Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Confetti" Nails

Hi everyone!  I have bombarded you all with yummy dishes on my Saturday Weekend Food Tripping posts!  Well, to stop you from craving...I will show you my fingernails instead because it tastes nothing but nails!  *laughs*

I've been super busy for the past days but that does not stop me from changing my nail art!  My last nail art has been there for 2 weeks and I can't seem to bear looking at "chipped" nail polish!  I only have less than 30 minutes to do my nails so I've done the simplest one and here's the final outcome!

I call this Confetti Nails because it does look like Confetti!  Let's party because Christmas is coming up soon!!!

Step 1:
Apply your favorite base coat, let dry and apply 2 coats of your favorite base color.  In this tutorial, I've used ELF Polish in Berry Pink. 

Step 2:
White polish is semi-wet, create "snow-like" effect and "texture" with sponge method.  I used a sponge and applied ELF Polish in White

Gently dab the white polish on top of the base color creating a bit of texture as the base color is not completely dry!

Step 3:
Using Barry M Polish in Once Upon A Time, dab on the "confetti looking" sparkles on the white gradient polish area.  If you don't have a similar polish like this, here's a D.I.Y. tip for you...

  • purchase your choice of clear polish
  • purchase silver dusts or any sparkles with designs and pour it on your clear polish, gently shake it to create your own unique glittery polish
  • if the sparkles you purchased are too big to pour inside a tiny polish bottle, you can apply a coat of clear polish, while wet, pour in sparkles of your choice on top of your nails.  Do not worry about the mess as you can tidy it up later on.

Step 4:
Apply clear coat on top.  I am using a top coat from Elianto.

Voila!  Easy nail art I created in less than 30 minutes!  There's no right or wrong as it'll end up looking festive!  Give it a try yourself before the year ends! 

Now chant with me:
"I can do it!"
"I can do it!"
"I can do it!"

Now move that butt and start doing your nail art and tell me how it went!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Two thumbs up for your mani hun..I love it..Love the colors combination that you used..

  2. Gorgeous! I've always wanted to try some nail art with a sponge, but I've always been too chicken to do it! Now all I hae to do is to convince myself, LOL.

  3. Love this! I'm all about confetti and pink! to DIE for! OX

  4. Very cute! It reminds me of cupcakes :)

  5. Angiepink, glad you like this

    Musicalhouses, yes, I am convincing you to give it a try, it's easy! :)

    Renee, thanks!

    Neeyuh, thanks dear! Oooh yeah, cupcakes with candies on top!

    Gio, thanks


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