Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Food Tripping at: Stackers Burger Cafe

In the middle of the week, Mr. AMW and myself was at the Resort's World not because we're playing Casino but because we were there for an event!  After the event, we were still full but we wanted to try the new Burger place in town --- Stackers Burger Cafe!

STACKERS is all about 3 things : a tasty BUN; juicy 100% Australian Beef; and a complementing signature SAUCE of your choice. That's our frame, our canvass for a simply Auss'm burger.

I opted for something light just to give their food a try!

Chicken Fingers
Php148.00 (approx $3.45)
5 pcs breaded chicken tenders with gravy and fries!
Tender is right!  I love how tender their chicken tastes though their gravy could use a bit more taste!  I actually asked for their "Burger sauce" and actually liked it better!

Stack Burger
Php98.00 (approx $2.00)
Lettuce, Mayonnaise, Beef Patty, Tomato Slice and Onion Bits
Because we were quite full, we opted to try the simplest version of their burger!  The beef is quite thin so it was a wrong  move! :P  We were told by our friends to order the thicker beef patty, choose from Stackers Original!

Coca-Cola, Stackers Iced Tea and Fries 
with Sour Cream and Cheddar Powder
Who knows how Wendy's Iced Tea taste like?  The iced tea served here is similar to the one at Wendy's!  Same with fries!  I like the fries without the extra flavoring.

Stackers Burger Cafe
4th Floor, Newport Mall
Resorts world Manila Pasay
Tel. no: (632) 659-8271 or (632) 659-8287

I believe they also have branches at Eastwood and McKinley Hill!  The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payment, no service charge!

Oh,  if you are on my Twitter, you probably have an idea what I did yesterday!  I had a short trip to Tagaytay with fellow Nuffies for the Nuffamily Day!  It was super fun and here's a preview of what we did!  Will talk more about it once I get the chance to settle my mind from all the excitement, the singing, the dancing and the eating!  

That's me with my Lantern, 
so difficult to lit but worth it!

Enjoy your weekend food tripping!
What's your favorite burger joint of all time?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. the burgers, fries and chicken fingers all looks so yummy!!

  2. Their milkshakes are love! :P

  3. It was great seeing you again yesterday Nikki. :-)

  4. lighting an lantern looks so exciting - ever since I saw Tangled ! i wanna do it one day... and I dont mind a burger now that Ive seen your pics lol.

  5. OMG, I lovee Stackers burgers!:D

    I wish I could light lanterns too.. luckyy!:)

  6. the chicken fingers looks yummy!

  7. @[pinkc00kies] hehehhe are you burgers, fries and chicken fingers lover like me? :D

  8. @Pammy Ah talaga? i was too full when I dined there! I should go back and give it a try!

  9. @Kessa Thea Same here! Glad to have seen you there! Were you with your boyfie? :D

  10. @Nic Nic I know! The movie Tangled really touches most of our hearts!

  11. @Tiffiefum What's the best Stackers burger would you recommend?

  12. @Issa In fairness, the chicken fingers are tasty!


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