Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nail Art Tutorial: "I'm In China, I See Pandas!"

Happy Nail Art Tutorial Day!  I actually did this nail art last week before I left for Shanghai.  As I always get inspired with the things I see or do, I've decided to create a nail art that has something to do with China!  

RED!  Is definitely on my mind as red is known to be a lucky color.  Then, I had a flashback on my Chinese history, though Dragon has always been a National Emblem, Panda is recently used to serve as an emblem to represent the modern times.  A lot of panda stuff toys, images and mascots are seen when you visit the country!

Red and Panda it is!  Here's my nail art tutorial created specially for my Shanghai Trip! 

Step 1:
Do not forget to apply a base coat to protect your nails from further yellowing.  I used a coat of ZOYA Basecoat.  Once dry, apply 2 coats of the brightest red polish I own at present.  That's Paul & Joe Nail Lacquer in 012.

This nail art tutorial is really easy, I promise you!  You only need dotting tools or random pens or any items that has a circle end.  For the polish, you only need 2 shades to create a Panda.  Black and White.  Both polish I used are from The Face Shop.  The one on the right is their new polish bottle.

Step 2:
It is VERY important that the base polish is COMPLETELY dry before you proceed with this step.  If you did not wait long enough, everything will be ruined.  
Again, once the red base is completely dry, create a half circle on nail with the nail polish brush.  No need for any special tool.  At this stage, do not worry on creating perfect half circles, keep in mind that pandas are furry by nature so it's ok if they're not perfectly drawn.

Step 3:
As the half white circle is completely dry, use a medium sized dotting tool or use a medium ballpoint pen to apply dots.  With The Face Shop's Black Polish on paper, gently dot to create ears and eyes.

Step 4:
For the nose, I used a smaller dotting tool or if you don't have one, I suggest you can use toothpick and dot multiple times until you create a dot big enough but not bigger than the ears and eyes.

Step 5:
By the time you went through all your fingers for the black dots, it's time to move on to create the eyes.  With the same white polish used for the head, apply a dot smaller than the black eyes as shown on photo below.

Step 6:
For the eye balls, I don't have a super small dotting tool so I'm using a mechanical pencil OR you can use a needle at this point.

I like random arts so I've created male and female Pandas.  Yay for equality!  *laughs*  With a dotting tool, or if you're comfortable, use an art brush.  I used Orly's Cotton Candy Polish Shade.

Another Optional Step:
Poor Pandas if their bodies are not shown!  Since my thumb nails have bigger space, I've decided to draw the full bodies of the panda.  Create 2 huge circles.  Bottom circle bigger than the one above.

Create the face the same way as above, add the hands and feet.

I wanted them to have their favorite snack!  Bamboo!  I opted for green colored bamboos as the regular flesh tone will be washed out in this nail art design.

Step 7:
Making sure the Pandas are COMPLETELY dry, protect them with your choice of top coat.  I used OPI's Start to Finish.

I'm ready to strut the streets of China and probably be attacked by a real Panda
*knocks on wood* LOL

Hope you like it and please tell me you'll give it a try?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hahahha! cuuute! ginawa ko tong nailart na to, last May! (minus the red background nga lang :p ) nung nasa Saudi ako for vacation, sabi ko, may sudden urge ako for a 'stylishly hip' manicure! so napabili tuloy ako ng black and white!.. i dont have dotting tools, so gumamit ako ng q-tips at toothpick! tadaa~..and then i fell inlove with the pandas! <3 <3

    lasted for 2 days lang though, walang basecoat! so sad.. :(

    pasalubong, nikki! haha!


  2. hankyut!!! this is definitely one of the cutest nail arts you've done nikki!! gusto ko ring gayahin kaso i've unsteady hands and i don't have the tools to do something like this, so hanggang admiration lang ako sa design mo! hehehe..

    enjoy your trip!!! will continue reading about your vacation..:D


  3. wow, sooo creative! love it, nikki! <3

  4. I love this, the pandas are so cute! You did an awesome job!

  5. Your nail art takes my breath away! I'm so glad to have seen the famous Nikki nails at last Saturday's Glambox workshop, I was one of those girls who got starstruck with your nails.


    Super fan mo talaga ako, Nikki! Especially now that I've met you and saw how pretty and how nice and so kulit you are in person!

    Okay, end fangirl mode no. :)

  6. Wow that is super detailed! I know I will never have the patience to do that by myself! LOL. Kudos to you!

  7. omg this is so cute! It's gonna be a great conversation starter when you're in China!

  8. u make it look so easy!

  9. Cute pandas! This looks very familiar. I swear I've seen this style from another blog before. I just can't remember which one. Anyway, great job! Now I want to watch kung fu panda again! Hihi!

  10. @Anonymous Cute no? Q tips are a great idea! Works just as well :)

  11. @CybrTrendz gayahin mo si Julie, she doesn't have tools but used Q tip try it!

  12. @Dea Katawa ka! You even took notice of my nails and deadma ka na sa mukha ko :)))) love you dear

  13. @giddy tigress Naku, once you get the hang of it, you'll get addicted to it! trust me :)

  14. @Bun Bun Makeup Tips true, you're right, the lady at H&M asked, "Is that a Panda?" and there we go conversing!

  15. @Dianne I'm sure there are a lot of versions out there! I've got mine "pegged" from a nail art book I bought from China :)


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