Tuesday, September 13, 2011

AMW Makeover: The Groom's Room

Groom's Room is like Blues' Clues....
sorry too random!  *laughs*

It was a first for me to stay inside the Groom's Room for makeovers, it wasn't as busy as the bride's room for sure!  Now I know how Mr. AMW's room felt like during the time of our wedding!  I can officially say: "He's unfair!"

The Groom's Room obviously feels more relaxed as the photographers, make-up artists, stylists and coordinators usually meet up inside the bride's room which makes it a bit more crowded.  As I got in the groom's room, everyone was either eating, chatting, watching TV and the groom can get ready at least 2 hours later than the bride!  Men are lucky!!!  :P

I prettified 3 lovely ladies from the Groom's Family.  

 Mother of the Groom
Request: Not much, do anything I want 
just to make her look young!
I am lucky as the mom of the groom has great-looking skin to start with!  I prepped the skin by using a moisturizer.  I spot corrected dark areas to lighten up the spots then proceed with cream foundation.  I kept the make-up as light as possible and focus on perfecting the look of her skin!  Nothing beats inner glow that's why the "after" picture, we almost can't see her eyes as she kept on laughing! 

Well, I did say : "Koochi...koochi...baby's laughing!"  *laughs*  It worked! 

Godmother of the Bride and Groom
Request: Same as above! 
The Godmother of the bride and groom turns out to be the Groom's Aunt!  She also have the same skin condition as her sister (above) so I just moisturized areas that are a bit dryer than the rest, spot correct  some random spots.  I did not forget to conceal her under eye area with a concealer.  Used the same formulation of foundation --- cream foundation and gave her a bit of a healthy glow.

Sister-in-law of the Groom
Request: To make her face look slimmer
First of all, slimming effect cannot be done with make-up alone, so I have to thank the effort of my talented hairstylist George Aliben.   The sister-in-law of the groom requested for a slimming effect so I put out my weapon --- Contouring and highlighting powders!

Her skin is a bit dry so I moisturized her face with a non-greasy moisturizer.  Applied Primer on top as she has a super cute 9-month old baby to take care of so I'm sure she will be oiling up even before the wedding ceremony!

I focused the make-up at the center of her face to steer the eyes away from the face's shape.  I've drawn her brows a shade bit darker, did a semi-smokey eye makeup, contoured her nose (again for that center-focused) and used a nice pink lipstick.  

After the make-up, I've done contouring below the cheekbones, the sides of her forehead and her chin.  It does not make a super huge difference at first glance but it gives a cast of shadow on photos!

 Mother of the Groom and Godmother of Bride and Groom
Ready for their photo-op!

SIL of the Groom with her cute daughter
I had a great time prettifying the family!  They came from Iloilo to celebrate their family member's special day!  I appreciate it when client puts me on focus by telling me what their requirements are or what their expectations are for make-up!

I hope my makeover is enough to show that inner beauty really shines!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You did an AMAZING job on these ladies my dear!! They look so radiant and natural! I know i said this before, but how i wish i had you as my MUA on my wedding day!! :D

  2. They look great! There is really a world of difference in makeup applied by a dabbler and makeup done by a pro! Everyone looks so fresh and natural!

    Nikki, are you going to give us a peek at your traincase sometime? :) I'm curious as to how you match foundation shades so perfectly. Do you bring lots of foundations, or just mix up their shades on the spot?

  3. wow! the SIL really looked slim after the makeover! long life to contouring!

  4. no wonder your clients never forget you - you make them look like hollywood celebs with flawless looking skin! and a great personality to pair with might i add! if i want a MUA on my wedding day, you are on top of my list sis! ;)

  5. I love the makeup you did on the SIL! It's natural looking and fresh!

  6. You did an amazing job! They look so beautiful and natural.

  7. great makeovers! naturally radiant-looking ladies! :)

  8. Wow! Ms. Nikki your so amazing! The mother of the groom and her sis looks younger and the sis-in-law's face looks slimmer. How I wish I can afford you and your hairstylist to become my make up artist and hair stylist in my dream wedding someday. :)

  9. They looked so naturally beautiful! You did a really good job!:))

  10. @Jenn Jenn! If I get the chance to visit there, lets do makeovers! it'll be fun!!!! :) Thanks for the lovely compliment! Though you aren't happy with your wedding day makeup, I think you look naturally gorgeous! *I swear*

  11. @Sanakan Igarashi Hi Sanakan, hmm...hahahah my train case is a MESS! But ok, I'll give you guys a peek again, I think I did way back but things have changed! I do own a couple of foundation shades and yes, I do mix and match on the spot to get the right shade, I guess it takes a whole lot of practice plus good lighting :) thanks dear!

  12. @xin I know! LONG LIFE TO CONTOURING! YAY!!!!!

  13. @MereMakeupManiac WOW! I don't think you even need an MUA! You do your makeup well na sis! Thanks!

  14. @TPS Glad you liked it! :) I hope she does too! :)

  15. @gio Thanks for the key word "Natural" i appreciate that!

  16. @vylettekaye Aawww, that's a super HUGE and SUPER MUST KEPT Compliment, thank you for saying so!!!! Aba, ready ka nang ikasal? hahahaha :)

  17. aaayyyy, ang galing mo talaga! i love these makeover posts! ako kaya kelan mo ma makeover, hehehe...

  18. @Issa Aaww thanks, sige next time kaw naman! :) kaw kasi nagpamakeover ka na sa Clinique eh! hahaha next time DAPAT AKO LOL


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