Monday, December 6, 2010

AMW Reviews: Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation

Cream Foundation - Can clog pores, can oil up skin or can even dry up dry skin!  Creates a mask on face and feels very heavy after application. These are some of the myths about cream foundation that we often hear from people around us.

Things have changed,  a lot of cosmetics companies have progressed in creating cream foundation and a lot of make up artists worldwide are starting to use this because it has the benefits of a good coverage, hides skin imperfection, can be invisible once applied, feels light on skin and most of all, gives the benefit of improving skin texture with multiple usage!

One brand I can talk about that makes quite a good cream foundation is from Paul & Joe.  Here's my review on their newest Creamy Matte Foundation launched September 2010.

Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation says ---
A light and airy whipped-formula that will leave skin looking flawless with a dreamy matte finish for absolute perfection.  Creates semi-matte skin with a joyous sensation and a unique lustrous appearance.

  • Provides high coverage while offering feather-like light finish.
  • Creates semi-matte skin that creates a joyous sensation and a unique lustrous look.
  • Instantly fits while smoothly spreading over skin.  Stays in place because it adheres snugly to skin.
  • Moisturises, and keeps skin hydrated all day long.
Shades: 00 Alabaster, 10 Ivory, 20 Fresh, 30 Clear, 31 Latte, 40 Almond, 50 Caramel and 60 Spice

AMW says ---
  • Gorgeous glass packaging with spatula!
  • Contains SPF20 PA++, which is good daily use.
  • Feels super light on skin, feels like second skin!
  • Has a hint of scent which smells really good!
  • Wonderful matte finish for  matte lovers out there!
  • Always looks natural even if you pile on several layers!
  • Does not dry out my skin and no flaking!
  • Does not set in my lines.
  • Can double up as concealer by adding more product with a sponge with patting motion.
  • Moisturizing and easy to spread.  
  • Light to Medium to heavy coverage!  Can pack on foundation layer by layer without the heavy feel.
  • No allergies nor skin irritations.
  • Available in wide range of shades.
  • A pump packaging will always be appreciated but I'm glad it came with a spatula!
  • Pricey to some who aren't used to spending so much on foundation.
  • Could get messy because of it's huge mouth opening.
  • A bit hassle to apply as you need to clean up the spatula after every usage.
I actually believe that Paul & Joe does their research and improve their products.  I actually like this better than the Paul & Joe Light Cream Foundation.  This one is easier to blend and it feels even lighter on skin! 

Since I got this shade a bit darker than myself, I will be using this on clients who have normal and dry skin.  Though this gives a matte, powdery finish, an additional dust of powder foundation or setting powder will make this last even longer!

  • Can be applied with foundation brush or sponge.
  • Seal in cap tightly after every use, especially if you tote this along with you.
  • Mark down the date you first opened the foundation to monitor the expiration date.
  • Oily Skinned individuals can use this with oil-control primer underneath.
  • Dry Skinned individuals can use this by moisturizing their skin prior to foundation application.
  • To double up as a concealer, you can apply more product on the area you want to conceal (like the under eye area) and gently dab with a sponge or your clean fingers.
  • Choose the right shade by testing it on your face rather than on the wrists or hands!
  • Always set with a powder foundation or setting powder for the foundation to last longer and looks even more flawless.
Will I repurchase?
Yes.  I may be on the powder foundation side but this is great for clients!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who's into cream foundation with matte finish.  Oily, normal or dry skin can use this foundation as it never feels heavy on skin and it holds up for at least more than 4 hours without retouching.

Though I said this works for all skin types, I would strong suggest the normal and dry skin to purchase this more than the oily skinned readers out there! :)  

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Paul & Joe counters, Rustan's Makati for Php2,375 (approx $55.25)

Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation 
in 40 Almond
Almond is said to be a medium natural shade that subdues redness and gives skin a healthy and radiant look.

It's 2 shades darker than my original skin tone which is more obvious when seen in person, but for review purposes, I've used this for 2 weeks and I've also used this on clients and so far, its promising!  I set it with a lighter foundation though just to counteract the darkness.

A tiny amount on hand

Spread on my hand, you can click photo to enlarge
to see color and coverage

Set lightly with a lighter mineral powder foundation 
to match my shade

I'm glad I have more options for foundations in my make up train case!  It feels like I have more ammunition when I'm in front of a beautifying battle!  Though this is a bit hassle to tote along during makeup gigs, it looks aesthetically gorgeous and it makes me happy every time I pull this out!  *it's just me though, I'm happy that way* LOL!

Have a wonderful week ahead of you and I hope Paul & Joe lovers out there are happy with my post!  It's nice to see what's new from them because I haven't been around their counter for the longest time!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I haven't tried any P&J products and your reviews make me want to try them. But the price scares me off. :P Nice review, Nikki. I'm tempted. I'm on a non-powder foundation roll. :D

  2. I like how the foundation looks on you, it's very natural and has good coverage. The packaging doesn't look very practical though..

  3. Wow.. $55 for foundation is a lot! I've never used foundation because I honestly don't know how haha. But some days I really could use some. I would just rather buy a less expensive brand. Which is better in your opinion: liquid or powder foundation?

  4. Wow.. $55 for foundation is a lot! I've never used foundation because I honestly don't know how haha. But some days I really could use some. I would just rather buy a less expensive brand. Which is better in your opinion: liquid or powder foundation?

  5. Christine, I know, but for clients, I don't care how expensive it is as long as they perform :)

  6. Pammy non powder foundation? Hmm, cream foundation then! :)

  7. Gio, agree with you totally! It takes quite a space on my train case :)

  8. RW, if you plan to really use it until the last drop, then it's worth it, if you'll purchase it and leave it on top of your table, it will definitely be a waste :)

  9. simply mouth-watering Nikki. ugh, im having a heart attack now. but i dont think my wallet's gonna be happy if i purchase this... ho-hummm

  10. What a great resource!

  11. Hi! I have oily and acne/prone skin. Would you say I should avoid cream/liquid foundations? I certainly do not like the feeling of something heavy on my face. It feels like my pores are getting clogged.

    A friend recommended me this physicians formula powder( because it is talc free and is good for sensitive skin. have you tried this product and would you recommend it?

    Thanks in advanced! :)


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