Saturday, April 16, 2011

GoodSkin Labs Gives: Tri-Aktiline Total Face Moisturizer + 1GoodSkin Labs Product of Your Choice --- Contet Closed!!!

Dear Philippine Readers:
Yay for contest time!  I am so happy when our friends from GoodSkin Labs Philippines (Hi Rizel!) asked me if I would like to host a contest for my readers.  

Of course I immediately agreed!  One Lucky AMW Reader will get the chance to win GoodSkin Labs products!  I am stoked!  I've tested GoodSkin Labs products and I am very impressed with the products that I even purchase backups and use them on my clients!

Here's one question I want you to answer....truthfully! :)

  • Comment in this post together with your name and valid email address.
  • One entry per person, no duplicates please!
  • Since this contest is hosted by our dear friends from GoodSkin Labs, kindly "LIKE" the GoodSkin Labs Philippine Fan Page (
  • Contest starts now until April 30, 2011 11:59pm local time.
  • One winner will be picked by the people of GoodSkin Labs and I will announce the winner in this blog!
  • Winner will win one Tri-Aktiline Total Face Moisturizer (in which I truly love and use on my clients) and another GoodSkin Labs product of your choice!
Here are some GoodSkin Labs products I've reviewed and you may choose if you win!
GoodSkin Labs Smooth-365
GoodSkin Labs Tri-Aktiline Total Face Instant Line Reducing Moisturizer
GoodSkin Labs Eyliplex-2

Thanks Rizel and GoodSkin Labs for this!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Yay another contest in the house Nikki!!! :)

    There's this one skin care line which I really can depend on in times of emergency, talking about acne! :) Professional Skin Care Products. I started using these products when I started having some cystic acnes on my chin and luckily for me it worked! I have tried using those famous skin care brands in the market but somehow my skin reacts negatively to it. Honestly using these products is a risk I have to take since this brand is not really that well known and it is not sold locally in the market, but since I have not seen any adverse effects it does on my skin I'm loving it. :)

    Theodemae Maliza at theodemae_maliza at)yahoo(dot)com

  2. hi Nikki,

    my secret skincare weapon is concealer (lots of it!!!) =)

    Michelle Co

  3. Hello Ms. Nikki!

    Hmmm... one skincare product? very easy, as I only use a few skincare products... (I'm a noob to such things at my age)...

    My answer is: multi-action MOISTURIZER! ^_^

    It helps clear the dark spots on my face as well as lighten my skin and moisturizes it. I may be lazy in putting it on sometimes, but it really never fails in doing my skin good. =)

    Angel Aragon

  4. Awesome contest! :)

    My skincare product secret weapon to being beautiful is sunscreen. With one application, I know that I'm reducing my chances of getting skin cancer and fighting premature aging of my skin at the same time. It also helps in keeping my skin moisturized and acts a face primer, as well. How's that for a multi-purpose beauty secret weapon? :)

    Suyen Rivera-Lopez

  5. First time joining a contest from Nikki's blog!!! :D My favorite skincare weapon is a good and reliable anti-aging moisturizer with SPF. Nothing shouts unpretty than a dehydrated skin especially during summer where our skin dries easily and the sun's UVA&B is working overtime! :D

    Mary Angeli Cruz

  6. I've always snobbed Shu cleansers because of their prohibitive price points. However, when I was given a sample, I did not hesitate to purchase a bigger bottle of the Shu Uemura cleansing oil in fresh since it miraculously made my skin more radiant and less oily (my face is an oil mine). This is my secret weapon coz it gets rid of the day's dirt to prevent zits and it preps my skin to allow other skincare products to seep through my skin well.

    Lesson learned: you actually do get what you pay for. never be scared of pricey skincare prods :)

  7. Joining!

    There is one skincare product that I religiously uses everyday, a sunblock with SPF60. It is not the commercially available one rather this product is personally made by my dermatologist which she prescribes to all her clients. I am a person who is always on the go, ha!ha! means I am always outside of the house doing errands other than I'm a fulltime mom. So this sunblock helps me be protected from the harmful sunrays and minimizes dark spots especially this summer.

