Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AMW Gives: Because AMW is 3 Years Old! --- Contest Closed!!!

I won't go for long speeches again on how lucky I am to have wonderful readers like YOU who keeps coming back for daily happiness!  I can only show my appreciation for the moment for an easy-to-join giveaway for wonderful people who inspires me to grow!  I love you all!

Here are the prizes for giveaway!
AMW Loves You #1
I've tried the Myra Vitaglow Tinted Moisturizer and I am quite impressed that such local brand can come up with such good product at an affordable price!  

Myra Vita White Whitening Face Lotion - because whitening does not mean looking like a piece of white paper!  Whitening Face Lotion helps lighten up existing scars or darkness around your face.  This helps create a smooth, fair skin!
Myra Daily Sun Protect - What more can I say?  I can't stress enough on using sunblock daily to protect your skin from further darkening and against the harmful rays of the sun!
L'Oreal Open Eyes Pro in Blue Harmony - Enhancing your eyes is one way to look and feel sexy!  This palette is easy to use as it comes with an instructions at the back portion of the palette.

 AMW Loves You #2
Because I only have one face, I am willing to give this wonderful skincare line from Avon to readers who needs it more!  Aside from having only one weird face!  I have to add that yours truly have a great Brother AMW who does not stop supplying me with skincare line every chance he gets to travel!  Isn't he sweet?

ANew Rejuvenate Revitalizing Gel Mask
ANew Clinical Derma-Full Facial Filling Cream
ANew Clinical Thermafirm Face Lifting Cream

OOoooohhh, whoever wins this, please, I have a favor to ask, care to share your experience using this?  I am super intrigued!  I want face lifting cream!

AMW Loves You #3
This brand, I've said it before and I'll say it again, is my not-so-secret weapon during my college days!  I don't wear makeup at all but I always have clear, smooth skin because of my favorite Pond's White Beauty Detox Spot Less White Cream!  I've used tubes and tubes of these until I left my teenage years and got promoted to "matooority" *laughs*

I've also included Pond's White Beauty Pinkish White Glow Lightening Facial Foam and Pond's Perfect Care Facial Wash.

AMW Loves You #4
AMW loves makeup and uses makeup for a living!  Thanks to Avon Philippines for sending me such huge goodies and they are even willing to share these to my readers!  

Avon Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation Natural - I actually tried this and this feels oh so light on skin!
Avon Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow - very pigmented and wonderful to apply with a patting motion with a good eyeshadow base.
5 shades of Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks - check out my dear friend Phoebe's swatches, who wouldn't love such gorgeous shades and the fact that it's ultra moisturizing?
Avon Glimmersticks Lip Liner - everyone needs to own a lip liner to make your lipstick stay longer! 

AMW Loves You #5
Avon Ideal Shade Loose Powder - Very important to set your makeup with loose powder to make it last the whole day!  Dust a bit on your forehead, nose and chin for that "shine-free" look!
Avon Smooth Mineral Eyeshadow - because it's fun to split them in two!  *lol* sorry already explained it above! 
5 shades of Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Lipsticks - again, I like splitting the set in two because I want to give chance to everybody!  I swear, I've tried these and they are really moisturizing!

AMW Loves You #6
I am a Watson's girl!  I grew up scouring the store for hours!  I even make sure to include "Watson's Tour" in any of my trips (if they have the store in their country).  I am very happy when Watson's revamped its look to a place where everyone feels at their best once they step in their store!  You can find all sorts of products and brand!  Visiting Watson's is dangerous for my schedule, I tend to zone out and forget time! 

Sakura Bella Bath and Body Travel Pack - the set includes shower gel, body scrub and hand and body lotion housed in a very dainty floral packaging perfect for travel!
DEONAT - no point in staying pretty if you don't smell fresh! A product of Thailand made of natural minerals to let skin breathes naturally without clogging!  Included in this package is Mineral Deodorant Roll On and Mineral Deodorant Stick.  Both are hypoallergenic, non-staining and preservative free!
Mentholatum Products - Lip Ice Fruity, Lip Ice Color Lip Balm and Lip Ice Color Gloss!  Because smiling is sexy with nice-looking lips!
Pure Beauty Products in Sachets (Perfect Daily Lotion, Firming & Lifting Mask, Essential Eye Cream, Essential Serum and Remoisturising Night Cream) - housed in a convenient resealable sachet pack makes it convenient for traveling.  Made in Switzerland.

How to join?
1. Click comment together with your name and email address.
2. Tell me what you have learned from AskMeWhats for the past 3 years!  Try to be as specific as possible okay?
3. Contest starts NOW until February 15, 2011 (11:59pm local time)
4. Both international and local readers are welcome!
5. No duplicate entries please!
6. Winners will be picked via my favorite Fruit Machine!  I have to apologize that you cannot choose the set you want.  Let the universe decide for you ok?

Oh, before I forget, if you have tried any product from the Pond's Gold Radiance Line, do not forget to comment about your experience and you may get the chance to win your very own Limited Edition Gold Aranaz Clutch!  You still have a couple of days left to join!  Contest ends January 31, 2011!  Smile and Click HERE to join!

Last but not the least, this is not part of the contest but keep on smiling and stay positive! Do not forget to do random acts of kindness!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wooow what an amazing giveaway!

    Helena (follow via GFC)
    xoxoparisky at gmail dot com

    I learned how to do pretty nail art and how to do makeup on mature skin (if I'll ever need to do such makeup). Thank you!

  2. HAPPY 3 YEARS!!!

    I love the little tips and tricks i've picked up from you blog. Everything from applying foundation on older skin to nail tutorials.


  3. My name: Tamara
    email: milost dot tamara at gmail dot com
    (I suggest opening a google document for the giveaway)

    I love your reviews and I always learn new things from them. They are very informative and with great pictures (that's very important to me)!
    What I have learned? About brands that I normally can't get here :O)!

  4. 1. Kate Navasero

    2. I've always loved your eye shadow tutorials because of the diagrams you provide, I've been blogging for only a year though, so it has been a year that I am your avid reader and among all the tutorials you make, that is my favorite and try to apply when doing my own.

  5. Email:

    I've started reading your blog since November 2010, and have really enjoyed reading it. I've learned a lot of Skin care tips from you (I didn't have a skin care routine before, I don't even use anything else aside from my usual soap and myra moisturizer and that's it).

    You were the one who introduced me to BB Creams, I didn't even know what they were and what they

    thanks for this really awesome and huge Giveaway!

  6. Yipee!!! I've been a follower for almost a year now...

    First of all, thanks for bringing us good and cheap finds... i love your "eureka moments"... so when i discover something, you are the first person that I think of... hahaha!

    I love your nail art tutorials. Very creative.

