Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: King Bee Restaurant

Happy Sunday everyone!  Weekend food tripping once again and this time, I will be sharing Chinese Lauriat and if you are hungry, you can come back later!  hehehe

Chinese Lauriat service usually consists of several dishes served in a table good for 10-12 people!  Dishes starting from Cold Cuts, Soup, Rice with several main dishes that ranges from pork, beef, chicken and fish!  

I am a Pro when it comes to Lauriat Menu service as I grew up in a family full of parties and most of them are celebrated in Chinese restaurants with Dragon Dances (during the New Years), Song and dance number (from organizations) to showing the love of the couple (for wedding celebrations).  I am sure most of you have at least one lauriat food service experience!

It was my uncle's 70th Birthday celebration and my cousin threw him a party at King Bee Restaurant.  It's a first time for me to try the dishes served and I am quite excited because at times, you get too tired of the same restaurant and same menu!  

**Note, I don't have the menu or the Lauriat dish names, all the names of the dishes mentioned are coming from yours truly, they are not the exact name of the dishes!  

Birthday Noodles
I am quite surprised the first dish was a noodle dish!  It's just a way of saying "Be Full as Early as NOW!"  *laughs*  Just by the look, you can see that this noodle dish is quite a blockbuster!  Quail Eggs, Pork, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Shrimps, Squid, Liver strips and noodles covered in sauce!  I like my noodles very sauce-y!

Cold Cuts
Century Egg, Seaweed, Pork Asado (Roasted Pork), White Chicken, Beef strips and Duck are the usual suspect when you see a cold cuts platter! 

Spinach Soup

Shrimp bits and mushrooms in a spinach soup 
with Tofu (soy bean) and egg.  Nice!

Beef, Squid and Crab Cakes
I can't comment much about this dish because, it was a table favorite!  I wasn't able to give this a taste because it was all gone before I even get the chance to taste some!  I am with hungry people!  *laughs*

Deep Fried Chicken
Tastes like regular deep fried chicken!  It came with its own gravy.

Seafood Mix
At this very instant, I popped in an anti-histamine pill because I wanted to give this a try and I can see loads of seafood and my allergies may start to show up and I may be scratching so much and miss the rest of the dishes!  *laughs*  This dish is quite unique and I don't always see this included in most lauriat menu!  I like how the shrimps, roasted pork (asado), scallops and cashews are blended well together and I can still pinpoint the unique identity of each ingredients.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Oh!  Let me tell you that the photos are uploaded in order!  Don't be surprised that the rice came in late, in Chinese Lauriat, rice is usually served at the last part but I guess my cousin requested the fried rice to be served a bit earlier for us to be able to enjoy this with the dishes!  We're definitely Filipinos at heart!  We love our meals with a good cup of rice!

Garlic Shrimps
I only tasted one because the shrimps served are quite small and I had a hard time removing its shell and I'm so lazy to get dirty!  *laughs*  I'm actually not a fan of "dressed shrimps" I like them naked!  *hahahah*

Pork Spareribs with Deep Fried Tofu
My favorite dish for the day!  The pork spareribs are cooked perfectly!  Sauce is just right and the pork does not have a lot of fat nor bones!  The sweet, salty and a bit of spicy taste of the spareribs stays true even on your 3rd or 4th bite!

The Deep Fried Tofu does not have any sauce to it but eaten together with the pork spareribs, it's wonderful!  Trust me, I am thinking of going back just for this!

Steamed Fish on Soy Sauce
It may look bland but do not judge the fish by its look!  Its very fresh and sweet tasting fish!  Soy sauce is not even that strong to taste!  The mixture of sauce and onion leaves are just right especially at this "dining stage" as everyone's starting to get full!

Almond Jelly
I am an almond jelly lover!  And this definitely does not pass my standard!  The taste of almond in this jelly is a bit overwhelming, I think they put too much almond concentrate and the jelly is not the "soft" type that I want!  It's actually more on the crunchy texture which is a no no in my dictionary!

Platter of Fruits
You can't go wrong with these unless the fruits are not in season!  So far, all the fruits I've tasted are wonderful!

King Bee Restaurant
UG2 Seneca Plaza
#1152 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., Mariana
Quezon City
Tel. No: (632) 738-2046

The restaurant is located at the main road of E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, it's not eye catchy though because I have to watch closely to find this restaurant.  There's a parking space right in front of the building and I was told there are more spaces at the back!  (You just have to drive around though).  Restaurant ambiance is not unique, it's a regular Chinese Looking Restaurant.  Servers are quite polite and service is quite good.

I don't have the price of the Lauriat set because this isn't paid by yours truly.  But base on experience, Chinese Laurit can costs from Php6,000-Php12,000 (approx $140-$280) depending on the kinds of dishes and the number of dishes!  The price is good for one table which can serve up to 12 guests!  Drinks are usually not included and VAT can be waived if paid in cash (not applicable to all Chinese restaurants)

*whew* And would you believe, I'm off for another food tripping today?
Ahhh the wonders of eating!
Have you eaten Lauriat Style?  What's your favorite Chinese Restaurant?

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!
Happy Weekend Food Tripping!


  1. There's also a King Bee branch in Antipolo and that's where we usually spend our Sundays as a family. I never got out of this resto unsatiated. It's always a fun and delish experience here so we just keep coming back.

    Your food post is mouth watering. Ive tasted most of what you posted here (id love to try the cold cuts plate), but i hope you can check out their crab dish when you get back :)

  2. That spinach soup photo is making me drool. (But I really hate how December makes me pack in the pounds. Urgh.)

  3. Yey for almond lovers. I love almonds too. You should try UNO seafood restaurant here in ongpin. The food is not bad and affordable too.^_^

  4. wow Cold Cuts my fave! I've tried King Bee but only those in their dimsum cart sa Antipolo branch :)

  5. omg! i'm hungry again! sooo yummy!

  6. I like Emerald Garden!:) nomnomnomnom.

  7. herroyalbleakness, I am not a crab eater kasi! heheh that's why I gave it a miss! but thanks for the reco! :) glad you're always happy and satisfied with this resto!

    Skysenshi, love spinach soup! Healthy as well! I am packing on pounds too! LOL

    Anonymous, thanks! I've seen UNO and I think I've dined there once! thanks!

  8. Kim, grabe, umaabot pa kayo sa Antipolo ha? :)

    Anastacia, hehehe sorry!

    Meedge, ooh I love Emerald Garden so much it was my Engagement Party venue! :)


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