Thursday, December 2, 2010

AMW Version: "Some Kinda Blue, Some Kinda Purple" Eyes

Ahhh, I can't keep track on the days!  Time is definitely flying super fast, the week went ok, it's finally Thursday!  Friday is just around the corner and I'm looking into a busy weekend!  I am actually looking forward for my brother's arrival!  He'll be coming back for vacation and I'm excited about it!

Today, I will be sharing an AMW Version, I call this "Some kinda blue, some kinda purple" look because the purple eyeshadow I used has a tiny specks of blue that would show up as blue on some angles on camera!  This is as usual, perfect for day time but also for night time if you want by packing up more colors! 

I just realized, that I have a very distinct line on my lids that looked like I've gone through surgery! *laughs*  Beauty Blogger Jess actually asked me about it!  No surgeries though, if ever I did, I'll make it more "deep set" *lol* But I don't plan to because nothing would make me go through that!  I'm just a coward that way!  hehehe

AMW Diagram

Prior to eyeshadow application, you can choose to apply your favorite eye primer.  In this tutorial, I am using the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Step 1:
Using a flat shader brush of your choice, I applied a light peachy eyeshadow from the Sleek Graphite Palette all over the lids including the brow bone area.

Step 2:
Using the free sponge applicator that goes with the palette, I packed on the "dark purple" eyeshadow from the Sleek Graphite Palette all over lid area going a bit beyond.  I also include the 3/4 portion of the lower lash line as shown on diagram above.

Step 3:
With my MAC's 226 brush or any "crease/blending" brush that has a pointed tip, I applied Shimmery Black Eyeshadow from the same palette on top of the "purple shadow" done on Step 2 packing on colors until it creates gradient effect (upwards).  At this stage, I am taking time blending and adding up shades as I move back and check my reflection!

Step 4:
Using a Bent Liner Brush from Coastal Scents, I applied MakeupMasala Gel Liner in Inky Black on the upper lash line with a slight winged effect.

** The thing with using Gel Liners, or Liquid liners above the lash line, there's a white space that needs to be covered so I tightlined with Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes in Black.

Step 5:
Using Maybelline Eyestudio Vivid & Smooth Liner in Purple, apply it directly on waterline.  Make sure the pencil is not too sharp!

Step 6:
Highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a shimmery white eyeshadow or in this tutorial, I am using Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Yeyo.

I added a bit on the brow bone area and blended the shimmery white pencil for that "bigger eyed" look. 

Use an eyebrow pencil of your choice to fill in those brows, 
curl my lashes then applied 3 coats of 
Etude House Proof 10 Henna Fix Mascara in Black

You can choose to apply falsies for a dramatic effect

What's on the rest of my face?

Revlon's Age Defying 2 Way Foundation with Botafirm in Buff

On Cheeks:
MAC's Gel Blush in Just a Pinch
Applied MAC's MSF Blushin SuperDuperNatural!

On Lips:
L'Oreal Colour Riche in Peach Blush
Stage Lipgloss in 12 Sophia

Smile and even without makeup,
you'll look great!

*P.S. My skin is "glowy" in this photo as I have created a tutorial on creating glowy skin and I had to apply a lot for it to register on cam.

Have you sported any colored eye makeup looks lately?
I have to admit, I haven't much, I just did a couple of bright eyed makeup for tutorials
But there's no reason to doll up for now! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. LOL, that line in your lid does not look like the result of double eyelid surgery! I've never had the surgery and I have a line like that also.

    I really liked this look. One question though...did you contour your nose in this FOTD?

  2. Hi Anonymous! :) Good morning! Yup! I did something on the contour/highlight area and will show you guys about it on a separate post :) Thanks for saying my lids does not look like a result of a lid surgery! hahahah It's impossible as I lack that lid department! (in terms of depth) :)

  3. Nice look! Definitely something you can take from day to night!

    I agree with "anonymous", I don't think the line on your lids looks like a surgery mark... Haha!

  4. lovely look! love the color of your hair! very beautiful!

  5. lovely look,sis!
    perfect blending as always.

    more smokey looks,please!

  6. I like this some kinda look on you. It still looks very wearable even on daytime. Great job! You look cute too. :P

  7. i agree, you look glowing nga! =) lovely colors Nikki!

  8. Lei, thanks! hahaha thanks also for agreeing with the comment above :) it's just a story actually, I don't mind people mistaking it for surgery, its actually fun! :)

    Mary, glad you like it! I think I'm starting to have growth on the root area! need to retouch soon!

  9. Thia, thanks for liking it! ok then! more smokey look !:)

    Pammy, oh yeah, but trust me, i am too lazy to even wear this on daytime! I'd rather apply makeup on others rather than myself! hahhaha

    Khymm, yayness, thanks!

  10. Loving the sultry look on you, Nikki! :D

  11. I envy you. I could never wear purple on my eyes. Makes me look like I have a black eye or something. Great blog.

  12. I love this look. I just bought a new Fasio eye shadow with similar shades. Just came back from the Kose warehouse sale and bought just one eye shadow.

  13. I love this look, it's beautiful and sultry!

  14. love this! very wearable even during daytime. :) where is the glowing skin tutorial? i probably need that, hehe.

  15. Connie, aww it's not my personality but it is great once in awhile :)

    Angela, hey, I'm sure you can! it's just a mix of colors that will make it look clean, and of course practice helps a lot! I used to look like I have black eye too :)

    Lavender , yay! Try to create a look on yourself! I'm sure it'll look wonderful

  16. Gio, thanks!

    Isea, the glowing skin tutorial will be up soon! I hope I can finish the article asap , pictures are all ready , just the article! hehehe can you wait a bit? :D It'll not be long! promise! :D

  17. I really need to buy some cheap make up brushes. Currently, I apply all my eye shadow with my fingers. That sounds terrible, but it comes out really well hahah. I'd just be able to do more with brushes. By the way, how did you get into a job like this? Like testing make up, blogging about it, and getting paid? It seems really nice lol.

  18. RW, thanks for sharing, application of eyeshadow using fingers can work but you know I can't do that to clients! :) :) :) With regards to your questions, I am lucky YES because I get to blog about the things I want and I have loyal readers who come back to read. With regards to testing makeup, I don't get everything for free, and if you read most of my posts especially in the past, I've purchased most of my makeup even going all the way to online and all of them are not wasted because I am a makeup artist and I can use them on clients :) I am lucky to be blogging and this doesn't feel like a job and its actually not a job because I have full time job to start with, this is just a "relaxation" for me. Trust me, I don't get paid enough on ads to make this my living! :) I hope this answers your queries :)

  19. absolutely lovely look! such gorgeous colours and they suit you perfectly. I love how you've blended the whole thing cos it looks completely flawless!

    Your eyebrows look fantastic too :)

  20. This is a perfect glam look for the holidays, this tutorial is timely. I'm partial to purple eye makeup and this is just perfect.

    By the way, you've probably mentioned this in your blog before, but I've been meaning to ask: where did you study makeup? I want to enroll in a basic course kase and I'm currently scouting for options.

  21. love the dark smokey purpley violet shades ♥
    imma gonna have to try that out, soon ☺
    just did a light blue make up tutorial:
    hope you can view it some time:

    thanks and yey, weekend na ♥

  22. All Made Up, hey! thank you so much!!! I'm glad you like my eyebrows, I actually need to trim it as its getting longer! :)

    Dea, I studied makeup at Basement Academy which I think now is called HD makeup studio :) Thanks for the compliment

    Maruge, yay! Give it a try and thanks for sharing your tut!


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