Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Choi Palace

Reading Tweets, Facebook statuses of friends made me realize how most of us deal with stress by gastronomical experiences!  It's such pleasure to enjoy good food with people you love!

In between busy week, the family decided to give Choi Palace a try!  We've seen the restaurant so many times but because it's always packed with diners, we've decided to go on a weeknight which was actually a good idea!

Wonderful table setting which reminded me of most Wedding Receptions I've attended.

Xiao Long Bao
Php120.00 (approx $2.85)
As promised, whenever we are who serves Xiao Long Bao, expect us to order it right away as we are self-proclaimed Xiao Long Bao experts!  *laugh*  This passes Mr. AMW's XLB Standards!  I like the fact that the soup inside is really delicious!

Fried Special Shrimp Ball
Php70.00 per piece (approx $1.60 per piece)
Looks really unique, but the crunchy noodles on the outside is quite thick and it takes a bit of effort to get into the shrimp which isn't that huge as I was expecting! 

Fried Spareribs with Salt and Pepper
No price written on menu
This is actually quite tasty and the meat is really juicy!  I like the fact that it's spareribs and yet, I was able to eat a lot of lean meat! 

Beef Tenderloin in Chinese Style
Php560.00 for Small (approx $13.30)
Another yummy dish worth trying!  The Beef is very tender and the sauce is perfect to be eaten with rice or even alone!  

 Polon Chay Fu
Php120.00 per piece (approx $2.85 per piece)
This may look weird but this is the best dish of the night!  Aside from the fact that I love Tofu, most restaurants serve tofu dishes that are quite similar to the rest of the Chinese Restaurants.  Not this one!  The unique sauce is just too exciting for my tongue I can't even name the ingredients used in this dish!  MUST TRY!)

 Tai Shan Style Pig Knuckle 
with added noodles
Php400.00 Small Order without noodles (approx $9.50)
Tai Shan is actually the province of my great grandparents in Guangzhou China.  I haven't tried this dish at home but the taste is not foreign to me!  I vaguely remembered my grandmother cooking somewhat similar tasting dish like this.  Brings back super old memories!

Mango Sago
Php90.00 per cup (approx $2.15)
This is a huge request of mine on any Chinese restaurant I dine into!  I love mango sago and it doesn't stop me from grinning ear to ear as I savor each spoonful! 

Almond with Fruit Cocktail
Php90.00 per cup (approx $2.15)
The rest of the non-mango lovers out there (ex. Mr. AMW) ordered their own dessert in a form of Almond.  Almond is good but there's a strong taste of lychee.  Sorry but I'm not a fan of lychee!  So yup, I am happy with my Mango Sago!

Choi Palace
3rd Floor Eastwood Mall Veranda,
Eastwood City, Libis QC

Good and attentive servers and customer service, ambiance is wonderful!  Just checkout the gorgeous chair!  The restaurant accepts both cash and card payments!  

It's actually refreshing to know that you can find good, authentic Chinese food at Eastwood Mall!
Thanks to Uncle Robert for accommodating us :)

Happy Weekend Food Tripping!
You deserve good food after a long week!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Your Food Tripping posts never fail to make me hungry. Must. Eat. Now.

  2. I loooove mango sago! It's what I look forward to every time there's a wedding reception! :))

  3. Love your food posts! The food looks delicious, as always.

  4. my hubby loves Chinese food ;-)

  5. mango sango for the win!! let's HK Choi sometimes nila sophie at jheng soon!! :)

  6. pinkc00kies, the tofu tastes wonderful! Give it a try!

    Pammy, hahaha sorry and thanks!

    Michelle, I love mango sago too! High five! I always long for it when I'm in a Chinese Restaurant!

  7. Gio, thanks , glad you find them delicious!

    Marge, how about you?

    Shenster, naku! go go go for Mango Sago, basta in season!

  8. Mouth watering!! I'll try their Polon Chay Fu when I goet back to Metro :) YUMMMM!!

  9. i love tofu! i wanna try this some time! everything looks yummy! :)

  10. i like some Chinese food, i prefer the szechuan way, hehehe spicy stuff me likes. hmmmm maybe that's why i almost immediately liked korean food?


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