Friday, April 15, 2011

Readers' Corner: Because You Wonder and I Answer

*waves* Happy Friday!  Summer season is definitely here but I am too lazy to get off my bed each and every morning!  So to those who share the same sentiments as I do, aren't you glad it's FINALLY Friday???

Today's post, I will be sharing some Q&A portion I've had on Cbox/email and I did promise everyone that whatever questions I found interesting, I will share to readers.  I know I know, shoot me!  It's been taking too long because my brain is just scattered all around!

On not being able to do eye make-up but wants to look "made up" and beautiful

AMW says:  
I agree with most readers, yes, doing eye makeup will make a huge difference on your look!  Who wouldn't want to look gorgeous everyday?  But due to traffic, most of us (especially me) would need to wake up early to go to work just to steer away from all the hustle and bustle of living in a city.  There are some days I want to do a "no make-up" look which is quite easy!  But on random days I want to look "at least" a bit made-up, I have a secret to share!  I never pick up an eyeshadow as it takes too much time to do all the blending and with the warm weather, I just don't feel like applying!  Here's my secret for a nice "look" people will notice....


Yup!  Colored eye pencils!  They are turning out to be my bestfriend!  I bought the Lancome Le Crayon Kohl at Strawberrynet and I love how bright aqua blue it is!  With the smudger sponge on the other end, I can choose to create a simple blue liner look or apply a thick line and smudge gently which creates a very simple smokey aqua blue look!

And here are photos of my eye using the bright aqua blue liner on the waterline.  You can choose to apply the same liner on the upper lashline alone!

On Dark Spots or marks on skin

AMW says:
You may have really nice skin at the moment from all the trouble you went through to achieve it, but don't you hate it when there's a single dark spot that just won't go away?  I am lucky that dark spot is not YET a problem for me at the moment (Lord, please don't let it be) so I haven't really tried any dark spots treatment!  The most I've tried are "brightening" skincare or skincare line that can help "lighten up" spots or even out skin tone.  

I've recently came across with a Dark Spot Corrector Pen from Garnier!  As you all know, I haven't been using much Garnier products because there's just so many products to test and I unfortunately have only 1 head and face!  *laughs*  The brand is promising though as my mom-in-law swore on the effectivity of Garnier Light Overnight Whiteninig Peeling Cream (you can search on the left hand side for Garnier tag for all information on Garnier products I've discussed).

If you don't have any issues on Garnier ingredients (Please read the box), you can give this a try!  It worth to try as this costs only Php199.00 (approx $7.70).   Whoever have tested this, feel free to share to us your experience!

On More Inexpensive Hair Treatment

AMW says:
I've finally found satisfaction on a hair treatment from Kerastase.  My favorite out of all the range is the Kerastase Masque Nutri Thermique which works so well on me I actually finished up a whole tub even after trying to hard to scrimp by using only a small amount and applied only on the ends (driest part of hair).

I know!  A lot of you are probably raising one or two eyebrows as the price tag is quite high.  On weekends that my hair condition is not that bad, I do alternate by using more inexpensive hair treatments.  There's a lot out there but I share one mid-range option and one inexpensive option!  That's fair right? :D

L'Oreal Professional Serie Nature Oiliss Masque
Php1,045.00 (approx $25.00)
Best to use if you have normal to dry hair!  This works even as daily conditioner (if you have the budget), I finish up conditioner way faster than shampoos so I'm always ended up with shampoos without their partner!  It happened to me right this very moment so I am actually using this (on a tiny amount) regularly applying only at the end part of my hair!  It's non-greasy and smells wonderful!  

For deep treatment, I apply a good amount on the roots and massage gently.  I leave it for 15 minutes or more and voila, easier to manage hair for the coming days!

You guys can find L'Oreal professional products at most leading salons!  You can see them on display at David's Salon!  I usually get it from there.

Hair Treats Hair Spa Aloe Vera
Not sure but it's really  inexpensive!
I love looking inside Watson's because there are so many options to choose from that fits your budget!  I think my love for hair products started way earlier than my love for make-up!  I've tried so many hair products in the past I can create another blog just for hair!  *laughs*  This I've tried way back and me and my sister use to spend quiet Sunday afternoons massaging each other's head and wrapping our heads with cling wraps and sip on warm coffee!  Though instructions would say 20-30 minutes, we would leave this the whole afternoon would end up with super soft, shiny hair!

I've finished up big tubs of the Lavender variant and the Aloe is another one worth trying.

On wanting to try Tsubaki 

AMW says:
If you are a beauty blog reader for quite some time, I am sure most of you have came across the Shiseido's famous shampoo and conditioner brand called Tsubaki!  *sheepishly raises hand*  I am one of the few who got addicted on reading reviews about Tsubaki!  Either the Red, the White or the Gold version, I just got so intrigued on the raves I've read I've been wanting to purchase it!  That one time I traveled to Shanghai, it was a Eureka Moment for me to have found a huge display of Tsubaki products and without giving much thought, I purchased the huge sized shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment right away not even thinking how heavy it is!

Lucky to most of you as there are more and more sellers selling them nowadays!  To some who does not want to shell out at least Php1,500 (approx $35.00) for a shampoo and conditioner set, I've seen at Watson's a very similar looking Tsubaki-ish bottle but this brand is made in Korea called Pure Beauty.