    I've learned that to be beautiful, you don't have to spend a lot on products, you also have to love life and despite its ugliness, we have to stay happy and quirky!!! ^__^

    Name: Angel (Angelica) Aragon

  7. Hi Nikki!

    One thing that I learned from your blog is how to apply Nail Polishes. I'm not aware how to properly put nail polish on although I've always been interested in colors. Luckily, you were introduced to me by Sophia and I learned from your blog that I just have to be patient and creative. Now, I am still in the process of learning Nail Art and hopefully, I will be as good as you are!

  8. I have learned how to apply nail polish and be artistic in applying it. Through your blog, I ahve learned that it just takes creativity and patience to be able to do nail art. Right now, I'm still in the process of learning but nevertheless, I'm still hoping that I'll be as good as you are one of these days! Happy 3rd year!!!

  9. Name: Kari
    Email: saeko_mizuku at yahoo dot com

    I've learned from you that it's really very possible to share something new everyday, whether it's a new product, a new trick to applying makeup, or a new restaurant! :D Your blog is one of the first beauty blogs I regularly began reading so nearly everything you wrote introduced me to something I didn't know before :)

  10. Geri

    I've learned a lot from this blog especially the different nail tutorials which I love! I use them on my clients and they go crazy!!!

    Happy Anniv AMW!

  11. Thian

    I have learned some awesome skills in doing nail art.

  12. i love your blog, i learned a lot of things, i always visit your blog everyday, i even joined all contest.. hehehehe

    your blog is very helpful you just don't blog about expensive products, you also blog cheap or affordable products...

    and your every down to earth person...

    one of the best things i've learnd to ur blog is, how countour, your nails design it so cute,. the way u explained it are very informative, also how to make up for guys, also for old people....

    well, i have't try alot gold radience... but hopely soon....

    i hope this time i win... owww please let me win ^__^ LOL

    name: camilla

  13. Happy 3 years Nikki! I started reading your blogs last year, i find it interesting because im always amaze how tiaga you are in doing your nails with such cute designs. I didn't know you have a blog site pala. But i saw your name na pag may tutorial makeup offer si pearl (dollface). I really enjoy reading your blog esp when its a review for makeup thats is affordable yet it works.

    Happy 3years askmewhats. More to come for this year.

    -apple so.

  14. email:

    first off, happy 3rd birthday AMW :)
    The most important thing that i've learned from your blog is about how important moisturizing your skin prior to make-up application. When i read about your review on myra vitaglow, i was so curious that i tried it. and ever since, i never skipped this step. i love myra vitaglow and still using it up to this day. thank you for sharing that. oh and also about how photoready makes your skin look fab. thanks nikki. more years and cheers!

    joyce yu

  15. I learned that the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil can do wonders to your skin (immediately stops blemishes from forming) and i actually got mine 50% because of you!!!

    Bagel Betorin

  16. Connie

    Hi Nikki, thanks for the giveaway!

    I’ve learned so much from your blog especially the nail tutorials and makeup tactics. I’ve learned what to buy for makeup and skincare after reading your reviews. All in all a great read each morning!

  17. Congratulations on your 3rd year blogversary!

    I love reading your product reviews on skin care and do's and dont's of a healthy skin. I've been obssessed with anti-aging products but afraid to try it all out. Your reviews of have been of so much help to me.

    I learned so much from following your Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Diaries Challenge and various BB cream products. Thank you, Nikki!

    emiliana.sison AT

  18. 1. Jane Q.

    2. I'm half chinese so I learned a lot on creating eye looks from your blog - a eureka moment was using F21 eyeshadow sticks as eyeshadow base!

  19. First of all happy 3 years to your blog Ate Nikki!

    Your blog is very helpful to everyone, especially the tips (how it is properly applied) and reviews about a certain product. It gives us an idea on what the product really is even if we haven't tried it personally.

    Nikki is always true to her posts and reviews to a product! This blog is a must read for all beauty enthusiasts out there, whether they are a professional or just a make up novice like me. Every bits of this blog is full of love!

    I personally trust this blog because it helped me discover the world of make-up.

    More power Ate Nikki!

    Name: Marivic Santos

  20. Happy Anniversary Askmewhats! i love you! oh and you thought me how to smile and love mornings. haha.

    (not joining the contest, just letting you know)

  21. Happy 3rd Anniversary! <3

    In one of your nail art tutorials, you said that while waiting for the nail polish to dry, clean the mess around your nail bed by dipping a cotton bud with a polish remover and gently wipe off the excess. When I read that, I started doing that and it was like a eureka moment for me! :D

    And another thing I learned form you is to always smile, smile, smile :D

    -marilou palenso

  22. Vanessa Barrameda

    I've actually learned so many beauty tricks and tips that kept my confidence level a notch higher most of the time. I think that's the most important thing about keeping yourself presentable all the time appearance-wise. Not really about removing wrinkles or making your hair shinier, its about doing a little something to make yourself happier and more assured before facing other people.


  23. Happy 3rd anni! Thanks for the generous prizes! I learnt how to line my eyes and how to make eyeliner stay longer on oily eyelids, and got to know about the great Elianto StayOn pencil liner that does not smudge on my eyelids and had me jumping for joy!

    shumina_87 at yahoo dot com

  24. Happy Anniversary, Ask Me Whats! I'm so thankful for your blog for all the help I had and for the friendship we formed through this and my blog.

    More power, Nikki and AMW! Mwah mwah!

  25. two things :
    1. Using base coat and (good)top coat for nail polishes. I used to just put nail color and that's it :D
    2. Moisturize before putting up BB cream. I thought BBcream is an all in one thingie.

    Grace Umali

  26. Wao.. This is super awesome!!!

    Happy Anniversary for ASK ME WHATS, Nikki!!!

    I love the Korea Trip post, it help a lot for those who are going to Korea in purchasing thing and where to go. And it's really kind of you to reply my email regarding all those Korea thingy!! Thanks Nikki. And i like you nail tutorial, it's creative although i dunno how to do it but still i like to see the post related. And i also learn some makeup skill from your site such as contour. I never know how to do it until i read your blog.

    Thanks for sharing tho love Nikki.

    We love you too. =)


  27. Hi Nikki! Happy 3rd anniversary to your blog!

    I found you blog late 2010 and since that day i clicked on you link and read, i couldnt stop reading more! has already been a part of my morning routine! I learned about products which are really helpful, especially the eye primer from Etude House. I love it coz it's cheap but useful! The fact that there's somebody out there who tries and tests the products for us readers is truly wonderful. This is what i looove love about you Nikki and thank you i appreciate you so much for that.

    Your blog isnt just about products, make up tips, but it's a whole new world for girls, that's fun and that's teaching us more than tips and tricks but the real meaning of being beautiful and appreciating what and who we are.

    God bless you more Nikki! Happy Anniversary!

