Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Travel Report: Arrival!

Ni Hao Ma? (How are you?)
I'm safe and sound, currently in my  hotel room and will be off to the office soon!  The weather here is quite humid (so goodluck underarms! LOL).

Internet connection in my hotel room is bad and I can't even read some sites!  No to Twitter and no to FB by the way! :) I'm sure a lot of you already knew that I'm not aware of the outside world! :)

The flight went well, I flew via Philippine Airlines and the flight went on smoothly!  What I love about PAL is their food!  I was given a choice between chicken or pork, I opted for the latter and guess what dessert was?  Chocolate Ice Cream!  I gave it a skip and asked for my trustee coffee as I watched THOR inside the plane!  Thank goodness I finally watched it!

Thanks to my dear brother who is so sweet to call in a private cab, to make sure I'm safe!  Sweet guy helped me with my luggage and all I did was relax for an hour drive from Pudong Airport to my Hotel.

Ahhh, Hotel, I am staying at Shanghai Haigang Hotel, that's another story worth posting!  Will tell you more about it soon!  Hope things are doing well for you guys!  I hope my pictures show up as it's not showing up here! LOL

Keep smilin' 
Stay happy!


  1. oh, it's raining over here and there are no classes for students.... good to hear you had a safe trip! enjoy Miss Nikki! :)

  2. pictures are showing, just a tad too large he he he have fun in China, loves! Stay safe! x

  3. The pictures are showing up. Dang, hotel internet must be really that bad. Good to hear you arrived safely. :)

  4. @Issa I heard nga about the typhoon, BUT! Typhoon daw tomorrow dito, I hope I won't miss my flight!

  5. @phey s Thanks for letting me know, its fixed na I believe :D

  6. Welcome back to China, no FB no twitter no YT and no blogger!


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