Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Bok Lene

**Note from Author: Unfortunately, the restaurant closed down :(

Weekend Food Tripping!  I love it when I'm off to a restaurant that can serve me food that warms not only the tummy but the heart!  Seems like I'm talking about home-cooked meals.  

Bok Lene (pronounced as Bok Len), is actually a small restaurant you won't probably  know exist!  Once you get inside, the ambiance is welcoming and relaxing and the owner will greet you right away.  It was the second time for us to dine in this restaurant as we were craving for good, healthy, Chinese dish to prepare us for a busy week soon!

**Note: All orders have sizes available, you can choose between Small (good for 2-3), Medium (good for 4-6) or Large (8 and above).

Chicken Corn Soup (Medium)
Php280.00 (approx $6.50)
I love corn soup!  I like having a cup of my warm corn soup together with my rice! 

 Fried Dragon Balls
Php80.00 (approx $2.00) for 3 pcs.
 A must appetizer when you dine in this restaurant.  The sauce that comes with this is so unique you can't help but ask for more!

 Cha Misua (Medium)
Php220.00 (approx $5.10) for small size
Cha Misua is a favorite noodle dish for people who are celebrating their birthdays.  It may not be my birthday anymore but it feels like birthday to eat noodles that has good servings of eggs, peanuts, mushrooms, pork, various seafood etc...

 Yang Chow Fried Rice (Large)
Php180.00 (approx $4.18) for small size
 I like how it has a nice scent of Fried Rice cooked from an authentic Chinese restaurant.  I don't eat a lot of those often but this tiny restaurant can offer the Yang Chow Fried Rice I crave for.

Fried Spare Ribs Salt and Pepper (Medium)
Php250.00 (approx $5.80) for small size

Easy to chew, does not have a lot of bones nor fat.  I like it that its called Spare Ribs but I can eat a lot of the meat! :) 

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (Medium)
Php220.00 ($5.10) for smalls size
Fresh fish with the right sweetness and sourness!

Beef with Mushroom Sauce (medium)
Php250.00 (approx $5.80) for small size
Thinly sliced beef with loads of sliced button mushrooms and a lot of sauce! Perfect to be poured all over rice for that tasty feast.

Bok Lene
519 N.S. Amoranto Corner Pao Street 
Quezon City
Tel. No: (632) 413-8807

Cash payment only, no service charge.  You can even request Chinese dishes not included in the menu.  I will definitely visit this restaurant again!  It's perfect to drag along the family as it feels really good to eat with a lot of people especially when you're surrounded with people you love.

What's your weekend food tripping?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i totally miss real filipino food! those food photos made me so hungry! and it´s like 3am here hehe X)

  2. I want the spare ribs and beef with mushroom. Yummy! :P

  3. I now have my fix of food porn from this blog. LOL

  4. I think we know the owner! Is it the nice Chinese lady who's always smiling? :)

  5. ang sarap!
    Nikki, I noticed that you have explored a lot of restaurants around my neighborhood but I myself havent tried any of them LOL. Isn't it ironic?
    I told H that we should try the restos here. BTW, we had dinner at "The Real Thing" which I read here from your blog.

  6. Abby, come back here and I'll show you good Filipino food :)

    Pammy, super yummy, looking at the photos again makes me super hungry! Buti lapit na din lunch!

    Gio, agree! What's your favorite dish Gio ?Haven't really asked you!

  7. Michelle! hahhaha At least its FOOD PORN, not just PORN :P

    Denise, yes, she's the one! she' takes your order, its like a one woman business, mala DINER DASH :)

    Baya, hahahaha yup, I believe there's a lot of bloggers living within the area. Me and the hubby always pass by the area on our way home and we usually goes home late na so we like to give the restaurants within those area a try. We also pass by La Loma! LOL SO hello? I can't eat Lechon daily naman! hahahha I hope to see you around?

  8. Oh really, lots of bloggers here? Hmmm... I hope i could meet some bloggers within the are as i am just a newbie blogger.
    We're just in Ipo St. So near lang din kami sa La loma lol. When i get lazy cooking, we'd end up eating at the Pares and thats the only one we go around the area. This weekend we should start to eat and try the restos around retiro. Hope to see around! (funny when i'm in the mall, i always thought i saw you lol but nah! Maybe just look a like) i'm actually timid in person so blogging is my outlet now. It gives me the freedom to express myself.

  9. Oh no Baya! ang dami kong KAHAWIG??? lol ...I don't go out much to be honest, on weekends, I would usually be on makeup gigs..or just stay home sleeping! Baboy mode! lol Too tired from full week siguro! Just in case, this resto I heard from reader na close na :( Sad no? Super sarap talaga! well we usually dine in around Retiro area before we go home, so malay mo ? dun tayo magkakitaan dahil sa katakawan LOL


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