    Jopay San Juan

  28. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    I love your nail arts especially! I learnt so much from them after watching how you do it :)

  29. Happy Anniversary, AMW! :)

    I love reading your blog and learned so much about makeups. I especially love the makeovers! Most of all, i love how you consistently remind your readers to smile. :)

    I also learned a lot on your korea trip. We're going there this March! :)


  30. Camille


    I discovered your site through your multiply account. I was'nt a follower by then. I just bookmarked your website on my browser and checked back everyday for more than a year. I got very interested in your nail art tutorials. Your tutorials gave me tips and tricks on how to do my nail art neatly and more appealing!. Thanks to you, I've been hooked with nail art like crazy and you sparked most of my love for it! =)
    Your skincare product reviews are really helpful too!
    Another thing, I learned all about Korea! Where to eat, WHAT to eat=P, where to go, how to go there.. It was complete! You could've written a "Guide to Tourists in Korea by Nikki Tiu! =)

  31. Happy 3rd Blogversary AMW =)

    Michelle Ame

    I have learned that its always BEST to give than to receive because in return you'll be blessed with so much more.

    It's okay to live well as long as you do good.

    Helping others makes you beautiful inside out.

  32. These I learned from thee:

    1. I can prettify my nails without breaking my wallet. Your tips and tricks in nail-art has earned me numerous compliments. I learned to "specialize" in doing your gradient and flower techniques. I take pride in my "craft" heheh which I proudly attribute to you.

    2. The best things in life are CHEAP. No pun intended. I'm referring to your Eureka finds. It has unveiled a side of you that I can very well relate to. I also got a pen case you used for your eyeliners/brush for the exact same purpose you did! =D

    3. Planning with Planners need not be Intimidating. I like being organized too. Keeping track of my expenses, appointments, etc used to be confined to my notepad..heheh. Nasty organizer, heh. Because I was jealous of your pink planner, I decided to get myself a real planner as well. For this year, I chose a flame red one... I so love it and the things I can do with it.. and yes, love sticking stick-notes all over it as well using my Disney-charm pen.

    Graciously yours,

  33. Happy 3rd Anniv!! :) I'm so excited for all the contest joiner!! so many prizes!! yahoo!!

  34. happy 3rd blogversary! :D

    i've learned so much from reading ur blog these past years, luv ur reviews and product features especially! :)

    1 thing i won't forget is learning where i can buy an inexpensive 2-way mirror: the P88 store! haha :D


  35. mariechriist tuico pascua
    email add;

    i just found your site last year. and i love reading your post.. i have lots of things that ive learned.. that not all expensive products can work for you. there are also unexpensive products that works awesome too

  36. Happy 3rd year Miss Nikki!


    It's been months since i first saw your blog and definitely fell in love with it :) I really love your sense of humor (just by reading your funny thoughts make me laugh :D), your reviews on products especially on cosmetics, how you helped me when i asked you directly on your email, how you share your blessings and most of all your nail art tutorials which inspired me (i change my nail polish every week haha). I just want to say PRESS ON and MORE POWER! Keep your blog touching the lives of others. Godbless!

  37. Name: Apola

    I didn't have any idea how this nail art is being done, but this blog has given me a lot of ideas about it!! :) And i love that this blog doesn't only feature beauty essentials, but food, travel and art too!!

    Happy 3rd Nikki. :)

  38. Yen Robles
    blue_mockingbird at yahoo dot com

    I learned how to contour my nose. I love your 'triangle' trick between the eyes and nose. I tried it although I am still yet to perfect the art. :)

  39. Happy anniversary!

    It has only been a year since I got fully immersed into the world of blogs. I believe I came upon your site via search engine (can't remember if it was google or yahoo) when I was looking for nail polishes available in Manila. So the first thing I learned from your blog was where to get LA Colors nail polishes. I will remember your blog for its nail art tutorials, product reviews with the pros and cons laid out in bullet form and reminders in the bottom of each post to "keep smilin' stay happy!". Oh and fruit machine (instead of

    salmoncat (my online pseudonym)

  40. Denise Go

    One important thing I learned, thanks to your numerous informative nail art tutorials, is that nail art doesn't have to be super perfect. It's the creativity, feelings and passion that goes into each nail that counts!

    Happy 3rd AMW!

  41. Nikki dear, your one of the first gurus I followed, and so I learned most of my makeup tricks from you. I won't be specific on those kasi it's a LOOOTTT, ano ba. The one I'd like to mention is that I learned to be positive all the time, because your sunshiny personality is sooooooooooooo infectious! Nikki Keep Smilin' Epidemic talaga. =) I swear when I have a shitty morning, and I open your blog, it's always a happy Nikki who greets me, and so I feel lighter. So thank you! And congrats, keep making people happy. Love yah, Nikki! Muah! ;-*


    Dang Villanueva

  42. ive learned basic and not so basic make up technieuqes and uses for new and old gadgets/tools..ive learned that beauty is skin deep bec of your testimonials to other fellow bloggers/clients. best of all, just like you, learn to live life and accept who your are really and enjoy lie to the max!

  43. Rhania Escueta

    Happy 3years on your awesome blog Ms Nikki.. i'd only not learned from your page but.. you also inspired me to do a lot of things ^_^ paint my own nails.. loved your designs

    thanks sa lahat ng tips and tricks mo.. pero pinakafavorite ko sa
    lahat is yung makup for men.. talagang W-O-W ako dun..

    thanks also for sharing your travel adventures.. with your blog.. parang nakarating na rin ako sa pinuntahan mo.. hehehe.. love your blog.. and i subscribed via email kaya lahat ng daily posts nyo (shen, jillsabs and phoebe) e wala ako namimissed

    goodluck!!! and more years on posting here..

    hugs and kisses

  44. Happy Anniversary to AMW! I've been reading your blog since forever, and i'm always looking forward to your every post about beauty rituals, eureka moments and food trippings! And I always love when you always say "Smile and Click"...Congratulations for 3years of fun-filled blogging and the best to AMW!

    name: lanie

  45. i've tried some of your nail art (gradients) and followed your eye diagrams :)

  46. Aileen Santos

    Happy 3 years of fruitful blogging Nikki!!!

    I read your blog each day and I learned to appreciate the local brands you featured here on your blog. I am now a Myra E tinted moisturizer user and a loyal ponds facial cleanser user. You don't need expensive products to look good, what you need is a product that will best work on your skin regardless of the price or where it was manufactured.

    Again, happy anniversary, I wish you more and more years of make up & cosmetics tip sharing!

    God Bless!!!