    Regina C. Beleno

  8. One skin care product that I think is the most important and I can't live without is Facial Wash or Cleanser. Why? First, it cleans the dirt and makeup off your face, and this will prevent clogging of pores which leads to breakouts. Second, it can double as a moisturizer, if your facial wash has moisturizing properties or at least it doesn't dry your skin then your good to go.
    Cleansing you face is the first step into every beauty regimen, every product you appply to your face is useless unless you have a clean face so a good facial wash/cleanser can give a one up even without everything else.

    Juvy Patubo

  9. If I'd choose one skin care product...I'd go for moisturizers...just because the fact that its hard to be beautiful when your skin doesn't look fresh, hydrated and healthy. Hoping to try this out, thanks Nikki!


    louisecachuela at gmail dot com

  10. just one? hmm.. i think the key to being beautiful is having good skin. i believe a good moisturizer would give me smooth and radiant skin that i want. :)

  11. My secret weapon to being beautiful is a good toner! I'm using Clinique's Clarifying Lotion 3 right now. I love toner because it removes traces of whatever product or impurities from your face that face wash and the preliminary cleansers have missed. It's also the gentle daily exfoliation that is a must :)

    Denise Go
    inevitableoblivion @ gmail . com

  12. My Favorite (Not-so) Secret Summer Skin Care Product is a Moisturizing Sunscreen.

    The sun can be both my worst enemy and 'best-est' friend.

    A moisturizing sunscreen is a weapon acting as a shield-protecting my skin by keeping the harmful rays of the sun at bay; it keeps me beautiful with its moisturizing properties, giving my skin that summer sun-kissed glow. :)

    This summer, we can both beat the heat and get fun in the sun. :)

    Celene Matela

  13. the only skin care that i religiously use is facial wash :) i sometimes forgot to put moisturizer and i know its bad coz our face really need moisturizer but at least my face is clean :)

    april escamillan

  14. The one skincare product that is my secret weapon to being beautiful (or at least look "acceptable" LOL) is moisturizer, and with SPF please! Without this the skin on my nose peels like crazy and the size of my pores multiply by tens with every minute I don't have this on. LOL

    Fatima Serdena

  15. the one beauty product I could never live without would be sunscreen. it's important to buy concealer, foundation and what-not to enhance your beauty. But taking care of your skin from the harsh sun should be our main priority, especially since we live in a tropical country, where the sun's rays are directly upon us.

    Winona Fajardo

  16. Being a product junkie, picking one product is quite challenging. So I'm going to be devious and say a Tinted moisturizer with SPF. That's hydration, protection and color in one product. :>

    Joy Pulido

  17. Hello Ms. Nikki~!

    I have been a follower (stalker/lurker lulz) of your blog for some time now. I was also inspired to start my own meager blog since makeup blogs are so helpful! I read about the GoodSkin Labs products on your blogs and others'blogs too!!! They have so many good reviews. >__< Unfortunately as a college student I can not afford them yet. I've always had very sensitive skin as well so it's quite hard for me to find products that work for my skin. If ever I get to win this contest I'd love to try their Eyeplex 2 or the line reducing moisturizer. I'm just a 19 year old College student and i have really bad huge eyebags and fine lines as well! >__< And most products I've tried haven't worked out for me specially for the lines. Ah sorry for the long comment. >w< And again love reading your blog.

  18. Hi Nikki!

    *waves back*

    Thanks again for running this contest! Very much appreciated!

