Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Travel Report: Shanghai Haigang Hotel

(Note from Author: I am still blogging on a super weird internet connection, photos aren't showing up on my side but I hope it does on yours!  If not, please bear with me, I'll fix it once I get back!)
Happy Wednesday!  As promised, I will be posting about the Hotel where I am staying!  The hotel name is Shanghai Haigang Hotel (Shanghai Harbour Hotel).

The hotel is actually a 2-star hotel but 2-star hotels in China are almost equivalent to 3-4 star ratings in Manila!  The bed looks great BUT, I had a hard time sleeping on my first night as it's hard and my back was hurting so much!  You know what I did?  I created "quilted" sheets with my blanket and I thought of that idea around 2:00am!  *laughs* So I was able to go to La-La-Land around 2:30am!  Too late, but I blend well with my "Panda" nails the day after! :P

There's a mini-fridge, a flat screen TV and the best of all?  Free LAN internet.  The internet connection gets wonky around 7:00-10:00pm though and I can't seem to chat with my family via Yahoo Messenger as I was disconnected nth time during chat!  It's frustrating but come to think of it, it's free!  No point in complaining.

There's a dresser and a SAFE!  But I didn't get to use it as I'm scared of even opening this cabinet!  Had this feeling that "Sadako" will come out anytime soon?  *laughs*  You can't blame me, I'm alone in a foreign land!
Bathroom looks like any other hostel/hotel bathrooms, they got basic necessities like toothbrush and toothpaste, shower cap, shampoo and conditioner and towels good for one. They can even lend you a travel hair dryer if you asked for it (in Chinese)!  Thank goodness I brought my own toiletries!  

There's a funny story about their service though, for a 2-star hotel, do not expect 3 star hotel service, actually I don't see much service at all!  I was there, tired from flight and was wondering why the bathtub gets flooded, I was calling their room service for help and 2x, I was given instructions in Chinese on how to deal with it!  *laughs* I was thinking: "If I can't do it, I won't ask for help right?"  Oh well, thank God for my IQ, I was able to figure it out on my own, no thanks to the service rep!

There are better hotels out there for sure but NOTHING beats the location! It's only a couple of minutes walk to the subway station and I am surrounded with restaurants after restaurants and a lot of shops!  Oooohhh, Lucky me!  Sale Season for stores like H&M, GAP, Uniqlo, Marks & Spencer, etc...!

I haven't taken much pictures inside the stores as I can be shoo-ed away for that!  (according to my brother).  Oh well, I was a diligent reporter, I was able to take a bit of shots still and I'll report back to you! :)

How are things there? 
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Ohhh! I suddenly miss Shanghai! I love the city, it's clean despite the fact that it's commercialized and I can still see a lot of greens.

    I wish I can go back there once Disneyland is done :)

  2. Nikkidoo, enjoy your shanghai trip!
    Don't worry, Sadako lives several miles away from that safe and dresser and by the time she gets to Harbour Hotel, you would've flown back to Manila... so use it na! :D

  3. your hotel looks nice and clean! take care Miss Nikki! :)

  4. Gotta love Chinese hotels! Hope the rest of your trip is better!

  5. awww i wanna go, too. hehehe korea muna ;-)

  6. @Joanne MV agree! would love to come back for Disneyland !I'm sure it's a blast! Shanghai pa!

  7. @herroyalbleakness In fairness, natawa ako! hahahaha Malay mo mabilis lumipad? At may visa to China? :P

  8. @Marge Go!!! you deserve to go to Korea :D


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