Monday, June 6, 2011

AMW Reports: Nuffamily Day!

Remember my Yakult Factory Tour?  It was one of those exciting days I will cherish because when you get out of school and you start to work and have a lot of responsibilities, short weekend trips are considered luxury!  I thought the field trip is over and I need to wait for gazillion years for my next trip! 

Thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for inviting us to join their first Nuffamily Day!  It was moved to June 4th instead of May 28th due to Typhoon Chedeng, I am glad the weather was good to us as it was so bright and sunny! 
**photo taken from Nuffnang PH

If you like sleeping during travel, then I strongly suggest not to sit beside me! :P  The fun trip starts right inside the bus!  A concert is definitely happening because the JAC Liner bus we rode was into songs from the 80's and early 90's!  Air drums?  Hairbrush used as mic?  We have it all!

Oh the bus is so cool because it also has free WIFI access so I was able to update everyone via Twitter!

Once we arrived Crosswinds Tagaytay, gorgeous place by the way!  We were given mats for us to comfortably sit and enjoy the view!
 I'm with the gorgeous girls (L-R) Dang, Tara, Jheng, Sophie and Mr. AMW!
The event was hosted by Nuffnang's Marcelle!  The event started with fun games like newspaper/manila paper dance! 

"Hep Hep, Horray!" game lead by Trixie!
I did join one game, "The Boat is Sinking"!  I can get quite competitive when it comes to games but hey, I have a heart, I can't be wild and crazy against kids!  So I just did a couple of rounds and have to give my slot to a boy who nearly cried when he thought he lost!  *laughs*  I'm a good "ate" (sister)! 

Abundant chips from Jack n' Jill, Jollibee Chicken Burger, Pizza Hut pizzas and mozarella sticks were served as we were playing games!  The final game was to challenge everyone to be unique in showing how much they love Nuffnang!  Some did it with body spelling, others created adjectives from the word "NUFFNANG", some used the trash from food to form the word "NUFFNANG".  Everyone was creative and everyone who joined won an overnight stay at Crosswinds Tagaytay!

I have to insert a gorgeous photo of sunset!

As the skies turned pitch black, its time for our final and one of the most exciting activities for the day!  We were told by Nuffnang's Country Manager, Carlos Palma on why they thought of lantern lifting!  It was inspired guess it right, the cartoon Tangled!

Here are the girls helping each other lit the lantern!  Hi to Earth who's also there!  

Dang and Tara's Lantern finally ready, Dang is setting it free! :)

It was a super memorable event and I want to thank all the hardworking people from Nuffnang Philippines.  We weren't able to take a good shot of everyone as a lot of them were busy at the backstage!   From the bottom of my heart, thank you Nuffnang Philippines for making us feel special!

A shout out to a newly adopted friend, Ms. Katrina Ong from Skechers


Last but not the least, I want to thank the ever dependable and super supportive Mr. AMW for taking all the photos and for being our "dad" during the trip!

To the sponsors, thanks for making this event happen!  

**photo taken from Nuffnang PH

I want to go on short weekend trips every now and then to unwind!
What's your most recent trip? Where did you go and what did you do?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. My recent trip was in Antipolo's Cloud 9 Hotel and Resort. Me and my other office mates went there to have a "salubong" party for my friend. The view was so great...but getting there killed my glutes..haha!

  2. wow, what a nice way to spend the weekend!it's been a while since I went on a trip... I think my last trip was when we went swimming to Quezon... but I think I will have another trip to Tagaytay in the next few days because my bestfriend cousin arrived from the US!

  3. Looked quite fun! Love the floating lanterns!

  4. looks like u really had tonnes of fun sis! it must be really hard to light up the lantern. though i just came back from holiday, but i feel like going for another short one again

  5. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love the lanterns.

  6. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing!

  7. @Marge It was indeed a super fun short trip!

  8. @Photoescape Wow! i haven't been to Antipolo for years! The last time I was there was to visit a Church!

    LOL at the killed glutes! OK YAN! Good workout!

  9. @Issa Buti ka pa! I haven't been out much due to weekend gigs and responsibilities, kaya buti na lang I've set a schedule for this fun day!

  10. @ceemee I would like the lit up a lantern AGAIN! Even here, in Manila! :P

  11. @xin I know what you mean sis, our feet are itching for travel! Long haul or short haul we don't care!!! Can't wait to meet you sweetie!

  12. @Jamilla Camel I should be the one who should thank you for reading!

  13. I missed this! :(
    looked like you all had so much fun!

  14. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING!!!! :) So glad you were part of this day. You are family to us! :D

  15. @Trixie Aawww thanks Mei mei! More events like this!!!! :D Congratulations to you and the team for such a successful family day!


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