Thursday, March 10, 2011

AMW Version: Neutrals with a Twist

Because I am into neutrals, it doesn't mean that I can't play around with it!  I personally have 2 types of neutrals --- The Barely There Neutrals and the Sultry Neutrals which I call Neutrals with a Twist.  It is a personal preference of mine to go for Barely There Neutral Makeup on regular work days and whip up more eyeshadow or probably add on a falsies on random days that I will be attending a "press conference" just because I am an well-known actress!  *laughs*  

Joking aside, if I am required to be made up, I'll still go for my favorite neutrals but darken it a bit or probably add up a bit more color on my cheeks and lips because I do like the natural makeup in me!

Here's a Neutrals with a Twist, AMW Style!

AMW Diagram

Before I start the explanation, I want to thank my blogger friend  The Purple Snowflake for sending me my first Lunasol Palette, Majolica Majorca palette and Palgantong Theatrical powder for me to give these brands a try!  This tutorial is dedicated to you! :)

Step 1:
I applied my Etude House Proof 10 Eye primer thinly all over the lids patting to make sure its dry.  Using a soft brush, apply peachy eyeshadow shade from the Lunasol Nature Summer Beige Palette all over the lids.

Step 2:
Using the brown eyeshadow from Majolica Majorca BR742 palette, swipe a bit of the color on the outer corner of the lids creating deep set eyes (in my dreams!)  Well at least I tried!  Pack up more colors depending on your preference.

Step 3:
Because I like the gold shimmer from the  Lunasol Nature Summer Beige Palette shown on photo below, I applied it all over the upper part of the crease to blend everything together.

Step 4:
Using my favorite Bobbi Brown Expresso eyeshadow shade, I apply a bit of the matte brown shade close to lashline.

Since I wanted this neutral look to be a bit more dramatic, I used KKCenterHK's A134 lashesUsing Sasi eyelash glue.  I filled in my brows with Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2.

After attaching the false lashes, I used Revlon's ColorStay Liquid Liner in black to line the upper lash line and cover the gaps in between.

Do not forget to line your lower lash line, you can choose to use your prefered eyeliner but in this tutorial, I am using the Bobbi Brown expresso eyeshadow as a lower lash liner to have a natural effect.

Here's the result!

Of course, as always, here's to show you what's on the rest of my face!

For the Face:
Kevin Beautymaker Oil-Free & Moisturizing
2 Way Powder Foundation no. 3

For the Cheeks:
L'Oreal True Match Blush 
in Aprikot Kiss

For the Lips:
Elianto Matte Berry Lipstick in 03
Mentholatum Lip Balm on top

I am actually on the orange/peachy blush and lipstick look because...I want to give pink a rest in this tutorial!   Now, all I need to do is smile and say... "Friday is Near!!!!"

Do you have your own Neutrals with a twist?
I would say mine is the added falsies!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Love it! I've always been curious about the Lunasol palette but it looks expensive haha!

  2. looks 'natural' yet sophisticated on you sis!

    If I apply makeup myself, I prefer neutral colors too because it is least that mishap can happen :P especially in a hurry

  3. I love it..Natural and fresh look..^_^..

  4. I LOVVVVE it Nikki! Super fave ko talaga neutral shades... What brush did you use to apply the darker shade of e/s on the upper lashline?

  5. such a pretty & simple look! I love it!

  6. Very wearable and simple yet pretty look. :)

  7. wow...i love the look..and i love the lunasol palette! i want one too :) would you happen to know where I could buy it? Neutral look is also my favorite coz you can never go wrong with it ^_^

  8. Pretty! I've been into neutrals lately, and I've been wanting to bring it up a notch! Thanks Nikki! :)

  9. pretty wearable look nikki! ;)

  10. I love how orange looks on you! :)

  11. I love it! It's very wearable and elegant!

  12. I'm excited to try this look. It's so pretty on you.=) Thanks Nikki. Keep the tutorials coming.=) I hope you will do video tutorials someday.=D

  13. You definitely look great with the neutrals Ms. Nikki! :) it's a personal preference too :)

  14. ang danda naman! hmph. hindi na nga ata ako marunong mag makeup kasi i wear glasses na nga 24/6 hahaha hindi 24/7. kahit nga eyeliner, medyo hirap na. i miss doing makeup =(

    need ko na ba pagupit? i swear ang dry na ng ends ng hair ko. nabubuhol na even if i use tons of conditioner =(

  15. neutral shadows are really very versatile,no?

    love the look,sis!

  16. Such a wearable look. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Skysenshi, I believe it is expensive! :)

    Xin, agree, I know what you mean, you wouldn't want to experiment when you're off to an important meeting/event right?

    AnGiEpInK, thanks dear!

  18. Khymm, the free brush from my Urban Decay Book of Shadows! It's thinner version of the fluffy blending brush!

    AnNeTtEe, thanks for the comment and the visit :)

    Maggie, thanks dear!

  19. Pammy, I agree, I like its wearability!

    Kat_m , they sell it at Rustan's Makati and Shangri-la branch! :)

    Denise, you're welcome! glad this gives another Twist for the regular neutral looks!

  20. Charry, thank you dear!

    Michelle, thanks! I like orange nowadays, well either or lang naman! :) Pinks o oranges!

    Gio, thanks!

  21. babygirl, I will try to do more AMW versions, just too busy at times on weekends that I won't be able to really take shots, but I'll try. With regards to video! Oh my I am technically challenged so I'm sure I won't be able to make a nice video like others :)

    Kikay morena, thanks! I believe there's a handful of us neutral lovers no?

    Miemiemie, lol ang cute mo kaya kahit without makeup? Re: Hair, just have it layered and trimmed a bit, pero yung length bagay mo :) Pero alam mo even if you cutyour hair short, its still bagay, you have pretty face!

  22. ~tHiAmErE~, Yup! Di ka ma OOP on any occasion!

    Lavender, thanks too for appreciating and commenting!

  23. i'll never get tired of wearing neutral eye make up, it's the easiest and most appropriate to wear when at work or attend to any ooccassion especially if it's in daytime.

    thank's for sharing:)

  24. Nikki this is soo pretty! I love the simple neutrals an sultry neutrals. You can never go wrong with them.

  25. Featuring your fave Bobbi Brown mini quad :D.
    Love it :).

  26. awww lunasol and majolica majorca! i ♥fuzkittie♥ you very much ☺♥
    when i go to hk imma gonna stock up on majolica majorca

  27. AiDiSan, same with you, I just never get tired of it, if I'm off for a party, I would tell myself I'll try something wilder and darker, but I'll always end up with neutrals! hahahha

    Becky, thank you :D

    Cris, hahahha yup! It's a fave of mine!

    Marge, we will be having Majolica Majorca down here to be launched next week! I hope the prices aren't that high! :)

  28. fantastic news! thanks for the heads up! ideally the prices shouldn't be that high, or it would defeat the purpose of being the drugstore/less expensive brand of Shiseido [the way etude is the sister to laneige].
    yey, can't wait <3

  29. Oh this one is lovely :) I bet you can wear it everywhere!

  30. any news on the launch of MM here? thanks a bunch


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