there are several things I've seen that needed some reporting, sorry for the blurry "ninja" shots, I am not a good "phone camera" photographer if I'm panicking!  hehehe

I've seen a new BB Cream brand around called Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream, I think it's made in Korea!  Anyone actually bought this and tried this?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Oh yeah, you can see display of Mentholatum Lip Icel, which is one of my favorite lip balm brand (in lemon flavor)!  I used to purchase them in Hong Kong and in Taiwan, I'm so happy we have it down here and the price is really affordable!!!

Since I will be doing make-up for a couple of guys, we all know how hard working their oil glands are, I've decided to hoard on oil blotters!  I purchased the regular Clean & Clear Face Blotters, but I've seen a lot of new brands coming up and I did not hesitate hoarding on them because they are quite inexpensive!  Bought the Finess Brand Oil Blotters with really chic and girly packaging!  Will review them soon!

AND!  To Maybelline BB Cream lovers out there, I know this may be old news but isn't it great that the inexpensive BB Cream can still go on sale?  Maybelline BB Cream goes from Php240.00 (approx $5.58) to Php199.00 (approx $4.60)!  20% off sale!  So if you plan to purchase this, HURRY and save up the Php40.00! 

*sigh*  Sunday's almost over!  But it's Christmas next weekend!  My brother is also coming home for Christmas Vacation so it'll be a wonderful reunion!

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Do not forget to food trip ok?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. OMG! I love your paul and joe kitty lipstick. Nice color too!

  2. ha, i use a mineral eyeshadow brush as a lip brush.. hehe
    i've tried the soothing bb cream and it was good, even helped me with some rashes i had on the inner part of my eyes :)) broke me out a little tho.. :))
    love you posts talaga! :D

  3. I love pictures from the drugstore! More please! xD

  4. hi nikki.. i made a post regarding that bb cream.. i love it though i dunno know why... hehe i love the p and j lippie.. ang cute!!!

  5. i know what you said about not wanting to use the lipstick but you still have to for the love of blogging..haha!

    i guess kawaii neko-san would just have to have a bare 'back' instead of mushing his cute face,right?hehe

    but it looks really nice!

    i went to watsons teh other day & i saw they have new makeup brands again... one is from a japanese brand..the other i forgot..i should also take shots when i go there din nga..hehe

    hope you'll have a nice sunday,sis nikki!

  6. Nikki, you finally used the kitty lipstick! It looks really pretty on your lips. :) Loving mentholatum in lemon too. :P

  7. enjoy the reunion with AMW bro :D and and i am not tht great with ninja shot either esp when i keep thinking that i am being watched. LOL

  8. The Paul & Joe lipstick is so cute! Looks great on you too!

  9. awwww cute shade (p&j lipstick) i like the pomegranate scent clean and clear oil blotting tissue. LOL i know it doesn't make a difference performance-wise, i just like the scent

  10. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I have the pure smoothing bb cream and say it's just a bad bb cream this would only work who is really pale. And it gives a weird color on my face I wouldn't buy it..

  12. Kitten, I love the color too! I thought it'll come out a bit too light on me but its color is great even in person!

    Lora, glad to know it's not only me who uses a non-lip brush to apply lip color! Thanks for sharing your experience on the Soothing BB Cream , thanks for being a reader :)

    Lisa, I will try to put up more drugstore photos, I am bad on it though, I was super nervous!

  13. Amanderrific! Agree, thanks for commenting

    Donnarence, do you think the BB cream is meant for oily or dry skin? :)

    Thia, hahahah I know! And the fact that it will expire anyways in the future, I might as well use it! :)
    Watson's is making me go crazy with all the new makeup! Grabe no? I've been missing out a lot!

  14. Pammy, I know! I felt bad at first, but now, I'm kinda used to backbiting the cute lippie from P&J! LOL

    Xin, thanks, I can't wait! he's coming home this Wednesday! :)

    Gio, thanks for liking it, I am loving the shade and I've been using it regularly!

  15. Marge, hahaha I did not purchase the scented ones, imagine if I use it on men? hhhahaha

    Anonymous, thanks for commenting and for being a reader!

    Melissa, so sorry it didn't work for you, what happened? is it only the color or it breaks you out? what type of skin do you have? :)

  16. I've tried Maybelline's BB cream before but I just had to stop. I wouldn't recommend it to oily skinned people because it worsens the oiliness! :-S


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