I am not saying Pure Beauty brand is similar to Tsubaki or even close to it, I guess it's the fact that Pure Beauty uses high quality Japanese Camelia Seed Oil in which a lot of Japanese use for their products!  The range consists of 5 products:  Treatment Shampoo, Treatment Hair Conditioner, Treatment Hair Mask, Treatment Essence Water and Treatment Hair Care Oil.

The price range is around Php300.00+ each product.  Worth it as the size is quite huge!
These are exclusively available at Watson's Your Personal Care stores SM Department Stores Beauty Secion Nationwide.  You can always start by purchasing the Treatment Essence Water or the Treatment Hair Care Oil first!

On scars

AMW says:
Scars, I used to think I'm flawless and I don't have them!  Well, that's the power of "thick faced" :P  I've had people asking me about scar treatments and I used to apologize and tell them I am not that confident enough to give information about those as I haven't tried any!  Not that I am confident now, a couple of months ago, Tiffany from an agency contacted me and asked me if I wanted to give a "scar lightening" product a test.  I nearly said no!  I asked for the website of the product and read everything!  Finally, I told myself why not?  Yes girls, I do not have flawless skin!  I do have scars because I am an "energizer bunny" remember?  I've been clumsy so many times so yes, I am testing this at the moment.  I am not sure if one tube will make a huge difference but it's worth to try!  Will probably test this on the "flat iron incident"!  

So girls, wish me luck!  I'll report if I find anything exciting to share!

Hiruscar can be purchased at Mercury Drug stores for Php852.00 (approx $20.00) for 20g tube.  They also have smaller 5g tube for trial for the price of Php319.00 (approx $7.50).

For more information, you can check out their website HERE.

If you have other questions, I will try my best to answer and of course, if I get the chance to ask the "right people" I will do it to get answers!  And if you have something to share, feel free to do so!  Reading emails, comments and Cbox messages relaxes me :)

Have a gorgeous weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I gave that Garnier Dark spot corrector to my younger sister last December, she said it worked for her. I might have a need for this now since I have a lot of dark spots left from my breakout. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that it works.

    Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Hair thingi, coz my hair is a mess, I want to give the Hair Treats hair spa a try. I hope it really does help my dry, dull and wavey hair.

  2. i wanna know about the scar gel! i have an awful scar on my knee from 15 years ago! :(

  3. Thanks Ms. Nikki! ^__^

    I also wanna try Hiruscar, because my skin is so sensitive, an insect bite would turn to a wound and leave a bad mark afterwards... They are less now, but I am still conscious. I also got scars from my childhood days as well as from my cellulitis. Aigoo! If I could only change my skin! Hahaha!

    I told Honey that I guess I need to treat myself to motivate myself to work. I think I already know what products to pick when we go to SM San Lazaro! (Let's meet! hahaha!) ^_^

  4. currently loving my pure beauty tsubaki, esp the hair mask, makes ironing my hair easier and takes less time ;-)

  5. Thanks for another very informative post. Extensive ka talaga, winner! =) Happy Friday, Nikki love!

  6. really useful tips for the readers... i saw garnier whitening range - was curious but didnt get anything!

  7. I loooooove the blue eye look!! :)

  8. Im a fan of this Hair Treats Hair Spa Aloe Vera! my hair more manageable and has a wonderful shine after using this. I agree with you! There are a lot of good stuff in Watsons! that fits your budget! will definitely try Garnier LIght thank you Niki! :D We should hang out soon! ;)

  9. Whew haba hehe energizer bunny ka nga Nikki! Very informative post :)

  10. Love the "blue" eyes, really nice! i'll refer to this when the occasion arises :) nowadays I really don't have a need to apply make-up but I miss it sometimes.
    Great list of products here, ALL of which I've never tried before! LOL!

  11. love the eyes ^__^ really looks good. I have one eye pencil from skin food but haven't tried the smoky eye effect.

    kerastas is indeed effective. love their hair treatment formulas :)

  12. Hollie, really? That's great to know! you're giving us all hope! Oh, about my sharing on hair stuffs, no worries, I've battled with my hair long enough and I've tried so many products!

    Xin, yes, will let you know, if it works, will buy you one :)

    Angel, ahhh I know that! Hubby is also the same, your skin is indeed super sensitive, so everytime you have insect bite, you need to apply something na no?

  13. Marge, nice to know you love yours! thanks for sharing!

    Dangski, hahaha extensive na ba to? Nagpigil na nga ako eh! hahaha love you dear!

    Nic Nic, thanks! You don't need Garnier! You don't need any lightening up as you have great looking skin!

  14. Michelle, thanks!

    The Beauty-Addict, agree and its inexpensive no???

    Kim, hahaha on the energizer bunny part! ikaw ha! :)

  15. Mom-Friday , I don't think you even need some makeup! You look great ha, base on photos lang! we need to meet soon! :)

    tessa,ahhh give it a try! :) What Kerastase range do you use?

  16. Hi! Is Hiruscar really effective? I have sensitive and oily skin, making me prone to having pimples. I tried panOxyl but I don't think it works for me.

    Please help!
    Thanks and have a good day.

  17., I am still testing it for a week plus so I don't see anything yet for now, kindly wait na lang for update :)


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