  47. WOW, congratz on 3 years. I remember that your blog was the one of the first beauty blogs I stumbled upon when I started my blog. I been MIA due to having a baby but I hope to be back in the beauty blogsphere soon! :) I remember you wanting a Hot Tools curling iron when I did my review and shortly after you did a tutorial on how you curl your hair with no curling iron. I been meaning to try it but just too lazy... :(

    xo0olalax @

  48. AMW inspired me to turn my regular poetry/personal blog into a beauty blog. really.

    i learn a lot from your eye tutorials. ikaw ata nag umpisa nung may eye guide among pinay beauty bloggers(a guide where each color goes on the eye). :)

    argie022021 at yahoo dot com

  49. HAPPY 3 YEARS AMW!!!!

    reading your blog since last year had given me much excitement on skin care!! I can say it really has made such an influence on me.. tehee! I become more excited on every reviews you made, though i may not be able to buy them, (except those cheap finds..hehe) but really it made me more conscious on how important is taking on my skin and looking good! That's the one thing I learned from this blog :)

    I also liked how you described well the products on your review, and not to mention putting the price and where to buy it, such an convenience for your readers! every review is worth the read!

    Continue to write and inspire your readers!! More more more power!! Again happy 3 years AMW...

  50. opps..may i forgot to write my email add on my previous comments...

    theodemae_maliza at yahoo dot com


  51. Yay for wonderful 3 years!

    GFC name: Bec
    email: purplewhyt[at]yahoo[dot]com

    I learned a lot of make up tricks by reading your blog. I also love how you share with us all the lovely products that you have encountered and enjoyed. :)

  52. Name: Ayana Grace
    Email Ad:

    I've been visiting your blog regularly since I discovered it and that was just about three months ago. Since then, I've learned so many things from this blog already. Here's some of the stuff I've learned from you, Nikki. First, I learned a lot from your nail tutorials. Your tutorials inspired me to glam up my nails a li'l bit and to take better care of them. Also, I learned that applying makeup is not really that hard. I used to think that I would never get the hang of makeup application but now I am slowly learning, thanks to your tutorials. Most importantly, I learned that makeup only enhances our features and that natural beauty is the most important thing. All we need to do is feel good on the inside, and let that feeling shine through our physical self.

    I am a budding beauty blogger myself and your blog has been one of my inspirations. Thanks!!!

  53. Michelle Tiu

    Before being a reader to this awesome blog, I snubbed local products and gave my soul to colonial mentality. But through this blog, I learned that greatness can be found also in them local stores. :)

  54. Hi Nikki!

    Did you know I started my nail art posts because I was inspired by your nail arts? I was just not as diligent as you in your posts but at least I tried ; )

    Michelle Martinez aka MrsM

  55. Valerie Joy Cabance &

    i always see to it that i check your blog everyday. these are the things that i have learned from dear AMW:
    1. i'm a newbie on makeups. i really learn a lot from the step by step diagrams that you make. especially the how to apply your e/s.
    2. i learned a lot about korean cosmetics. i'm loving etude house so much! i so envied you when you went to their shop at korea!
    3. i was introduced to bb creams. i would have never discovered this wonderful product if it wasn't for you! thanks!
    4. i got so addicted to nail polishes and nail arts! and i always get new ideas from your blog.
    5. and last but not the least, i learned (reminded, realized, & appreciated) about being a good person. you always remind us to smile and stay positive because there's always hope. i remember you had a contest and the winner will receive a palette with "hope" written on it. i was inspired by your story and the stories of those who joined. i also remembered the time that you asked us to share our stories on how we became a blessing to others. that was really nice.

    just now, you made me realize that just like how cosmetics & nail polishes make us glad and beautiful on the outside, we must always remember to be happy & gorgeous inside too! = )

  56. congrats on AMW's 3 years!! im sure they have been simply wonderful, but heres to many many more happy years! :D

    I have learned so much from reading your blog, but most of all, i think i absolutely LOVE your nail tutorials! they are so easy to follow along and so so so gorgeous. whenever i see a new nail tutorial from you, i jump at it right away! and even though i always start off thinking "omg how did she do that!", i am slowly catching on (all thanks to you and your amazing tutorials!) and now i have found a new passion and hobby :) so thank you! i hope you keep continuing to make gorgeous nail tutorials!!

    once again, congrats and happy anniversary :) hope you have a great week!


  57. Congratulations on 3 wonderful blogging years! I learned a whole lot from your posts. From nails, to food, to skin care and of course MAKEUP :) Your blog is the first ever local blog about makeup that i followed religiously! Anyway, Congratulations again! :)

    - Thea (

  58. Name: Lok, Lizette
    email :

    Hi Nikki, I'm a regular reader of your blog and I love how u always update it. It's so generous of u to share your blessings to us. I'm not sure if i have a chance to win since i really don't have a blog,but its okay. I learned alot from u, like how to put on basic makeup and what to look out for. But what made me become a regular reader of ur blog is that you are really down to earth gal and very sweet. I hope you continue to share us your knowledge and talent and keep on smiling. ^^

  59. hi ms. nikki :D can I join?

    mrlcachuela (at) yahoo ( dot ) com

    I really learned and was inspired by a lot of nail tutorials...I learned how to use various products (like proper ways to apply such...- aside from the product reviews which are great aswell.

  60. I can never forget that Ms Nikki was the one who taught me that there's a specific sharpener for an eyeliner pencil! hahaha.. (watta shame)

    AMW has been my recourse when I was struggling to transition from no makeup to little makeup. Whenever I buy new cosmetics, I'll check it out first here if there's been any review about it.

    But I think the best lesson that AMW made me realize is that no matter how we look like on the outside, what matters is what we are on the inside. True happiness comes from within.

    Congratulations AMW and may you continue to empower women of all ages!


  61. Happy 3 years!! OMG PONDS!!!! I love ponds!!!!

    I have learned a lot of tips about nails and how to decorate them! you always have gorgeous nail designs that you do!! such healthy nails :D

  62. I've learned about nail arts. It inspires me more to take care and play with my nails.
    I've also learned about applying make-up to matured skin.
    I've learned also about make-up for man. (Make up for man really makes me freak out and ending up throwing myself out. Thanks to your blog, I'm now good at doing makeups to mens. And i just did a makeup for the groom. Thanks to you!)


  63. Congrats on your 3rd year, Ms. Nikki!

    I enjoy reading your Eureka moments and "I wonder" posts. But more than the beauty/make-up tutorial posts, I like how you inspire people to be happy and beautiful on the inside. Always reminding your readers to keep on smiling and to stay positive despite of negative times. :)

    All the best, Mrs. AMW! ♥


  64. name: Katherine Manaog
    email address:

    Hi Nikki! Happy 3rd Anniversary :) I've been a follower just recently, around mid 2010 and I've learned so much already from you. Specifically about brushes, wherein after reading your review I bought the Charm Pro Travel Kit, which i love! I also learned from you how to get all the products from my urban decay primer potion. And recently I'm lovin' the LipIce which I just learned from you. I can go on and on with everything I've learned but really your reviews have been very helpful especially with the pros & cons and the price and where you can purchase that product. I'm really happy for your success. I hope you won't get tired of sharing your beauty passion with us. Happy 3 years Nikki! God Bless :)

  65. hi nikki!

