Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tip for the Day: Creating Bright Looking Skin

Happy Saturday everyone!  By the time you are reading this, I am off for a makeup gig and I'm quite excited about it because as you all know, prettifying someone after a stressful weekend at work is another stress reliever for me aside from blogging!  I'll share what happened when given the chance!  *crosses fingers* 

After my "Some Kinda Blue, Some Kinda Purple" Eyes tutorial, I did promised a next tutorial on "Creating Bright Looking Skin".  Why did I ever think about doing such tutorial when most of you wanted the non-shimmery or glowy look?  A lot of you are opting for a matte looking makeup right?

I know, I heard you, I am the same too!  But as I watch Korean Series, "Perfect Match" to be exact!  *laughs*  I can't help but remember my Seoul Trip 2 months ago and I've seen how gorgeous the women in Korea are and they are not even piled on makeup!  That's where the "Bright Looking" skin makeup came up because I can seriously leave for work earlier because this does not take much time! :)  

*Note from AMW: There are a lot of creating "bright looking skin" tutorial out there, this is just a simple version from yours truly and I am in no way the inventor of these tips! :)  Enjoy!

Step 1:
You have to check on your skin condition before you start this tutorial. 
If you have oily skin: you can opt to use a light moisturizer, BB cream or Oil Control Primer
If you have dry skin: you can moisturize your skin really well, let it set, apply a moisturizing primer or moisturizing BB cream.  

In this tutorial, I have applied a thin layer of Skin79 VIP Gold BB cream after moisturizer.
Conceal spots or blemishes, in my case, I lightened up my dark circles with SkinFood Dark Circle Salmon Concealer.

Step 2:
Use a lighter concealer/cream foundation (2-3 tones lighter than your original skin tone), apply a tiny amount on the bridge of your nose and the brow bone area with a concealer brush or our clean fingers.

**Note from AMW: this is the perfect time to pull out concealer or foundation shades that you wrongly purchased!  Those that are a bit too light for you!

Step 3:
If you are more comfortable with heavy coverage foundation, you can choose your favorite mineral powder foundation, regular powder foundation, of if your skin is quite good and you don't need coverage, you can choose to use a translucent setting powder.

In this tutorial, I used Revlon's Age Defying 2 Way Foundation with Botafirm in Buff with my Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki.

Step 4:
Since I wanted a super natural, "no make up" look, I will use a bronzer as a blush!  Thanks to Gracie for the Elizabeth Arden Bronze Beauty Bronzing Powder Duo.
I've specifically applied the bronzing powder on the hallows of my cheekbones to make my cheeks pop out each time I smile! 

Step 5:
This is the most exciting part!  Also the most crucial part!  Highlighting!  I used the Eyeko Pretty Eyes 3-in-1 Eyeshadow Cake shimmery white eyeshadow as a highlighter or you can choose any highlighting powder you currently own.

With a blending eyeshadow brush, I applied the shimmer powder at the bridge of my nose in one swipe.  Using a blush brush, I highlighted the area from the temple down to the prominent cheekbones.  Be very careful not to apply too much!

Step 6:
I can actually stop at Step 5 but since I've blabbed so much, why not just finish the task?  *lol*  I chose a very nice bronze-y lipgloss that has a hint of gold speckles from Bath & Body Works.  It was a gift to me by my dear ELF Nail Polish supplier Toma!  Thanks honeybunch!

I can't stress enough that the best "Bright Looking Skin" comes with a huge, sincere smile!  Smiling is free so keep that smile with your now glowy skin!  

You'd think the application of the highlighting powder you've done is not enough, but once a source of light hit your face, there will be a certain glow that's not too obvious!  So please be careful not to pile too much shimmery powder or you'll end up looking like a bacon!  :P

Any more tips you may add for our readers?
Feel free to share!

Have a gorgeous weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I hate how my makeup looks =( I always have to pile on concealer because of my intensely dark zombie undereye circles =( I want good coverage but I also have a lot of fine lines under my eye so it creases a lot!!

    Any tips for me?? I have dry-normal skin around my eyes.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Very easy to follow!

  3. Yes, I agree with u that a sincere smile is what we need to make us glow! Thanks again for sharing your tips. I really love reading your post. Keep up the excellent job!

  4. Nice! Will do this Niks! oo nga those Koreans have like flawless skin like hanobrrr

  5. Thanks so much for this post Nikki!! I have a wedding dinner to attend tonight and this is just what i needed!! Hahaha!! :D

    And you're too cute. Bacon! lol!! XD

  6. Your skin really looks brighter and radiant. Love this look on you. Simply pretty. :)

  7. Thanks for the tips! Your skin looks so bright and flawless!

  8. Great tip Nikki :) We're doing the same stroke in applying blushes hehehe. I'm happy I'm doing the right thing ;)

  9. Lisa, awww have you tried an undereye concealer that's "salmon colored base" ? I found myself not piling too much if the shade is right to counteract darkness :) The Body Shop's Lightening Touch is actually the concealer I reach out for clients who have lines under the eye area as it doesn't set!

    Clarice, welcome! Thanks for visiting!

    Crystal, same here! So tired to do full makeup at times no? :)

  10. Lavender, thanks for agreeing and thanks for liking this post :)

    Khymm, my pleasure! I'm sure you have your own version too :) I'd love to see it! :)

    Hannah, aww thanks gurl! :)

  11. Jenn, yay! Glad I posted this just in time! Hope it worked! Let me know ok :)

    Pammy, thanks!

    Gio, I'm glad you girls can see the brightness, because I piled on a bit more for the photoshoot, I looked like a disco ball in person! hahhhaa

    Sai, yay! *apir*!!! :)

  12. Nikki, this was an incredible guide!!

  13. will try this tip! I hope I will be able to do this. :p

  14. B, sweetcakes! thanks for the comment!

    Christine, you're very much welcome and let me know how it went! :) Goodluck!


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