    Rizel :)

  19. i never tried using any product except for PONDS.. :)

    yes, since i had my mens... pimples do occur and acnes.. my friends suggested PONDS for my facial wash.. fortunately, it never failed me at all.. :)

    Gessa Marie Condino

  20. one skin care product that helped a lot was eskinol with clindamycin! i had the worst break out and this has definitely reduced the break outs. prevention is definitely better than cure.

    zyra baron

    p.s. miss your site nikki! the posts are still awesome and really helpful =)

  21. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Moisturizer has normalized my skin condition and changed my way of believing that if I use moisturizer my skin will become oilier and be more prone to breakouts. I challenged myself, I took the risk and religiously apply and stick to my beauty regimen using the complete set of Neutrogena Fine Fairness. I cleanse-tone-moisturize. Two months after using the product I've seen the result on my face. It evens out my skin tone, oilyness and breakouts has lessened. I'm really glad that I got to know this product or else I wouldn't be this happy. With the results I'm getting right now I must say that it really works.

    Michelle Ame
    LIKED GoodSkinLabs Philippine Fan Page

  22. Hi Nikki! My fave product of all time is Clinique's DermaWhite Liquid foundation. It's very lightweight and give sheer to medium coverage. It also has SPF 38 PA+++ and Vitamin C, important ingredients for our tropical climate (esp for those who commute).

    I love this to bits because it makes my skin look better without looking too made up! I then top this with my mineral makeup for a nice, all natural finish :)

    Kira Mae Ramirez

    *Liked GoodSkin Labs on Facebook too

    I hope I win! :)

  23. I cannot live without a moisturizer in my stash. Since I have a naturally occurring dry skin, I make it a point to slather on moisturizer to keep my skin supple and winkle-free. That way, I am able to keep a healthy glow!

    Deonalaine Ivy Figura
    *a fan of GoodSkin Labs on Facebook :)

  24. My secret weapon has always been good old sunscreen. I never leave the house without it. Putting on sunscreen provides a multitude of benefits aside from keeping you from burning. It also:

    1. Prevents dark spots and wrinkles caused by photo damage from the sun's UV rays, hence you end up looking younger longer. :)

    2. Prevents skin cancer and other UV-related skin diseases/conditions.

    3. Keeps your skin in good condition overall.

    I'm a skincare addict and I have a whole day and night regimen which I follow like a religion, but if ever I was left with only one product I would definitely reach for the sunscreen.

    So far I think it's working because people have a hard time guessing my real age. :p

  25. Leilani Sonza

    (Sorry Nikki, I think this is the second comment kc something happened to my first comment a while ago :()

    For me it is SUNBLOCK, coz it helps our skin not get wrinkly, dark or get cancer...

    More power!

  26. hi miss nikki..
    my best secret weapon is clean skin and moisturizer... it's just plain and simple, but it does wonders for my skin... gives me that youthful glow too..

    Roxanne Perez
    *a fan of Goodskin Labs on facebook*

  27. My favorite skincare product is Cetaphil. I have this skin condition called Rosacea so my skin is very sensitive. Cetaphil is the only facial wash that is mild enough to do the job without causing it to break out. ;-)

  28. Hi Nikki,

    I submitted an answer but forgot to put my name and email - Rowena Wendy Lei /


  29. The one skincare product that I think is my secret weapon is a glass of water. Nothing beats natural and healthy way of keeping my skin supple and clear :) Drinking lots of water never failed my skin from looking beautiful in and out.

  30. i love my garnier roll-on eyebag reducer which is a life-saver when i am super stressed out and didn't get to have enough sleep. having puffy and dark eyes make me look old and dull and i don't want that. bright and wide-awake peepers certainly add youthfulness and freshness to one's overall appearance.

