Thursday, May 26, 2011

AMW Version: Purples without the Black Eyed Peas

Happy Thursday! Sorry for the weird title!  Black Eyed Peas lover out there, don't hate me ok?  I just find the title unique and hoping it would catch your attention! (KSP kasi ako) :P  

When it comes to purples, clients would always shy away and say: "I'm not that fair, it won't look good on me, I'll probably look like someone with black eye!"

I actually went through the similar stage when I was still studying make-up!  There are definitely a lot of practice and a lot of color combining done before I found a way to use purples on a daily basis without looking tired or messy!

Note that this is a toned down version because this look is meant for daytime!  Yes, you can wear it at work without getting strange looks from colleagues!

  • Try not to pile up a lot with a single shade of dark purple eyeshadow.
  • Use different shades of purples to have "3-dimensional effect."
  • Use at least 2 shades to create a purple look, one is any shade of purple while the other is a highlighter!  Could be golds, beige, etc...
  • Use an eye primer or eyeshadow base and pat on the dark eyeshadow to prevent fall outs.
  • For fall outs, do not use your fingers in wiping them off, gently brush the excess off with a big powder brush or fan brush!  *works ALL the time!*

AMW Diagram

Step 1:
It wasn't shown on photo but I actually applied Urban Decay Primer Potion all over lids.  Applied purple shade from Lancome Color Fan 6 Color Eyeshadow Palette.

Step 2:
With the same Lancome Color Fan 6 Color Eyeshadow Palette, use the shimmery gold eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes to create a "brigher" look!  This helps cast away the dark shadow that can make your eyes look tired!

Step 3:
For a fake "deeper set of eyes" look, I used a darker purple shade from my Sleek Divine Graphite Palette.

Step 4:
Apply eyeliner of your choice!  I always go for gel liners or liquid liners!  Pencil liners I use to tight line!

Drew my brows with Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2.  Curled my lashes and used Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume on Mascara in Black.

Here's a daytime, non-tiring eyes
Workable for office girls!

Scroll down to check what's on the rest of my face


For the Face:
Kanebo Revue Powder Foundation BE-C

For the Cheeks:
The Body Shop's Autumn Leaves Compact
in Shade 02 Berry

For the Lips:
Stila Lip Pots in Amande
Top with Stage Wondergloss in Sophia

Get that lazy bum out of your room!
Face your day with a huge smile!  It's Thursday!
Friday is super reachable!

Have you perfected your purple eyeshadow?
What shade do you pair it with?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. still practicing on working with purple. i wanna break away from my usual neutrals soon. :)

    stay pretty!

  2. natawa naman ako sa KSP ate nikki! love purple on you! i miss you!

  3. We have the same type of eyes and I was never successful with putting purple eye makeup. Thank you for this tutorial.

  4. wow you look so pretty! love your EOTD :D

  5. I love purple eyeshadows next to greens. This definitely looks great for daytime. It's not too bold and attention-seeking. :)

    Oh my, you have Revue! I was sad when I was informed it has been discontinued so I settled for Coffret D'Or. :(

  6. natawa ako sa title! =) I love purple pero I usually pair it with pink kasi sometimes para akong binugbog pag nasobrahan ng black haha

  7. napa-what ako sa title..haha! I like the look...I'm still practicing with my purples pa.. nagiging party look yung make up ko when I use purple.. LOL

    great job miss Nikki! ^_^

    Much Love!

  8. ooohhh, haven't perfected it yet.... still practicing with purples! i usually pair it with silver..... you look good as always! why is it that any color you use looks good on you! :)

  9. I love purples! And this look is so pretty and elegant, great job!

  10. I agree that 'tanned' people will always think that purple, blue and green smokey eyes won't look good on them. THAT is what I think too.. But, I'll try this. :)

  11. Hi. Just had to compliment you on this one. Really nice. How do you manage to get away with those combinations? Really good. =)

  12. Lovely look! I could never wear light purples on my eyes (hello dark circles lol)

  13. Ilove purple!!!Wud luv to try this at work:)

  14. @miemiemie hahahahha KSP nga naman! hahahhaha glad to make you laugh though!

  15. @Marge Thanks, super wearable talaga even on office days!

  16. @Pammy Really? Revue is discontinued na? ANOBEH??? It's actually nice and its for my oily-skinned clients! Nakigamit lang to test :D

  17. @Shopcoholic I know what you mean, purples are best paired with pinks talaga! :)

  18. @Photoescape I know what you mean, I tried so hard not to pile up! para maiba!

  19. @Issa kasi Maganda ako? ECHOS! hahaha Joke lang! well, not all colors look good on me, i just have to control the intensity , there are certain colors that doesn't look good on me, like super dark smokey black!

  20. @JesRoque hay naku, with your face, i'm sure you'll work it well!

  21. @Burnt Raisin Thanks for the compliment :) Well, probably I'm just not afraid to try? :D

  22. @fat and fabulouss definitely! Go ahead and give this a try! it's actually nice on a work days!

  23. hi! where can I get the sleek palettes here in the Philippines? thanks!

  24. My favorite look for purple. :)

  25. Bookmarked this so I won't forget! Still my favorite purple blending :)


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