Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Wonder: "Are You a Belt User?"

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening to everyone on all parts of the world!  I hope I'm sending all the love from my side of the world to yours!  Cheerful eh?  I actually had a rough day yesterday, I lack energy and I was just too tired!  *gasp*  (Nikki gets tired?)  I actually do!  So today, I am gearing for a better Tuesday and I hope you feel the same too!

I have been a belt user for quite some time, that explains why I had a Eureka Moment for my belt holder inspired by the inexpensive spiral tie hanger from Japan Home Center.  You can smile and click HERE to read the previous post.

After the said post, my belt collection grew quite a bit and there's a unique one which is the youngest among my "belt family".  Shameless plug but it's from a photographer friend of mine Iris of Cevanne Shop

The Sidewinder Belt

I was told that the belt was custom made, snake skin design available in 3 shades available:  Black, Brown and Purple. 

I have to advise you though that this is the sexiest belt I own because the total length of the belt is around 27-27 inches, the garterized portion can be stretched but you have to bear in mind that this belt is a tad bit shorter as compared to other belts available in the market which gives that "figure" you are aiming for!  

My favorite is the back detail of the belt...

And for the neat freak out there, it comes with a free black pouch to keep your belt clean!

What I like about this belt is that I can use this on both formal and informal events!  My non-existent waist is actually showing with this belt!  Bear in mind not to wear this when you're enjoying Buffet Parties though! :P

Front View

Back View

And because I tried to be innovative, I used its name literally "Sidewinder belt" and turned the belt sideways, it actually works!

On the other side

Are you tired of the  model's body yet?  *laughs*  Bear with me!  There's no way to share to you guys how the belt looks without wearing it right?

I do hope Cevanne Belt would make this in different sizes so everyone can enjoy such unique design!  I'm sure I would like to use this belt still on random days I was left in a kitchen!  *winks*

So, I Wonder: "Are You A Belt User?"
Click comment and I'd love to hear from you!

By the way, the belt costs Php360.00 (approx. $8.35)!  May come off pricey to others but this is the price you pay for unique design! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. looks good on you nikki! i like the black portion of the belt. elegante. :)
    i dont use belts. something about my figure doesnt agree with belts and instead of making my waist look thinner it just emphasizes that my waist is the same size with my boobs and my hips. lol.

    i did bought a few way back which ended up just hanging on my walls.

  2. i use belts too since i'm pear shaped so i have to emphasize the smallest part of my body which is my waist. the belt is really pretty. i don't mind the prize but what i'd like to know is if the garterized part looses its elasticity right away? that's my problem with the cheaper belts.

  3. I use belts a lot because it's my bestfriend when I'm feeling blah! :) I love this belt, so ferosh! :D

  4. The belt didn't look like it would fit anyone, but when you put it on, it looked really flattering!

  5. i am not exactly a belt user...only when i don't want to risk people calling me pregnant woman. LOL. i love your creativity sis! it looks much better sideways. and and, love the belt pouch!

  6. I love using belt as an accessory for my outfit, it also makes my dress fall beautifully =)

  7. I love using belt as an accessory for my outfit, it also makes my dress fall beautifully =)

  8. thanks nikki!! :) - iris

  9. Jenobebs, I know what you mean, I do choose my belts well too, there are some non-flattering belts that I have to bid goodbye to! You are soooo funny with the same size of your waist and boobs! talagang may "boobs" pa! hahahaha :) Thanks for making my day! I suggest you purchase those longer belts! They have it available, you just have to look really closely!

    Crystal, the garterize part is quite tight, that's why I am suggesting for a longer version of this belt because it did gave me a waist but I cannot eat buffet! LOL

    Tara, agree! I love how it makes your outfit unique no?

  10. Skysenshi, thanks for saying its flattering on the "no head model" (aka ME!) :)

    Xin, I know! Hubby was laughing at me when I put it sideways! He was saying I am using it "literally" by its name! tsk tsk tsk! MEN! :P

    Ladymishel, agree! Most of my dresses have belts!

    Iris, welcome dear!

  11. hi! been following for a while but this is my first comment I think..

    i only use belts on blouses or dresses that are too big for me, then voila! turns to instant sexy effect.. lol..

    btw, it suits really well on the outfit that you paired it with! love it! :)

  12. thanks for posting about belts, nikki! i was just wondering where to find one (that would fit me!) for a dress i want to wear. i'm thrilled to hear that there are custom-made belts na pala. :D

    i have to say though: more than the belt, i love your jumpsuit! where did you get that? :)

  13. I actually think the price is super affordable considering the design. =) I love the snake skin and the back detail, kaya lang I'm sure nga it won't fit. =P

  14. It looks great on you Nikki! And the design is really classic IMO coz I don't think it will go out of style :)

    I do love to wear belt but I can't seem to make it work so I just gave up haha ^_^

  15. Woohoo!! The snake skin one is sexayyyy!! :D

    I can't live without my belts since i have a short waist! :D :D

  16. way to go sexxxy Nikki(h)! the belt looks fab on you! i love belts too and garterized ones to fit the waist snugly are among the best accessories invented.

    they just give you that fake hourglass figure, right? I should know coz that's what it helps me achieve :D

    you look fab!

  17. snow0016, thank you for liking the outfit and the belt together :)

    Isea, the jumpshorts is from People Are People :)

    Dang! AGREE it's worth it pero if you compare it to Php100-150 belts, siyempre I won't say anything else na, but the price is great for its quality!

  18. Crystal Gale, aww it really depends on the right design and of course the right outfit! Give it a try ulit, I'm sure you'll look good with it!

    Jenn, awww...short waist? you? you sure? :P I have to see to believe!

    Herroyalbleakness, I know, I don't have hourglass figure so belts are my bestfriend :)

  19. i love using belts as accessories, it gives you a nice figure! :)


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