Monday, July 11, 2011

AMW Bulletin: Watsons Beauty Hunt

Dear Philippine Readers:
I got an email that I want to share to you guys who are fans of Watsons!

Watsons Best Beauty Finds is the newest campaign of Watsons Personal Care Stores (Phils) Inc. to increase customer awareness, inquiry and purchase of the Exclusive Brands inside Watsons and SM Department Stores.

Exclusive brands include Natural Products like --- Deonat, Cyleina, Hair Treats, Spa Essentials, ONE Naturales, and Natures Organics.  You can find them all at

What got me excited with the website aside from knowing what products are available and their descriptions, anyone can download coupons for free!  I love coupons and I used to buy loads of Watsons Exclusive Brands in China because of those coupons! 

Aside from the website, Watsons also hosts the first ever online game called the Beauty Hunt!  Everyone can join but only Philippine residents can win the promo.  The best part?  No purchase requirement!  All you have to do is ---
  • Log-on to the website and register.
  • Participants must only have to search for the 6 products on the shelf within 60 seconds and click on the right product on the shopping list.
  • You can play as many times as you want to gain raffle entries to win Watsons Beauty Loot Bags on a daily basis.
  • Those entries who did not win shall not cry in vain.  You still get the chance to be among the five lucky winners of Php3,000 worth of Watsons Gift Certificates in the grand draw on August 17, 2011.
  • Draws will be done in a weekly basis every Wednesday while announcement of winners is every Thursday.  You can check out the announcements on Watsons FB Fan Page Wall (on Winner's Corner).
Join once you get the time!
Who knows?  You may win!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I know! Thanks for doing so! Acck just using Disqus now and starting to import all my comments, I don't know how long it will take! Wish me luck!

  2. LOL sounds like fun! retweeted this ;-) awww disqus ^_^

  3. thanks for sharing, I love watsons so much that whenever I go to the mall I always go there even if i don't have anything to buy there, I always end up buying something before i leave the store hihihi

  4. No worries, I'm glad to share these wonderful contests! If you love Watsons so much, go ahead and join! Who knows? You could be one of the lucky winners :)

  5. Keep up the good work! me proud of u!

  6. Agree! I like contests like these! Goodluck! I hope you're joining?

  7. as always, it's a pleasure of mine to share stuff like these!

  8. You're using disqus now, yey.  Thanks for sharing this info.

  9. No problem, my pleasure! Glad to share !
    Re: disqus, not a yay yet as I still have to import my old comments :( tedious! :P

  10. i've been playing this game whenever i have free time, hihihi.....

  11. Goodluck!!!! :) Let me know if you win ha? :D

  12. Thanks for sharing this info. 

    Oh and btw, Orange SeƱorita Shop is one of the sponsors of Vivawoman's July Giveaway Contest. We are giving away almost 2,000++ worth of Human Nature products. We do hope you can join and participate. :D

  13. Thanks for sharing this information :)


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