    my day is not complete without checking your blog. everyday (whenever you post entries), i learn something new from you. one of them is the nail art. since i became a follower of your blog, i got interested in nail art and i began collecting nail polishes! i didnt even realize i have tons already. your designs are inspiring and help me become more artistic! :D


  66. hi again!

    another thing that i always look forward to in your blog are your reviews on restaurants. i love food and i always want to know where the delicious foods are being served. your food reviews never fail to make me crave and drool! :p~


  67. i enjoy reading "eureka moments!" because like you, i love discovering new/useful things at an affordable price. i also learned from you that it doesn't hurt to show the childishness in one's self from time to time and just feel happy about everything. you inspire me to feel happy always especially during *crazy and tough* times 'coz you exude happy thoughts in your blog. happy 3rd anniv AMW! keep it up! :D


  68. Yelle
    candycoatedpaw {at} gmail {dot} com

    I've read your Lipice review, and have been looking forward to having them. and even I was amazed when I spotted the product on SM Dept Store. Amazed because I was not looking specifically, at least not obviously.(chatting with the bf) and grabbed his my first Lipice sheer fragrance-free. paid, left. just like that.He was smiling the whole time,(of course me too) he loves it when i'm gaga over my makeups/kakikayan.and after lunch,tore the packaging,tried it,haha.and still loving it up to now. thanks AMW. been a silent reader. but i really have to share that i do love this find. more lipice/s to come.:) Happy 3rd! mwahhhhhhh....

  69. great giveaway!

    one of the things i learned by following your blog is that price doesn't always equal quality.. i've seen a lot of your product reviews and have tried them as well.. and they're really good even though some of them are dirt-cheap.. thanks for those product reviews.. keep em coming..


    I love the excitement i feel every time i open your page because i know i will learn new things just by dropping at your site! :)

    and the way that you handle things positively.. keep it up! :)

  71. Hi Ms. Nikki,

    Happy 3rd Anniv!

    - well, 'Eureka' posts are the most "informative" for me, that's also why it's my favorite=^.^=

    - I learned that you have to apply your skin care routine first before applying sunbolck (actually, I emailed you that question and it was really nice and ultra cool of you to reply for such a silly question =^.^=)

    - The Korea Trip post did help me a lot deciding for my "gala" this year =^.-=

    - and last but not the least..i didn't know CLOTH PANTY LINERS exists! HAHA!

    again, Congratulations on the 3rd year...keep the posts coming =^.^=


  72. congrats! what a blast giveaway:)
    Charmaigne Grace C. Gepana

    I love your blog and thanks for the advices that you have shared. I learned many things, and the one which i love the most is your BB cream reviews. I tried it and it works for me too:)

  73. Aly Lorica

    When I stumbled upon I got really curious about your reviews and end up searching tons of hours in your page. I learned the basics of nail art in your blog and got inspired to start my own collection of tools. I also got to know lots of products that I am interested in using but not sure of it quality.

  74. Shin Eun Ae

    I think I'm a follower of your blog for a year now and I really learn a lot of things in your blog, from gadgets, foods and fashion...

    I love everything in your blog...
    Specially if you have a new product to review... I'm so excited if I saw something from your blog in my dashboard...I quickly open it and read it...and amazingly your reviews are so convincing that's why I always bought things that you have or owned...(but the affordable items only)...hehe

    Good Luck
    & Congratulations

  75. alma si
    almasialma gmail com

    i loved your feature about lorys hair cream. love your pictures when it comes to showcasing the products you use or you review. i would want to learn more about nail art.

    more years to come for AMW!

  76. happy birthday to amw! hehe buti ka pa you keep track of your blog's bday. eh ako namatay na talaga! haha basta alam ko i started in 2008 and i haven't updated often. hehehe congrats! :)

  77. Hey i'm Carine. I read all your posts on my google reader but rarely comment ^-^ Congrats on the 3 years anniversary anyway !

    My email: completelycrazy(at)hotmail(dot)fr

    You actually help me decide on a BB cream. I didn't know if i wanted to try the maybelline one or a most expensive one..Your review convinced me of purchasing something a bit more high end!

  78. Gustung-gusto ko po Eureka moments ninyo! And especially when you featured you don't need lots of big bucks for a nice and practical planner. Your nice planner tips are working for me (use symbols when items have extra notes on the side). Thank you and more power!

    ben son, bensoljune(at)gmail(dot)com

  79. before i became a regular reader i often stumbled on your blog because even then i had a habit of reading reviews before buying anything. i began following regularly because i loved how you covered everything from beauty to food. i could especially relate because most beauty bloggers had oily skin but you had dry skin like me! as a result, i've been able to stick to products that are best for my skin type and i'm saving up for a P&J foundation. i also really appreciate that you get as crazy over cheap, eureka moments as with expensive ones, and that we share a fixation: major OC-ness!

    i took my time reading other people's comments before i added my own. your readers really love you, nikki, and i totally understand because even if i don't know you personally i feel how nice and bubbly a person you are through your posts. you really deserve the successful 3 years of AMW. happy anniversary, nikki! :)


  80. Hello!
    Thank you for this huge giveway!!
    I follow you as rock-or-not
    Here is my adress:

    I've learned to do amazing manis!
    I also learned that it exist succh things as airbrush make up!!
    I learned about brands like body shop!!
    (I don't follow you since a long time so I only talk about what I read and not before ^^)

    Thank you so much!

  81. I like your nail art posts! I learned how to paint my nails with Sesame Street characters. What you did was way too exceptional! :)

    Jessa Roque

  82. whenever i drop by and i see AMW gives, i always think - boy, nikki is so generous! not only with prizes and contests, but with sharing her talent and tips.

    i adore it too whenever you feature your makeup stints, especially when you cover weddings and parties. inspiring me and others that makeup can accentuate one's features. thank you!

    hjermae @

  83. I love your reviews about make up and beauty products.

    Specifically I loved your 'Airbrush' entry, you gave me an idea to have this kind of make up in my daughter's baptismal and birthday on Feb. (just like your model/client in that entry)

    Thanks and Happy 3rd Anniversary, I adore your blog! :)


  84. Nikki,

    Happy 3rd Blogversary!!! I've been your follower for more than a year now and what I enjoy most from reading your blog is learning different and simple techniques in doing nail art, the steps are really simple and yet the outcome -- it's SUPERB! I also love how you did a review on different brands of MU Brushes. Your review regarding the CHARM PRO set just helped me choose which brand is the best for me.

    wish you more blogversary to come...more product reviews, food trips, and Nail Art tutorials...Keep on inspiring other people and God Bless you more! C-H-E-E-R-S!