    Bianca Arcega

  31. Hello Nikki!

    My ultimate skincare product is my bb cream. Its a moisturizer, sunscreen and a cream foundation. Plus it fight wrinkles and it even whitens! I love multi-purpose products that actually delivers their promises! :)

    I really hope I win this because I've been searching for a new beauty product to use to combat pre-mature aging! :)

    Aimee Nibungco

  32. One skincare product that definitely helps keep my skin beautiful is moisturizer. My skin tends to be drier, and dehydrated skin is not beautiful. This is one wonder product I can surely not live without. :)

    -Raiza Estino

  33. Hi Nikki! Thanks for another giveaway! My secret will be moisturizer / cream for my combination skin type. I observed that my skin gets dull and dry all throughout the day because of my exposure to airconditioned rooms! Funny but i think my skin gets dehydrated due to the cold temperature. So I make sure i popped in some good day cream/ moisturizer before i get to work everyday. With that in, my stubborn skin looks better all throughout the day.

    email address:

    Thanks Nikki! I wish I could try GoodSkinLabs product and help me with my skin problems! :)

  34. Since I'm always hurrying up in the mornings and too lazy to even complete the 3 step skincare (cleanse, tone, moisturize) at night, I'm always on the lookout for products/innovations that hit two (or three or four or five!haha) birds in one stone. It should also be reasonable priced because I believe skincare shouldnt be hard and expensive. So when I tried the Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer with SPF 30, my quest has ended..or so i think. :)

  35. My secret weapon is moisturizer. Despite being makinis, I've been battling dry,flaky skin for years and it seriously took its toll on my skin. Half a day without moisturizer and I'd instantly feel tightness on my cheeks, and laugh lines more pronounced. It's scary because I'm only 24 yet my skin is aging quicker than I thought. Putting on make-up only enhances the dryness and the flakes. My brothers who have no care whatsoever regarding beauty commented that I'm like a snake because my face was peeling. Since then, I've tried several moisturizers and finally settled with 2 brands that does the job. I still have dry skin but it's not as obvious as before. It has saved me from embarassing moments and it (hopefully) put a halt on premature aging.

    Riz Ong

  36. My secret weapon this summer is my sunblock. I currently use Leyende's Face in the Sun sunblock. It's organic and it's light on my face. When I left my sunblock in my boyfriend's house, I was forced not to wear anything on top of my moisturizer.

    Even though my moisturizer and bb cream has spf, after 1-week of not applying sunblock, my pimple scars got noticeably darker. So now I'm vowing not to forget my sunblock everywhere I go.

    Jennever Pelaez

  37. I'm using an organic anti-aging moisturizer made of VCO, Moringa Oil, Rosehip Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sesame Oil, Rice Bran Oil and some herbal extracts. I was told by the store salesperson that it's the bestseller among their VCO moisturizer lines and the manufacturer is well-known for its certified organic products. I'm aware that the ingredients can really do wonders on the skin. Now my skin is soft, healthy and smooth, making me look 5 years younger than my real age. :) - Trina,

  38. My secret weapon is a combination of anti-aging moisturizer with a high SPF. Exposure to the sun can ruin the skin so I never go out without applying this.

    Grace Abello

  39. if i were to choose only one, my secret weapon to being beautiful would be a tinted moisturizer with SPF. a product with SPF is very important for me because it will protect me from the damages caused by sun exposure. this is a very good product because it will hit 3 steps on my routine by using only one product. my skin will be moisturized and being it tinted, i don't have to put on foundation anymore plus i don't have to put sunblock anymore since it already have SPF!

  40. Eyliplex-2 is my secret to looking awake even if I work the graveyard shift. In the past I have trouble hiding my dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. Good thing I was able to get my hands on this wonderful product because it moisturizes and it treats the eye area. Can't live without it. =)

  41. Hi Nikki, I forgot to put in my name and email in my comment... please disregard my previous entry and I will post a new one. Thank you. =)

  42. i'll try anything to keep premature aging away ;-)
    but nothing beats eating healthy. i've even given up most of my soda drinking, huhuhu.

    Marge Tan

  43. My secret weapon to staying beautiful is consuming a tablet of my preferred multi-vitamin that contains antioxidants and variable vitamins and minerals that my body needs to repair my skin, keep it nice and tight, and give it that healthy glow. It not only keeps me aesthetically admirable but it also gives my body the nutrients it needs to repair itself and perform its functions thus resulting to a natural and, more importantly, healthy glow. I think that its one aspect that women today do not pay that much attention to since society dictates that to become beautiful you have to "be this woman" instead of bringing out the real you and being the best that you can be while taking care of the true holy grail that is you.

