Monday, August 1, 2011

Shanghai! I'm back!!!

Happy Monday everyone!  By the time you're reading this, I'm probably off to the airport (or probably oversleeping) as I'm off to Shanghai today!  Before you get too excited, it's not all about fun!  I'm off to Shanghai for work...... THEN play! :P 

I will update you as much as I can!  I can't wait to see what Shanghai has to offer after almost 3 years?  The last time I was there was around 2008!  Can't wait to see my brother too!

There's nothing much to shop in Shanghai especially on international brands as I believe they are more expensive there!  It wouldn't hurt to check out Sephora Stores in China though!  I've researched and found a couple of branches --- that, if I don't get lost!

I am not even sure if I'll be doing the usual tourist-y stuff as I've done that before.  My favorite place aside from The Bund and the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower is the YuYuan Garden.  I wouldn't mind going back just to chill!

I will definitely try more food!!!  The area I will be staying is near a road that sells delicious and inexpensive local food!

Stinky Tofu is surprisingly good yet...ahmm..stinky!  Not craving for it but who knows?  Maybe, I can give it another chance!

I don't mind lining up again for....

THIS! :)
I know we have Lord's Stow down here which is as good, but this one has a more "egg taste"

I love curry!  I've eaten at a restaurant chain called CoCo and I was told by my brother that they branched out to malls!  I wish there's a branch near the hotel I will be staying!

Thank goodness the hotel is near a subway station!  
Easy for me to walk around the city on my own!
It's also a pro that I can speak the language, BUT, need to brush up my Mandarin skills!  
Not looking forward to the "blank faces" from locals who goes... : "EH?"
when they don't get what I'm saying! 

Oh, one thing more, the Subway in Shanghai is a bit confusing!  Too many people, most stops are in Chinese, or ALL stops are in Chinese?  ( I can't seem to remember.).

It'll be an adventure I will report once I get the chance!
Pray that I don't get lost ok?  Thank you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy


  1. Kayang-kaya mo yan, Judenites are Chinese masters hahaha!

  2. oooh i love it, hehehe, sa dec pa ulit travel namin ni jowables, we caught the cebu pac seat sale yesterday LOLz ;-)
    happy trip, baby, ingat ingat ♥

  3. hi Nikki!!
    Dami ng changes here since 2008! You'll be amaze!!

    For the subway, there are English words na naman.. pero 10 lines na sila now!!!

    The Sephora stores are not like US Sephora ah, pero at least Sephora. Make sure to ask for freebies (kahit na sa ndi Sephora na stores, they give out mga samples din naman, minsan may fullsize pa).

    There are H&M, Uniqlo, C&A here.. baka may sale pa.. Love Coco curry too!! Is that Lillian's Eggtarts?

    Enjoy your trip ah!! Buti ndi na sobrang init this week.. last week was Oven!! 37/38 degrees!!!

    If u need anything, do let me know. be happy to help out! :)

  4. oh my! thanks for sharing your uuuhhhmmmazing photos! I want to go there too!

  5. oh, looks exciting! will wait for your kwentos on your adventure when you get back! have a safe trip miss nikki! enjoy! :)

  6. Have a safe trip and a lot of fun! The pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing them,

  7. Hello Nikki, make a side trip to Suzhou, that's only 18-30 mins via CRH train, I hope to meet you in person :) Enjoy your Shanghai getaway :)

  8. I love Shanghai...and the stinky Tofu! Have fun!

  9. Have fun! :) One Sephora I know is along Huai Hai Road, just beside H&M. ;-) Enjoy!

  10. You take care. Looking forward to your fun posts! :)

  11. @Rowena Wendy Lei So far! Na susurvive ko! 'm going home soon!

  12. @Marge Where are you guys going? So cute JOWABLES! :P

  13. @Ria Super LOVE Shanghai, the city that changes a lot! pero it's easier nga for tourists! :)

  14. @Ria Thanks nga pala for offering help! My brother is here and I've been texting him if I need to ask directions or something :D Ahhh sale season nga!!! :)

  15. @Hollie Someday :) We can always dream! I use to dream about traveling to Shanghai too!

  16. @Issa Kilalang kilala mo ako, you know I'll be making kwento!!! hahahha

  17. @gio My pleasure, those photos were taken 2008! so expect a different look when I report about it :)

  18. @Amabelle Enriquez-Del Castillo Awww what are you doing in Suzhou? I've been there before! I just didn't have the time for a side trip as I worked half of this trip :) Hope to see you someday, kelan balik mo sa pinas?

  19. @Angela I visited 2 branches of Sephora..but didn't get much, sooo expensive!

  20. @Askmewhats Hi Nikki, sorry ngayon lang ulit ako nakareply, alam mo na sinusumpong na naman ang Great Firewall dito, hehehe. I've been living here in Suzhou with my family for a year and a half now. Hopefully next year makabakasyon na kami sa Pinas. Just advise kung makakapasyal ka ulit sa Suzhou, para ma meet din kita in person :)

  21. @Amabelle Enriquez-Del Castillo Sige, pag magbakasyon ka naman dito sa Manila, let me know :) We can meet up, kasi medyo matagal tagal pa akong mag Susuzhou ulit :) ehehhe


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