    ♦Collynn Cheng♦

  85. Kathryn

    i really love you blog. I've been reading your blog since 2010 and I must say that i learned alot from your reviews. Thank you for helping other people by your reviews. happy aniv AMW! :)

  86. Vivian Corbilla

    I started reading this blog since August last year. I have learned so many things from you, such as product reviews,tips and tutorials from head to foot, foods, places, personality, friendship, lovelife and games. The best product I possess because your reviews influences me a lot is my TFS shampoo, Purederm BB cream, p&j products, purederm hand and foot mask, etc. and it works to me. And now, im starting to learn nail arting and im enjoying it. anti-stress. Infact, i never go to bed without browsing this website just to check any updates from you.

    Keep it up. More powrr and God bless AMW!

  87. email:

    I learned to read cosmetic reviews first before buying any cosmetic products. Keep up the product reviews, they're very helpful! :)

  88. Hi there from a new reader :)
    I have been loving the detailed diagrams of colour placement on your eye-makeup looks. It's really helpful to a slightly makeup-challenged person like myself :) also love the positive and bright attitude!
    Best wishes, katherine

  89. I learned the importance of making sure that your hands are clean every time you apply (or touch) a beauty product in your face like when you moisturize it. thanks for constantly reminding me.

    Merlinda B. Little

  90. vanessa gan
    i learned lots of new designs for nail art i love the candy cane one!,and i remember the stay on eyeliner from elianto you reviewed,funny the SA in elianto doesnt know there's a back sharpener! teehee
    hope i qualify!

  91. hi nikki! i learned a lot from your blog! specifically, the nail art tutorials. i never bothered putting on nail polishes before since i find it not practical for my lifestyle, but when i saw your tutorials and your nail pictures, i was hooked! I bought several different colored polishes and tried to recreate the designs you have and created simple ones of my own. i must say its fun and gives a nice twist to nail color application!

    agnes peran

  92. I'm jessa..
    email add.. jes(.)otero(@)

    i learned so many things from your blog, like how to care the skin, how to apply make up, the great products from you and esp how to use nail art..I love how you blog about girl thing thanks Ms. Nikki.Keep it up!..

  93. Hi..
    name:merry jane ocol

    reading your blog is very usefull to me.
    It help me updated on the new products and teaches me on applying make ups!!

  94. Im a follower!

    Just hours ago i read this blog ,
    AMW Version: Fresh Natural Look.

    I love how u give that tutorial step by step on how to apply L'Oreal Open eyes pro Pallete. I love all the shades you featured there, all the earth colors that makes u look natural and glowing.
    I love eye make up!

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  95. name: Vida Cuaresma
    email: vida.cuaresma (@)

    I love this blog! It go on to proves that a person never stops learning (unless he/she decides to)... and I've definitely learned a lot from this blog - from the latest cosmetic brands and trends, contests and promotions, and I greatly appreciate your reviews - very human, but always presenting both sides.

    More power and happy 3!

  96. These are the things that I've learned from you Nikki!

    1. Your nail art tutorial is one of your best write ups. I have learned a lot from you. Thanks for teaching us all the tricks on how to prettify our nails.

    2. The Elianto StayOn pencil liner that does not smudge on my eyelids. You taught us on how to make eyeliners stay longer on oily eyelids.

    3. You're the first one who introduced me to BB Cream. I've learned that I'm gonna have to apply moisturizer first before I put it on my face. You're so witty!

    4. I'm loving Etude house now because of your reviews. And I remembered when you visited the place in Korea. I am sure you really had fun!

    5. Your Eureka Moments are sexy for me!

    6. Your review on Myra Vitaglow helps me realized that I don't need expensive products to make me fabulous. I just have to find a beauty product that suits my skin.

    7. I love the way you inspire us to be confident and gorgeous inside and out. And every time I see your "Enjoy reading and don't forget to smile" slogan I can't help myself but smile and face my day with excitement.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary! More power and God bless you! May you continue to inspire us all!


  97. your blog is a daily dose thing, nikki! in alphabetical order or not! :) i love love your reviews. but special note on the latest - i love nude eyes and i'm usually a klutz when it comes to beautifying them so your latest post is the best! perfect timing.

    torque beverly
    iamtorque15 at gmail dot com

  98. I love your nail art tutorials. Whenever I want to try or buy try something, I checked out your blog for reviews or recommendations.

    I also love your make-up tutorials. They don't look overdone and they are very wearable. I've learned that after applying liquid foundation, you need to put a powder to set it on, which I don't do before.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary po! <3

    Krista Naval

  99. Name : Isabel
    Email : deariesx (at) hotmail (dot) com

    I haven't been a reader for 3 years lol But I love all your nail art tutorials. Yeah, I didn't actually try any of them but at least I know how to now and if I ever decide to, I can =) And your 'tips section' in your reviews are very useful =)

    Thanks! ^^

  100. I learned from askmewhats make up tips that will look me great. Also, I learn to smile, and appreciate things more. I also realized that there are people like Nikki who is good and generous enough to share what she knows and takes time to write beauty blogs. Askmewhats is not just a blog bout make ups but a blog that touches people's life.

  101. happy 3rd birthday AMW!!!!

    Alice Mate

    What I have learned with reading your blog is not just about beauty and skin care but also how to enjoy anything even if you don't have that much moolahh.. I absolutely love your Eureka moments blog! they are soooo much fun to read!

  102. Name: Aby
    Email: abigailc22(at)yahoo(dot)com

    2. First of all, HAPPY 3d BLOGVERSARY Nikki & Keith!
    I've been reading your blog EVERYDAY (without skipping) for more than a year!!
    And I must say, I enjoyed e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y of it!
    Though I've been joining your contests since like forever, I haven't won anything yet.
    Yeah I know, I dont have the talent you called "luck".

    There were many things I've learned from this oh-so-awesome online beauty diary.
    But I specifically really liked that you made a lot of reviews about local and inexpensive products that suits a college student like myself!
    I've been like.. "Oh, Nikki made a positive review about this product. I should try it" then there's me going to the nearest Watson boutique.

    More power to you Guru Nikki =))

  103. Not joining the giveaway but I just want to wish you a very happy 3 years anniversary! Here's to many more! I love reading your blogs, I learned so many tips and techniques from you and you always put a smile on my face.

  104. what i have learned....... alot!!!from makeup tutorials,nailart,and other stuffs,bt what i have liked the most is to have a positive outlook in life, be always and stay beautiful not only outside appearance but also inside,i want to be like you,i want to inspire people in my own little way thats what i've learned from happy anniversary and more power!!!!

  105. what i have learned....... alot!!!from makeup tutorials,nailart,and other stuffs,bt what i have liked the most is to have a positive outlook in life, be always and stay beautiful not only outside appearance but also inside,i want to be like you,i want to inspire people in my own little way thats what i've learned from happy anniversary and more power!!!!

  106. Happy Anniversary!

    Mav Duran

    I've learned a lot from AMW! My favorite learning would be the review of the Remington Protect and Shine Pro Soft Curl Tong since I want to achieve curly locks but does not want to perm it hehe. :)

  107. purijc
    purijc (at) gmail (dot) com

    I really enjoyed reading your Vaseline Road Trip saga. And of course, the very important step of using moisturizer and sunscreen. Happy blog birthday, dear!