    Patricia Grace Santiago

  44. My favorite skincare weapon to being beautiful is a reliable sunscreen. Having a fair skin, I am prone to freckles and dark spots so I think the best weapon & protection for the damages caused by the sun is a sunscreen =)


  45. This is truly a hard question since I use so many skincare products nowadays but if I were to choose only 1. I'd choose Philosophy's Purity made Simple because it keeps my face clean and removes traces of makeup without drying my skin or stripping it of moisture. As we all know, we need a good cleanser to remove all the dirt and makeup because these can clog our pores and make our skin break out. That's why a good cleanser is really a must. :) True, it may not be the least expensive one in the market but it truly is worth the price because it keeps my skin clean and so much healthier.

    sugar lagamayo

  46. wow another contest

    whats one skincare product that u think is my secret to being beautiful

    is my st. ives facial scrubs,
    i have sensitive skin, so im really scared to experiment, well i already did, but the end of the result was my face was brake, i have combination to dry to oily skin. . .

    i never try any good skin product at all, so i hope i win. . its a good start to try this product since its recommend by you
    -i like good skin FB page

  47. My reliable facial friend and secret weapon this summer is definitely the Celeteque Alcohol-Free Facial Toner. I love this because it doesn't give me that "dry" feeling on my face and it is so gentle to use especially after I wash my face with their facial wash. After my first week of using this, my pimples gradually diminished and to think that I've been looking for a suitable product to help me with my break out problems (I'm still having pimple problems even if I'm already 33 years old!). Thanks to it's anti-inflammatory properties - probably the witch hazel extract. This is definitely one product that I swear by!

  48. My reliable facial friend and secret weapon this summer is definitely the Celeteque Alcohol-Free Facial Toner. I love this because it doesn't give me that "dry" feeling on my face and it is so gentle to use especially after I wash my face with their facial wash. After my first week of using this, my pimples gradually diminished and to think that I've been looking for a suitable product to help me with my break out problems (I'm still having pimple problems even if I'm already 33 years old!). Thanks to it's anti-inflammatory properties - probably the witch hazel extract. This is definitely one product that I swear by!

    Khrishia Sedenio

  49. My secret weapon to being Beautiful is... Olive oil :)

    I have been using this for the past sixteen years and it never broke me out. Nor did it fail me. Thanks to this baby, I've attained smooth, glowing skin and thick, lustrous hair. I use this as moisturizer, make-up remover, brush cleaner and for my diy projects (masks, scrubs and hair treatments). Coming from simple and practical family, my parents wouldn't allow me to splurge on my beauty necessities. Of glutathione and make-up, this is my only "panlaban." Nevertheless, I'm proud to say that I'm all natural and I didn't spend much on it. This is my holy grail. No remorse on my part :)

  50. I use cetaphil everyday.

    Mary Jane Pineda

  51. Moisturizer because it keeps my skin soft and supple. It also hinders me from getting fine lines :D

    Jan Karen Ku

  52. A moisturizing cream to firm and soften the my skin – leaving it virtually creaseless! Its enough to make a woman feel young instantly.

    rosanna concepcion

  53. Mine's a facial cream/lotion that's moisturizing and has sunscreen to protect from harmful rays. Keeps my skin young-looking :)
    agnes espino

  54. awesome contest, nikki! :)

    my first answer would have been blush because it instantly brightens my dull, uneven complexion. however, since it's not a skincare product, i would have to go with moisture with spf. like you, i have really dry skin and without moisturizer, i often end up looking pale. :(

    while i do enjoy putting on makeup, there's nothing like having good skin so no matter how much of a rush i'm in or even if i'm just staying home, i always make sure to moisturize.

    i haven't found my HG moisturizer yet but if nikki loves Tri-Aktiline Total Face Moisturizer, i'm sure i'll love it, too. :)

