Wednesday, July 6, 2011

AMW Version: Here Comes the Rain

Rainy days can put me in a gloomy mood!  It's not because I hate the rain but I dislike the flood, traffic and danger it gives to everyone!  

I am trying to put something positive into everything that's happening around us that's why I thought of creating a Rainy Day Look!  I thought of the dark blue sky, that explains the colors I used!

AMW Diagram

Step 1:
Apply a primer if you want for the eyeshadow to look more vibrant and stay longer.  I used Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer.  I penciled my crease area with Lancome Le Crayon Khol in Teal and top it with Laura Mercier's Blue Sky Eye Quad using the color as pointed by the brush.

Step 2:
With a blending brush, blend out harsh lines from the blue shadow with Dollface Green shade eyeshadow.

Step 3:
Apply light shimmery orange eyeshadow (same from Dollface palette) on the brow bone area.

Step 4:
With a pencil brush, apply the same blue shadow used on Step 1 on the lower lash line.

Step 5:
Apply gel liner.  I am using KATE Gel Liner in Black

Apply falsies.  I am using KKCenterHK's ES A155 which is one of the longest and fullest lashes I've tried to date. I am liking the lashes from ES as they are long but not heavy at all!  It feels so light!

Here Comes the Rain

What's on the rest of my face?
Secret!  *just joking* :P

For the Face
INuovi Lite Base  in 3Y
Revlon ColorStay Powder Foundation

For the Cheeks
MAC Superduper Natural Mineralized Blush

 For the Lips:
NYX Black Label Lipstick in Acapulco
Revlon Colorburst 004 Pink Ice

Rain or shine, 
I'm ready to face the world with a huge smile!

After I removed my falsies, here's how bare my real lashes look! :)
Girls can really cheat with makeup!
Guys....BEWARE!  *laughs*

Do you look different with falsies on?
It depends, the really long ones can give a huge impact to my tiny eyes!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Pretty look! Love the teals and blues on you. :)

  2. the lashes are pretty on you :D

  3. you look pretty as always Miss Nikki! yup, falsies really make a difference on me!

  4. love the look. the blue compliments your coloring.
    i love applying false lashes, they make me look more awake. it's the process i have a difficult time with lol

  5. Lovely eye make up!

  6. Love it! Blues look gorgeous on you!

  7. Whoa! You really look pretty with that! I think i must try doing that also. It will match my personality! I will not missed that eyelashes! See yah bratz with my new look!

  8. pretty! I love the colors you used.

  9. soo pretty! Loce rainy days!

  10. @Kumiko Mae Thank you! I find the lashes overwhelming at first use but I'm liking it!

  11. @Issa So, do you use the long ones or the natural ones? :D

  12. @Marge Thank you! Thanks for the compliment, agree with the process of falsies application :)

  13. @Plastic Surgery Thank you, I am hoping to see your version

  14. You are so pretty and cute! i love love love that look!

  15. Gorgeous look! The blue looks really pretty and intense on your eyes. It POPS out haha! Love it! :)


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