  108. Issa

    I like your AMW versions and i learn a lot from your product reviews since it gives me ideas on which products to buy...i also like the tips on contouring... happy anniversary!

  109. Issa

    I like your AMW versions and i learn a lot from your product reviews since it gives me ideas on which products to buy...i also like the tips on contouring... happy anniversary!

  110. I learned that beauty doesn't have to come at a steep price! I also learned that finding the right make-up isn't that hard and make-up isn't as complicated as I once thought.


  111. Caronia is a local brand and I've seen my Tita use it day in and day out. But when you reviewed it, I told her the good news - Caronia is a great and affordable brand that even merited AMW's reviews :)

    But the best part of this? Your little tips as storing needles inside the labels and recycling the little containers for handy use after refilling from big ones.

    Mom is a big Avon fan. Here's to hoping I get to be one of the lucky ones this time around :)

    daeaSR, daeaSR gmail com

  112. Name: Caitlin
    e-add: caitlin88(at)gmail(dot)com

    amw is the very first beauty blog i have ever read! i can not recall how i stumbled upon this site..but it's totally sure worth the time reading and getting hooked on it! :) i've learned a lot of make up tricks, insightful and refreshing product reviews and beauty news. Everything one has to know about beauty, make up and everything under the sun can be read here and because of AMW I am resolved to totally collect and love make up more...

    I am happy to know that AMW has been around for three years! Happy Blogversary AMW! more, more, more blog love and beautiful years to come!

  113. Hello :)

    What I learned from always browsing through your site?

    M2M actually! But to be more specific, I love your TIPS in every skincare and make-up review :)

    I know that you are on the dry side of the skin type, but you really make an effort to indicate if the product is alright for those oily-skinned gals like me.

    I also love your posts about random food trips :) It makes me crave to go to such places. Especially when it comes to the desserts :D

    Over-all I love how you make sure that your blog is worth reading for everyone!

    My e-mail address is

  114. Happy 3 years Ms. Nikki!!
    I love all your blog reviews esp. the nail tutorials. But I loved most your eye shadow tutorial, since i don't know how to do make-up tricks. I really learned a lot because of the diagram you provide.

    Name: Leizle M. Demaisip
    Email: leizledemaisip(at)yahoo(dot)com

  115. Happy 3rd anniv AMW!
    I honestly haven't been a follower of the blog for a long time, just a month or so really, but I've been really impressed with the newer posts so I browsed all the archives too!

    I love the nail art posts and of course the beauty tips, especially reviews of matte lipsticks[REVLON!]

    I also learned about Lip Ice here so, THANKS A LOT AMW!

    Mauwi Fajardo

  116. Happy Blogoversary AMW!
    I loved your Korean adventure with Mr. AMW. Filled with tips of where to dine and where go. Will surely come tipsters heaven for future tripsters! And even though you're away for the vacay, we never missed out on all the fun and of course, you! ~kaho din is at kahodin (at) gmail

  117. I learned to be a wise spender and that you need not to spend a lot on beauty finds. There are a lot of good ones that are affordable.

    Lisa dela Peña

  118. I learned a lot from you! From cheap finds, to nail art, to eyeshadow tricks. You are one great blogger!

    Sofia Gatchalian

  119. tintin

    askmewhats is at the top of my bookmarks, i visit as often as possible because it has helpful reviews on all sorts of products in the skincare and beauty department. i swear before i buy a product i search it first here if you have a review :) though most days i buy the product because i saw your review :D

    i also became a pro in nail art bcoz of your tutorials. i am sorry though coz im not a legal follower, i didn't want my hubby to know that i am as "in" to makeup as i am and for him to see that i am following a beauty blog.. but rest assured i contributed much to your counter :)

    therefore for the past two years that i have visited your blog, i have learned a lot about makeup and i have evolved to be a better shopper and a better makeup/nail art person! we should be the one thanking you for sharing these stuff with us! :)

  120. Lyn

    i like your blog a lot because i've learned alot from your make up tutorials. happy aniv to your blog :D

  121. Name : Monette
    Email : huggie0109(at)yahoo(dot)com

    The things I love & learned from your site are :

    1.) Nail Art Tutorials (I love your creativity)
    2.) Your reviews on BB cream and other beauty products
    3.) Learning to use eyeshadow and making various looks

    P.S. I also learned that you never fail to put "Smile and Click" on most of your posts =)

  122. Everytime I plan to buy a new beauty product, I type "askmewhats" in my browser. I love that your reviews are so comprehensive, and I like how you inject humor and your personality in each blog post. I learned how to do the natural makeup look with your posts. And I like your "Eureka Moments" because I myself love spotting great deals! :D

    Helen Blas

  123. COngratulations ASKMEWHATS for the 3rd year anniversary!

    Johanna Manalo

    I learned many things from your different eye looks tutorial coz we have the same shape of the eyes. Especially the smokey eyes for monolids. More power to you!

  124. AMW is a discovery blog. and my most memorable? intimate bra converter. saves you the hassle and embarrassment especially during gala events! or sports! one of the best tips ever. thanks nikki.

    hidburn arce

  125. Happy 3 years!

    What I love about your blog is the product reviews that you make. I am just starting to use make up and I can really say that I learn about different products because of you. Thanks! :)

    Geraldine Tan

  126. Name : Mary Ann P

    Happiness to you!!

    through your blog, i have learned to see beyond the usual stuff, (branded stuff )and consider the japan stores, saizen and daiso as a new heaven of great beauty goodies, your Eureka moment really is awesome!

    thanks for the Love!

  127. Best thing I learned and I am such a fan of this: applying concealer/foundation/BB Cream to lipstick so it changes its color! Mwah! love it. Keep writing!
    Charlene Javier

  128. joye
    gfc name: miss savealittle
    email: xxjoyexx[at]

    i have learned quite a lot - mostly what products i can use, restos to try out and, of course, makeup application.

    happy 3rd anniversary! :)

  129. I can't even sum up in a sentence what i have learned from your blog but i would try. From knowing the latest offers on make ups and mini tutorials to finding the best restaurants around the metro, i could say that you have been part of my daily regime. Keep on blogging :)

    Aimee Pedayo

  130. Name: Khrishia Sedenio
    Email: khrish1207(at)yahoo(dot)com

    I really LOVE your Nail Art Tutorials! Especially that time where you taught us how to create "Sesame Street" nails! That really brought out the little girl in me! When I tried to copy it, my son just kept on staring on my nails for days!

    Keep it up Ms. Nikki and more power!
    Happy 3rd!