    Den Alibudbud

  55. Hi Miss Nikki,

    There's been quite a lot of press about the Good Skin Labs products so I have been really keen to try them out for myself. Instantly filling fine lines and plumping skin, Good Skin Labs Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler contains three special ingredients: Gatuline Expression, extracted from a South American plant to relax the face; Kombuchka PH Extract from sweet black tea to plump wrinkles; and Argireline to rebuild skin and boost natural collagen. It also contains silky optical diffusers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. My mum has been using it for a week or so now and has reported that her skin feels much smoother. I will let you know how her skin looks in eight weeks! I have been using the lovely Smooth-365 serum before applying moisturiser, which I love. It’s a unique, potent and effective state-of-the-art complex that perfects the overall quality of skin’s appearance and leaves skin super smooth.

  56. A few weeks ago I noticed lines running perpindicular to the very start of my eyebrows (above the nose). I have a tendency to furrow my brow when Im engaged in something; wether its a movie, a book, a project, etc etc etc and apparently it was now taking its toll. One of the beauty consultants was explaining the tri aktiline product to my best friend but with her sensitive skin my friend denied the offer to try it. As she finished her consultation I walked over to the sample tube and took the smallest amount. Apparently you are meant to pat this onto your skin, not rub in (so said the consultant) and almost immediately I noticed a difference. I was elated but skeptical -- i figured this was a temporary quick fix that would last hours (if that). Surprisingly I kept checking the mirror throughout the day and sure enough the lines remained less prominent. Two days later the results were the same and I made the decision to go back and buy the product. According to the consultant despite the name "deep wrinkle" filler; she finds the product works best for those who are just starting to notice wrinkles forming. Many of the women who have returned it are those who have had deep set wrinkles for quite some time. Also she stressed the importance of patting the product on, rather than rubbing it on as a cream.

  57. Hi Miss Nikki I forgot to put my email add

  58. My secret weapon is, never missed putting sunblock on my face, neck and body. Even if im just at home, I still use it, since even air can cause burn and discoloration to the skin. All you need is sunblock besides from routine cleansing of face. Never, never go to sleep with a make-up still on.

    Polinda Usero

  59. My one secret weapon to being beautiful is a moisturizer with sunblock for my face and body (the higher SPF, the better). It doesn't only make my skin soft and smooth, it also protects my skin from harmful UV rays.

  60. Sorry, I forgot to include my name and email in my previous comment.

    Agnes Merza

  61. From what I have learned from my years of growing up, the only one product that keeps me looking young and radiant is a simple and humble moisturizer.

    Really, women don't need to hide behind foundations, concealers, or heavy make-up if their skin is well cared for. A great moisturizer can nourish the skin and make it so beautiful on its own that you would regret not showing its true glamour to everyone. It's actually really hard to find a great moisturizer these days, and oftentimes I had to combine different moisturizers to maximize their effect. Others promise reduced lines, others promise a lift, while others say they will make me fairer.

    But at the end of the day, no other product can give you such promises and results as moisturizers. :)

    Liked on FB! :)

  62. It should be moisturizer with Vitamin E, to keep my skin hydrated and younger-looking. Facial sunscreen will be an addition too to always block my skin from the sun's harmful rays. These beauty products have been very helpful to me especially this summer. =)

  63. Hi Ms Nikki!

    If there's one skincare product that I would never live without, it's my trusty MOISTURIZER! Who says oily faces in a tropical country no longer need moisturizers? :) The one that I'm using now is water-based and oil-free plus it's noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic because I realize that my skin needs something lightweight. That being said, although I am quite satisfied with my current product, I'm still out looking for other products to try and I'm really excited to try Goodskin Lab's moisturizer! :)

  64. Sorry I forgot to include my name and email :)

    Sarah Jane Asis

  65. One skin care product that I cannot live without is Avalon Organics Vitamin C rejuvenating oil-free moisturizer. Finding a product that will address a combination of aging, oiliness, and acne for my face was difficult, until I found this moisturizer recommended online. It has aging defense using vitamin C, white tea and lemon--not with harmful chemicals. It’s non-greasy, plus it’s not tested on animals and the moisturizer has no parabens, artificial colors and fragrances. This moisturizer was even certified to be 100% vegetarian-friendly by 3 companies. It works for my face. Best of all, it’s price is not scandalous. Truly a secret weapon of beauty that promotes beauty, environment, and animals.

