Friday, December 3, 2010

Eureka Moment: Inexpensive Stuff akes Me Happy!

A lot of my mascara, eyeliner pencils or eyeshadow base on sticks move around inside my train case when I travel, I don't like it when I open it and some pencils are scattered inside!  That irks me!  I've thought of organizing my pencils by using resealable bags but at times, I need to change them often which isn't good for our environment so I've decided to purchase a pouch or pencil case to house all the pencil goodies! 

Makeup pouches, pencil cases, so easy to find right?  WRONG!

When I search for something, at times, I have an idea on top of my head and I would like to get the exact thing I am looking for to prevent me from purchasing and repurchasing just because I am not contented with what I have.  That's just don't mind me!  *laughs*

Anyways, to cut the long "hunting" story, I was out looking around the department store office supplies area and I finally found a nice pencil case to house my (as I said) pencil oldies but goodies!


Why this you ask?
Well, I have a couple of requirements ---
  • Mesh type but does not hole up easily
  • As much as possible, clear, transparent or translucent so I can easily see the stuff inside.
  • Expands as I tend to add up my stuff!
  • Inexpensive or much better?  VERY CHEAP!
Soft Mesh Case
approx. 9x4 inch

I've seen a couple of mesh pouches but I have a feeling it'll be ruined in no time as I could get careless at times!  This one is perfect because it's mesh-type protected with a frosty plastic which protects my stuff from dirt plus I can see the products I want to reach out for easily!

And the cute part, there's a name tag space?  I can label it with my name!  Now, help me....shall I put : "Gorgeous Nikki?  Nikki the Great? or Nikki the Super Talented Freak?"  *lol*  You get the drift, you can label it anything you want!  Just because it feels like first day of school all over again!

The pencil case expands at a certain level which I find "just right" for my pencils, primers and even mascaras!

Once you open up the zipper pouch, you can easily rummage through your stuff as there's enough room!

And last...seriously, last!
This is the best of all that's why it's on my Eureka Moment list....
The product costs Php29.75 (approx $0.70)
purchased at SM Department stores

I can purchase backups but I prefer to save the earth and just purchase one because I don't need a lot of these!  But this tiny thing made my day!  Seriously! YES!  I am serious!!! :D

What's your Eureka Moment for the week? 
Anything as simple as this made you happy?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Cheap thrills like this make me happy too, Nikki :) I love these kinda cute lil' pouches and the best part, I don't even have to use them...I can jus keep looking at how cute they are :)

  2. i have exactly the same case.. :D i use it as pencil case hehe

  3. looks sturdy enough, thanks for the heads up, and from the picture the zipper is also the fine plastic kind that doesn't snag.


    ingat ♥

  4. i love meshy n transparent stuff too! but too bad all my meshy pockets all ruined already. :( right now i am using some free cosmetic pouch from purchasing milk :P

  5. i love transparent holders/cases too so that I can see what's inside =)

  6. Wahaha, I hoard SM pouches, too. My bag is full of pouches for easy transfers. I find them a lot easier to fit into a bag than the compartments that SM sells.

  7. There are a lot of cute and useful and most of all, inexpensive stuff at SM and school supplies isn't an exception. Glad you have found "The One". :P

  8. I have' this one too. Very useful noh? I use this naman for my brushes everytime I travel :)

  9. Winner @ 29 pesos! It looks sturdy naman eh. Oh well, i was about to say "Yey, I got a similar bag from Saizen!" but then I realized that ~ BOO! ~ yours is a lot cheaper! LOL Gotta run to SM Dept store now!

  10. nikki, i thought of something that might make you even happier: why not get a pencil-case that opens like a makeup brush roll and has individual holders? i see them in national bookstore, where i also got my existing kikay kit. no need to rummage! :)

  11. like this! :)

  12. Appu, hahaha you are too cute! Well, you're right, can I be honest? I have a couple of pouches from makeup purchases or comes free with a purchase and they are too cute I ended up keeping them in a nice box!!!

    Donna, hahahah I would use this as a pencil case too But I'm not a student anymore, so makeup case na lang :)

    Marge, yes, the zipper is not the difficult to zip and unzip type! I hate that

  13. Xin, sister! Using a cosmetic pouch free from purchasing milk? AM I MISSING SOMETHING? hahaha how come we don't have that down here?

    Khymm, agree!

    Skysenshi, AGREE! No wonder those pouches pop out like mushrooms nowadays, there are just so many kikay gals like you and me out there! Thank goodness they are inexpensive!

  14. Pammy, hahahha THE ONE for now! *winks* I'm sure I'll see something better!

    Charry, brush case, GREAT idea! :)

    Abbie, hahhahah I know, I've always thought Saizen is cheaper, but we really have to look closely enough pa! Happy Hoarding!

    Isea! Hey, thanks for sharing ! I'm sure a lot of the readers would go crazy hoarding for this case! Too cute! I actually saw this na on National bookstore! I did plan to purchase this but I have enough pouches that use up spaces kaya I gave this a miss! I was looking for something I can fold and just "smash it in the traincase" lol THANKS dear! *hugs*

  15. so cute! :D as much as I want to buy one, I think I'll be just wasting my 29.00 php since I have a lot of freebie pouches before which are piled already, but I get you, even I want a pouch that matches my standards, hahahahahah. :p
    if i get the chance to pass by the department store and manage to see that, I might get it as well. (doon din pala ang bagsak. hahaha)

  16. How is it possible that that cute little bag is only $0.70?? I don't have an official makeup bag, but I definitely wish I did. This could totally work for me (: I could do without the nametag, but that's okay!

  17. Christine Reyes, I have a couple of free pouches too but they're not the see-through type! hehehe :) You are so funny! You finally gave in din? heheheh

    RW, hahaha the name tag is actually what I like! I don't want to lose it when I'm busy with gigs~ :)


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