  131. i have learned so much from your blog!in fact you're 1 of the people who inspired me to do nail arts. i have been doing simple nail arts before & have never thought of posting nail arts din, but seeing how you make cute nail arts inspires to also get my creative juices flowing. also your reviews! you give out nice reviews so i am able to know what things might work for me & what might not...

    same with the eye make-up tutorials. you make it look so easy by providing a picture that we, dummies, would know exactly where to put the colors to achieve that look!


  132. ruth

    i love the review on the lipstick because i have a dry lips..

    so now i know what i will purchase without testing on the tester.

    thank you


  133. electronicfly
    electronicdotfly [at] yahoo [dot] com

    Trying to pinpoint one major thing I've learnt from your blog is hard, as I've learnt so many tips of the trade, in addition to all your great reviews.

    If I had to pick one topic, it would be on nail art. I'm a total noob (even now), so although I still can't do the practical, at least I can tell ppl I know the theories for great nail art :P

  134. Say Tioco Artillero

    Hi Nikki! I have learned so much from your blog! I always check out your Eureka posts since I find them really really helpful! You give such awesome ideas! Your reviews are very much unbiased--they are entirely honest and I find them totally trustworthy! Happy third year to AMW! :)

  135. Jennifer

    jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

    I've read a great tutorial post from AMW on how to apply eyelashes! for someone who is using falsies for the first time, the post is a great guide for beginners!

  136. I love your Eureka moments! Especially that unique shade you got and your planner that you bought from Landmark! I learned that I can go to inexpensive products as long as it works for me.

    Happy 3rd anniv, AMW!


  137. I followed you last 2010 and I must say that even if its just a short period of time, I learned a lot from you ever since. I love how you give unbiased reviews, and how you tell your readers to always smile and be happy. Thank you, because you serve as an inspiration to girls like me.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary!


  138. love your chinese new year inspired nail art! that's the best i believe right this moment - why? because i can offer a similar design to my nail art clients getting ready for the new year! thank you nikki.
    rlyn68 at gmail dot com

  139. Emby
    I started reading your blog since 2008.. and I was a "silent" reader by that time, I've seen how your blog and career(as a blogger/make up artist)grow and I'm so impressed with the accomplishments you've done..
    I love everything!Specifics? I love doing the flower designs on nails,learned it through your blog.. also lipbalms and lipstick reviews 'coz I also have dry chapped lips and I need them the most..

    Congrats nikki! more years to come!!:)

  140. Congrats on this 3 years, Nikki!

    I've learned 3 things:

    - That beauty really is international and, whether we are in Spain (like me) or in the Philippines, what we all want is to look pretty!

    - That I need to be more daring with my nail design... and your tutorials are, oh so helpful!

    - That there are maaaany brands that I nee to try in this lifetime :)

    My name is Lara and my email svlara(at)gmail(dot)com

  141. Happy 3rd birthday AMW!! :D Anyway,

    1. Fatima Serdena (

    2. I love your eye make up tutorials because you go through the trouble of including a diagram and step by step procedures (with pictures!) of how you did the said eye make up.

    Thanks so much for having this contest! :D

  142. Happy 3 Year Anniversary!! My three years is coming up soon! ^^

    In these past 3 years, from AskMeWhats, I learned about the food in Phillipines and other countries, how to contour your face, how to apply falsies, and how to do different nail looks!! The last three are things that I'm not too good at and AskMeWhats helped me out a bit!

  143. I don't do nail art but your nail art designs and how to's are very creative!
    I love photography and appreciate your hubby's shots. Appreciate your travel itineraries too.
    Thanks for sharing with everyone. -james
    dvjamesc (at)

  144. I've learned from reading your blog through the years about the proper contouring of the face. It really changed the way I put on makeup.

  145. Hi Nikki,

    I might as well join this :) For the record, I actually started blogging because of of your blog. :)

    (Warning: semi dramatic post)

    I never wore (or brought) anything more than a colorless lip balm. I was too shy. But when my former officemates started being bullies. I decided that I should change the way I represented myself. On your Cbox, I started asking what moisturizer I should wear, what's the best gel liner, eye liner and stuff. Then I applied the gel liner tutorials I learned here to myself. It gave me confidence. Technically, I JUST learned to put on eyeliner and what moisturizer to use or to experiment with facial masks, but what I gained from it is what matters (at least for me).

    So.. Thank You for giving me confidence.


  146. amw inspired me to relive my passion for nail art. and thats just the first. reading your blog led me to several things such as, making an effort to look good, learning and realizing that putting on makeup is not a sign of vanity but is a way to make yourself presentable and prettier, it has also led me to have the habit of reading blogs, i even created one!


  147. from carla king,

    i get my regular beauty dose from amw (along with shen's addiction and project vanity)... i love how overall you project a very positive outlook in life; i've never seen you "frown" or looking sad in your pics, and your posts all have this optimistic vibe. as you said once, if you get rejected 50 times, then you try for another 50. =)

  148. Hi Nikki!

    Your blog has been a daily read for me. I get to learn new stuff because of AMW! It has helped me decide on my purchases!

    The best purchase I had was my Charm Pro. I was looking for a really good professional brush set. The Pro set was a great buy esp that it's only P3200 for 21 brushes. But what made me think otherwise was -- P3200 was kinda BIG to shell out at one time. I was kinda hesitant to buy the Charm Pro set but because of your A+ review, I bought it. And I'm glad I did!

    The same goes for your hair products. I had frizzy, unruly hair before. And I knew I needed to do something. I went to your blog, and looked for good reviews on cheap but good hair stuff! And I found the L'Oreal Smooth-Intense Elseve Line. I purchase all 4 stuff under that line, and now, my mane is at its best!

    Thanks so much! Your reviews didn't fail me. I'm gonna try more A+ stuffed (those rated by you!)


  149. 1. Name: Gail Capz
    Email: abigailc22(at)yahoo(dot)com

    2. First of all, HAPPY 3d BLOGVERSARY Nikki & Keith!
    I've been reading your blog EVERYDAY (without skipping) for more than a year!!
    And I must say, I enjoyed e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y of it!
    Though I've been joining your contests since like forever, I haven't won anything yet.
    Yeah I know, I dont have the talent you called "luck".

    There were many things I've learned from this oh-so-awesome online beauty diary.
    But I specifically really liked that you made a lot of reviews about local and inexpensive products that suits a college student like myself!
    I've been like.. "Oh, Nikki made a positive review about this product. I should try it" then there's me going to the nearest Watson boutique.

    More power to you Guru Nikki =))

  150. Name : Min Viloria
    email :

    I have learned from your blog the different make ups that I can use for everyday or for different occassions. And also, the stylish way of nail art :)

  151. congratulations on turning 3! =)

    i have learned many things from you but 2 things i found particularly helpful were how to do bridal makeup and makeup on mature skin. i'm not a professional makeup artist but i am a makeup enthusiast. but when a friend asked me to do her and her mother's makeup for her wedding, i turned to your blog. my friend should be forever grateful to your blog since they loved how i did their makeup. :)

    anya mendoza