Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tip for the Day: How to Have Lively Looking Hair

With the long straight hair a bit out of fashion, girls are now opting for a  natural, wavy hair instead!  I used to like my hair sleek straight because my hair is naturally wavy!  (The rule of WWYDH - Wanting What You Don't Have) . *lol*

Last week, I posted this photo for my Kevin Beautymaker Oil Free and Moisturizing 2 Way Powder Foundation review, some of you commented how you liked my hair (thank you!) shown on photo below and some of you even requested for a tutorial!  Because I appreciate the compliment *ahem*, I've made a simple tutorial on how I can easily liven up the look of my hair whenever I want to!

Excuse me....Hello?

Anyways, back to the tutorial....
The tools I used and you may need ---
Flat iron and a rat-tail comb

It would be great if your flat iron has heat settings.  Medium temperature is my choice! The lesser the heat, the more natural the outcome of curls! 

You can easily say..."Oh? This hair?  It's naturally this way!" *flips hair* hahaha!

Since my hair is layered and not so thick, I sectioned my hair into 2 just like photo below. If you have thicker hair, you can opt to section your hair into 4 parts.  

The rat-tail comb is best used to section your hair.  I like using it to separate the shorter part of my hair which is the upper portion which I like curling first.

First photo: hold your flat iron in an angle as shown on photo, clamp your hair and around halfway through the strand, turn the flat iron 180 degrees into the direction you want your curl.
Second photo: if you want your curls to be tighter, leave the flat iron a bit longer and continue to gently pull downwards.
Third photo: Gently release the flat iron as you move further downwards.

I choose to do all top portion of the layers for that "bouncier" look.  With the same method as above, I  then finish the curling on the bottom part.  I don't need to section as the longer layers are thinner.

Remember, the flip method is a bit difficult and it takes practice, you can always practice with an unheated flat iron! 
*Flip - pull downwards - flip - pull downards*  
It's a chant!

Here's a closer look on how the curls came out with my flat iron.  This loosens up as I don't apply any hairspray nor mousse as I want it to look as natural as possible!

Voila!  Instant Lively-Looking Hair!

Before and after

  • Make sure your hair is completely dry when you plan to do this.
  • Use a heat protectant spray or lotion of choice.
  • You don't need to reach out at the back to do the back part of your hair, you can pull the back portion of your hair to the side and curl as usual.  It'll come out good.
  • Flat iron can heat up pretty easily so be careful not to burn yourself. (protect your legs as well especially when you're sitting down, you may accidentally drop a very hot flat iron)
  • If all else fails, ask help! :)
I hope you get a bit of tip from this simple photo-tutorial.
It's easy for me to choose between straight hair and wavy hair anytime of the day with these easy steps!

What's your secret in creating lively-looking hair?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. nice tutorial Nikki. Your hair is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial Nikki! I haven't realized it, but I've already tried something similar in the past pala :)

  3. i have a curler but it is frustrating when i am not getting the curls right! some will go oppo ways and i gave up now already :P

  4. Blake Lively, isdatchu? Ang ganda lang, Clara! :)

  5. Oh so nice! Looks natural, indeed. I can't wait to try this! My hair's still short for this :(

  6. I've always wanted big, wavy hair, and I have wickedly straight locks. Natawa tuloy ako with your WWYDH rule, haha. =) Nice look, Nikki dear! Muah!

  7. thanks for tips dear..^^
    like it...hug

  8. nice curls! thanks for the tutorial! :)

  9. Thanks for the tutorial and love the curls. You have beautiful hair.

  10. lovely tutorial dear...thanks for the tips...now I should be taking care of my hair more often...


  11. Nikki! we have the same haircut. Hehe. At dahil diyan, I will try this too in the office tomorrow :)

  12. New follower here! Nice tutorial, I'm totally in love with your blog!

  13. TPS, oh no problem! it's my pleasure! its me who should thank you for reading my tutorial :)

    Hollie, aww, thanks! its actually beautiful on photos but it does turn lifeless at times! I just had my hair treatment over the weekend! kaya beautiful siya diyan LOL

    denise, yes its the quickest, easiest way! :)

  14. Xin, I do use curlers onces in awhile but I find this faster! And since my iron is good for wet/dry, it helps dry up my hair as well! Of course, with heat protectant!

    Tara, LOL blake lively tapos biglang CLARA! LOL Kiray ha!

    Aya, even if your hair is short you can still do this, with the side flip or something!

  15. Dangski, thanks dear! I can't do the big curls coz my hair is never as long and gorgeous as yours! I'd love to do your hair!!!!

    gilang.soesilo , hugs back, welcome!

    Issa, my pleasure!

  16. Gio, thanks dear!

    Sweet, yes, I guess that's the most important part, taking care of our hair, making sure its healthy!

  17. Lanie, go go go!!!! How did it go? Success?

    Elaine, thank you for being a follower :) *hugs*

    Event Lover thanks!

  18. Use a heat protectant spray or lotion of choice.

    Hi Nikki,

    What do you usually use? I used to do this before but my hair really turned out very dry! and it really looked damaged. :(


  19. very detailed tutorial ah! wish I have long silky hair like yours and get those luscious curls... :)
    you have a lot of great tips and tutorials here, ang galing!

  20. Anonymous, I used CHI Silk Infusion (I bought online via Ebay), I am now also using the Kerastase one. I heard they have good ones from Pure beauty at Watsons (way cheaper around Php300 less?) Have yet to try pa!

    Mom-Friday, awww trust me dear, I don't have SILKY long hair! Long hair lang! Lol I do take care of it weekly to look healthy, if not, I may as well shave off my head! LOL :) Thanks for the visit!


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