Monday, March 7, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "Angry Birds" Nails

*Angry Birds song playing*

I can literally hum the Angry Birds tune anytime of the day!  I actually finished the game that's why I knew the faces of the characters by heart!  After a bit of push from Mr. AMW (who loves Angry Birds too), I finally gave in to try out my own version of Angry Birds on Nails!  I hope I gave justice to the characters!

To those who are not familiar with Angry Birds, here's their family photo!

Here are the main characters --- 
Yes, they are friends in this photo, wait till you see the bottom part of this post!

Step 1:
This looks crazy but you'll get why I strategically arrange the colors to be this way.  Applied 2 coats of each shade with a nice base coat to protect my nails.

 These are the polishes I've used

Step 2: "Pigs"
The pigs are the easiest to draw.  I used the brush from the nail polish in creating dots for the eyes and nose.

Making sure the dots are completely dry, dot on black polish with 2 Way Nail Art Pen or toothpick to create eyes and nose.

You can skip this step, but I chose to outline the eyes and nose area.

Step 3: "Red Bird"
Apply 2 coats of Matte White Polish (mine from Nature Republic), let dry.  Once the base is completely dry, draw an outline with a thin brush with curve then fill it up with your choice of red polish.  I am using Revlon's All Fired Up.

Use the same step as the pigs in creating eyes, use a thin brush in drawing the brows and apply orange polish for the beak.  Finish up by outlining the eyes and beak just like the way I did for pigs.

Step 3: "Yellow Bird"
The yellow bird in the game is triangular in shape, I cannot do anything with the shape so I'll just draw the face of the bird on my regular shaped nails!  Same with the Red Bird.  Apply 2 coats of Matte White Polish and let dry.  Use a matte yellow polish to create the yellow part of the yellow bird.

Eyes and eyebrows drawn similarly as that of the pigs.  Since the beak of the yellow bird is tinier and has more shape, I opted to use a tiny brush.

Do not forget to outline the beak and eyes for a more distinct appearance.

Step 4: "Blue Bird"
There was nothing spectacular with the way the blue bird was drawn, its the same as the rest of the birds drawn.

Step 5: "White Bird"
This bird is supposed to be white but I chose to use a grayish polish instead for the eyes to show up.

Same step on creating eyes.  You can choose to give them more expression by putting the dots in different direction.  I made this bird looking at the pig on its left side.

Draw the brows with black 2 Way Nail Art Pen

Step 6: "Black Bird"
This is actually my favorite character as this bird blows up!  Applied the black similarly as the red and yellow bird.  If you find it difficult to curve your nail polish brush, it is advisable to do an outline first so you won't make mistakes.

Instead of black eyebrows, I used orange for the brows instead as it is what the character has in the game. 

Drop an orange polish in between the left and right eye for the beak.
Finish up by outlining the beak with black 2 Way Nail Art Pen.
Step 7:
It is vital to make sure the nail art ARE COMPLETELY DRY!  It helps to blowdry your nails!  Apply 2 coats of your favorite top coat to protect the nail art design you've done.

Time spent: 1 Hour, it's all worth it!
I finally have my favorite Angry Birds characters on my nails!

I did say they were friends at the start for "pictorial purposes", now let the game begin!

I hope you like my childish nail art design!
Do you play Angry Birds?

NOTE: Click HERE for part 2 version of Angry Birds Nail art.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. So cute Nikki! I love this game too!

  2. this seriously made me LOL

    soooo freaking cute :D i love angry birds lol

  3. Nice! so cute ^^ inspiring indeed :D

  4. Haha how cute! I'm addicted to the game. The yellow bird is my favorite! ^___^

  5. LOve it! I am addicted to this game and so are my kids (my daughter LOVES your nails and now wants me to try and do it too. haha)


  6. Love your mani hun.. Angry bird game is very popular right now..Thank you for sharing..

    Love the 3 last pictures..Lol..^_^..

  7. THAT IS SO ADORABLE!!! Gonna try and recreate that cos my husband loves that game

  8. hi!! I am a fan of your nail arts! Can you do winnie the pooh and friends next time? thanks! Ive been trying to do some of your nail arts by following your step by step instruction :) more powers!!

  9. Wow this looks like your most labor-intensive nail art yet! Haha! Great job! :) I don't play Angry Birds but this was fun to read and look at :)

  10. hahaha!
    LOL at the last picture!
    sooooooooooo cute!

  11. Vanessa, I love this game too! I can't believe I finished this game as I'm not usually good at "Geometry" lol! Or shall I say PHYSICS? :P

    Sweetkiss, hahahah thanks! My mom-in-law shrieked and said "Oh My God! So cute, is that Penguin?" lol she doesn't play Angry Birds!

    Abby, thanks!

  12. Maggie, hmm, mine is the Black Bird! the one that explodes and kill the hell out of those OINKERS!

    Michelle, hahaha give it a try! its fun! If all fails, there's always the easier way, just draw the pigs! LOL

    AnGiEpInK-, agree, it rules the gaming world! well for a certain period oftime!