    Gail Christiane Te,

  66. Hurrah for Nikki's awesome contest!

    SSC Q Answered:

    I would swear by a facial serum that has of course collagen. My skincare routine doesn't end at moisturizer but with a serum. Aging is but one of the greatest archnemesis a woman can have. Sad fact but I bravely face this everyday with the serum-collagen moisturizer. I firmly believe that collagen helps prevent the process of aging, even sagging and wrinkling skin. I use serum after my moisturizer. Indeed tedious but there is no such thing as being a lazy fat cwat when it comes to having a healthy and young looking skin. For a simple dayout, I only use the serum and I'm already good to go!

    Crossing my fingers that I can one fine day lay my hands on that Smooth365! This will be a great birthday gift for myself too yay! Raves are all over the women's community!

    Goodluck GSL and to everyone joining!


  67. I would like to try the products

    Dih Tayamen
    md (dot) tayamen (at) gmail (dot) com

  68. With my super dry skin, my secret weapon would most definitely be moisturizer. When I don't apply moisturizer before going to bed, my skin becomes dull and rough in the morning. I have already tried dozens of moisturizers and I'm still on the lookout for "the one".

  69. My mom introduced me to Goodskin Labs' Tri-Aktiline Total Face. She said it's the best moisturizer she've tried and it would help my skin stay healthy, especially that I work on late shifts. I can say that it is my secret weapon to being beautiful! (

  70. I am using eyeliplex-2, religiously for a couple of months now. These product is considerably expensive for a stay-home-mom like me, but I prioritize buying it when I read it from Nikki's blog that it's a good, reliable product. I am 47 years old, and bothered by my under eye lines. Oh yes, it's the beauty conscious me!

    I recommend this product not only to mature individuals, but also to those young professionals male or female who doesn't want to develop fine under eye lines prematurely. These is the best preventive product.

    Eyeliplex-2 works good on me. It totally set me free from fine lines, but it has shown good noticeable effects. i am still expecting better result the longer I'll be using this. And it's not expensive at all,because a little goes a long way. Matipid pala!

    I'm looking forward of using the other Good-skin- lab products. Right now I'm saving for it. I've got to take cake of my face. After all,it's the only one I've got!!

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  72. A generous application of Nivea's Inner Cell Repair Cream on my face and other exposed areas helps keep my skin healthy and young-looking, even at 30. :-)

  73. The one skincare product that is my secret weapon to being beautiful is my tinted moisturizer with SPF. It's an all-in-one solution for moisturizing, evening out my skintone, and protecting it from the sun. It is also proven that having even skin tone can make you look more youthful. Plus, it's summer so it's better to use lighter forms of cosmetics (that also care for your skin). I can go without any other makeup if I use a tinted moisturizer.

  74. Can't live without the toner! It's my secret why I don't have any problems with pimples and other girl skin issues!

  75. Can't live without a facial wash. It's my secret in keeping my face free from dirt that may cause skin break outs.

    Geraldine Manalo

  76. Sunscreen/sunblock is my not so secret beauty weapon of choice. Putting it on is like putting on an armor. It protects me, from forehead to toe, from the assault of uv rays whether they be from the sun or lights (among others) indoors. I feel safeguarded against skin cancer, sunburn and pre-mature aging.

    Wearing it gives me confidence.

    Sunscreen/sunblock has stood by me for years now. And I am standing by it as great skincare product.

    ma. christie calata