Thursday, August 4, 2011

AMW Reviews: The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish remover

I ran out of all my favorite nail polish removers which I bought in Korea.  I am not complaining, it was 9months worth of nail polish remover supply!  

Because I've been so happy with the performance on ALL Korean Branded polish remover, I've decided to continue using one and this one's from The Face Shop as I haven't been back to any Etude House or even Tony Moly stores at the moment! 

They use to have this in pink and blue variant, can't seem to find the blue one!  The company probably decided to just sell one and PINK is the winner I guess in terms of sales!

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Nail Polish Remover says ---

AMW says ---
  • It's packaging is actually effective enough for the nail polish remover not to evaporate when not in use.
  • Removes regular polish quite easily.
  • Smells great, it does not irritate my nose.
  • Inexpensive, a little is enough.  One cotton pad can clean at least 3-4 nails (considering I have nail art)
  • Available locally, you can easily find The Face Shop stores inside malls.
  • Does not dry out my nails or cuticle.
  • No white 'film' visible as compared to drying nail polish removers.
  • Not really a con but I prefer to have these in bigger size so I can refill it to this small packaging.  It saves the environment as well!
A wonderful alternative to expensive brands!  The Face Shop Lovely ME:Ex Nail Polish remover works and its not so pricey!  The cheaper ones can really dry out my nails and cuticles!

  • Use cotton pad instead of cotton balls.
  • For glitters or polish that are quite dark and hard to remove, leave the cotton pad on top of your nails for at least 30seconds before you gently massage to effectively remove the polish.
  • Always make sure to close the cap tight.  
  • You can transfer the polish into an Acetone  Pump which is mess free and leak proof!
  • Store in cool, dry place.
  • Even if this polish remover smells good, try not to inhale much of this scent as its still chemical.
  • After removing polish, I prefer to gently wipe my nails with damp cloth to remove excess chemical left on nails.  I am not washing my hands as it may create bubble once you apply polish.
Will I repurchase?
Yes! I just did!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Nail Polish lovers out there who wants to try different shades of polish!  A gentle kind of nail polish remover also helps your nails by not stripping its layer.

Where to purchase and how much?
At The Face Shop stores for Php95.00 (approx $2.00).

Most of the nail polish removers in Korea costs around Php80.00 (less than $2.00), yes, its more inexpensive but there's no point going to Korea and pay for expensive plane fare just for these.  I think the local rate is priced quite reasonably!  This is my to-go polish remover for now while I am still in search for "bigger packaged" polish removers!

Anyone tried Tony Moly, Etude House's and This one?
Which one is better for you?
I've tried Tony Moly's and I think they work just the same!

Oh, I'm still in Shanghai and trying "hard" to sleep.  I'm not used to sleeping in a hard bed!  *laughs*  I know its good for my posture but I'm too old for "posture correction"!  hahaha  Internet connection is still SUPER bad but thank goodness for drafts and all I need to do is type in the words even without photos showing up here!

Another update....why does China have to be THIS BIG???  My legs are in pain from all the walking! :)  I'm staying positive, I'm going back home with SEXY LEGS *winks*

Miss you all!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. super super super love that polish kasi even if tadtad na yung bulak with laquer, it still works!

  2. I was searching for the nail polish remover I got from the face shop from korea...but I can't seem to remember where I put the darned thing. this just made me think of it again...guess its time to clean my room...haha

  3. I have only tried the Etude House one and I think they are pretty similar although the Etude one has a stronger smell than the Face shop one. Not that its a bad thing unless you are sensitive to smell

  4. That's a really cute nail polish remover. It's good to know it works well too. Thanks for the review.

  5. I'm currently using the Pink nail polish remover from etude house, they're about the same price and I actually love it. I will have to try this too so that I can compare both. :D
    Awesome Review!

  6. yeah i need ideas what to buy at the face shop for their promo-raffle. =(
    sleep well dear, i love that you're still able to blog even from there ;-)

  7. thanks for the review as it comes right in time :D i am running low on nail polishes and am looking for affordable yet effective brand

  8. I love TFS' polish remover too! But I'll try Tony Moly when this runs out, it's a little more expensive but the bottle is bigger too!

  9. @Kumiko Mae Nice , I usually throw them away kahit may space pa yung cotton! hahaha

  10. @rasilla Yes Clean your room and look for this! hope its not evaporated LOL :)

  11. @kaishiza Ah I don't mind as long as it's not the strong Acetone smell :)

  12. @gio My pleasure, I guess you don't have this brand there right?

  13. @Hollie Ako din! after this, I'll try the Etude House one!

  14. @xin Sister, is TFS affordable there?

  15. @Kari Oh, I've tried the Tony Moly one and it works just as fine :)


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