  13. Ling's Beauty Blog, yay, goodluck I'm sure you'll do well or even better!

    Anonymous, I'll keep that in mind, I hope I can draw Winnie the Pooh and his friends well!

  14. Kari, super! I'm glad you noticed! I was jumping from one nail to another!

    Thia, the last picture is done out of childish-ness! :)

  15. So cute! I'm always a fan of how you can draw on both your left and right-hand nails!

  16. Wow, that's so cute! Also, may I ask where to buy the thin brush? I bought a #1 art brush from NBS before and it was still too thick for nail art. Thanks Nikki! :)

  17. WOW! soo cute! you are amazing! love Angry Birds! this is an awesome nail tut.


  18. haha so cute,can play with fingers too (pun unintended lol).

  19. Nikki my girl!! This is TOO CUTE!!!! :D I quit playing Angry Birds... it got too frustrating cuz i can never get past a certain level!! Hehehe!! :D

  20. Wow your skills are awesome! And put to the cause of cute too. =P

  21. this looks fun. and ultimately, cute! :)

  22. ok sis this is gonna sound really corny but i wanted to do angry birds nail the other day too! in the end i didnt coz i didnt have a green. ahhhhhhh i m speechless

  23. How cute! Even if it's just a nail art, I still find myself annoyed at those green pigs, probably because I can't finish the game. I get stuck in some levels and I quit trying :P

  24. wow... this looks tedious. haha. I'll prolly have a gruesome war of nailpolish against my left hand. I'm bad at painting with my left hand.

    Good work! I love it!

  25. This is so cute and fun! Lol! You did a great job!

  26. Aya, hahahaha I think this tutorial shown how awkward my hand is trying to draw my right fingernails! :)

    Denise, the thin brush I bought when i was in Hong Kong but I believe we have them at NBS! They have really small ones but you really have to look for them in the art brushes section!

    Mell_f, hahahhaha play with my fingers? that does not sound right at all! LOL

  27. Pammy, thank you

    Jenn, awww, I know what you mean, i almost quit as well but each time I'm waiting for my doctor or my mom's doctor in the hospital (which may take hours) this is the game to waste time and it works!

    Kahani, thank you so much for retweeting! You are too sweet!

  28. The Beauty Junkee, hehhe thanks dear

    Xin my sis, that just proved that we are sisters and we think alike! I want to see yours, i was complaining about this green as I don't have the REAL PIGGY GREEN that I want :)

    Madz, hahahhaa don't hit my fingernails with a hammer once you see me ha? Mamaya purple na talaga sila hahahha

  29. Aysenx, it is tedious but you know what ? I wasn't able to really catch on how hassle it was because I am actually enjoying seeing these characters come to life!

    Gio, thank you!

  30. Mrs. M! HOY! hahahahha kaw ha? Ma-mah ka diyan!

    Sab, ooohhh! I know you're going to like this as I remembered the Angry Birds cake from your FB which i've shown to the hubby!

  31. waaah it's so cute! and you only spent an hour?wow! I do simple nail art and it takes me hours to finish!

  32. the piggies are my favorite!!! they're so cute! i love angry birds! :)


  33. Now that is pretty awesome.! I'm going to try this at home.. maybe just on 1 finger tho.. I can't really Rock all 10.. have you seen the Angry Bird cake on Youtube?

  34. I love your nail art tutorials.:) This design is definitely making me feel oh-so-giggly.:D I'm so asking for my boyf's help on this one.:) Thanks so much AMW.:D

  35. it's nice! super creative!

  36. Hahah LOVE THIS!! The game is soo addicting and your nails are sooo cute!!! XOXO MISS LOUIE

  37. this is simply awesome!! :D not sure I have the patience to do ALL my fingers though...maybe will just start with my thumbs - if I don't kill myself with the orange stick, it might just go further... :p

  38. Thanks Nikki! I'll have to ask if they have them smaller than size one! :)

  39. tartlove, oh , sorry this isn't meant to brag ha..kasi usually when I do florals lang mas sandali, and this one took a long time!!!! must be because of the different characters per nail :) Keri yan! with more practice, you'll get to 1 hour! Promise! :)

    Chinadoll, I actually LOVE the piggies too! I find them irritating when they don't die but I find them cute when they have purple eyes!

    MM< yes,! I've seen the cake and absolutely want one!

  40. Shi, yay!!! I hope to see your nail art? or your BF's :D Whoever does it, as long as the results make you happy!

    Issa, thanks dear

    Miss Louie, thanks dear!

  41. Bee, yes, you can always start with the thumb or just the pinky!

    Denise, goodluck, I hope you can find one, try it on different NBS!

  42. The pinky one is soooo cute!!! :D Good job! Very creative! :D

  43. OMG hahahaha, cute especially the last pics where the pig is beaten by the red bird >_<


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