Saturday, September 3, 2011

AMW Reviews: DEONAT Mineral Deodorant Powder

For today's review, we have to thank Mr. AMW for sharing his insight on this product as he's more of a deodorant/anti-perspirant user as compared to me as he perspire 10x more than I do!  He has been using this for months! 

That shows, he loves the product, he's stubborn, he won't use it the 2nd or 3rd time if the first dry was disastrous!

Let me break it down for you on how the product fairs.  If you've got the "pits" you gotta read!  :P

DEONAT Mineral Deodorant Powder says ---
With an active ingredient of Natural Mineral Salts, DEONAT Mineral Deodorant Powder works effectively in eliminating odor-causing bacteria and gives your body an all-day fresh, dry, odor-free and comfortable feeling with soothing sensation.

Ingredients: Purified Talk, Ammonium Alum, Magnesium Carbonate, Magnesium stearate, Camphor, Menthol, Fragrance.

Net Wt.: 50g
Product of: Thailand

AMW says ---
  • Cute, simple white packaging easy to find at the dresser.
  • No drying time.  You can wear your clothes IMMEDIATELY after application.
  • Effective in odor eliminating!  (not that Mr. AMW has bad odor *defensive mode*) :P
  • Best PRO : No darkening of the underarm.
  • Has a nice cool/minty feel perfect during the summer..
  • Very inexpensive, lasts approximately 2-3 months of daily usage.
  • Can be shared!  As there's no direct contact against the person's skin.
  • Messy as compared to other deodorant.
  • May irritate people who have sensitive nose or have allergies to certain ingredients.
  • Not the best on anti-perspirant department. (this is applicable for people who sweat A LOT!)
Putting Mr. AMW to test this product is like putting this product in a laboratory!  *laughs*  Mr. AMW is VERY particular with deodorant/anti-perspirant as he has been searching for a good one for years!  He has used various brands which smells "oh-so-wonderful" but darkened his skin! 

I have tried putting on this product and so far, I don't have complaints on the perspiration side as I do not perspire a lot!

  • Avoid inhalation during application, but avoid to hold your breathe too long as you may pass out! :P
  • Sprinkle a good amount of powder onto the palm of your hands and apply on your clean underarms after bathing.
  • Make sure your underarms are dry during application.
  • Do not apply on broken skin.
  • If itchiness or skin irritations occur, stop product usage IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you wear dark clothing, the powder may stick to it so be careful.
  • When you take a shower, do not scrub your underarms hard as that's one cause of skin darkening.  Gently wash off product with a soft wash cloth instead.
  • If you perspire a lot, you can choose to use this on days you won't be doing a lot of activities (like inside the office) and use a different anti-perspirant/deodorant brand on other days.  This way, your underarm gets to breathe.
Will I repurchase?
Mr. AMW did!

To whom do I recommend this to?
Anyone who does not have much problem on perspiration but is looking for odor control.  Also good for people who suffer from darkening of underarms as this product has less chemicals.

Where to purchase and how much?
Exclusively available at Watsons and Beauty by SM Department Store for Php129.75 (approx $3.00).

Have you tried deodorant/anti-perspirant in powder form?
What's your best best?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy


  1. Great review! I honestly haven't tried powder deo's dahil loyal fan ako ng avon sweet honesty at wala pa akong nakikitang ganyan dito. ^^ Pero given the chance, i will try this.

  2. i love that you have a MR to test on! haha dun ako nainggit since the product, i cant relate to! :D

  3. @Lemon Tart Ahhh well if you found something that works for you! stay ka na dun :D

  4. @Kumiko Mae hahahaha well I'm glad to have helped him find products that works for him! no choice siya, asawa niya ako! hahahah

  5. this is my first comment on your blog...yay!

    thanks for the very helpful reviews of different products.

    i've tried so many deos and anti perspirant in the market. but as of the moment, MILCU is the longest product that i'm using. it's in powder form. and my brother sometimes sprinkles it to his feet before he wears his socks. (it's both foot & UA powder).
    what's great about this product is the

    maybe i'll try Deonat when i'm finished with my milcu.


  6. @Anonymous What's MLCU and where can we purchase it? That sounds intriguing and best of all? it's cheap ha!

  7. MILCU (2 in 1) foot & UA powder. i checked mine and it's 49.75 (40gms)in watson's. main ingredient is potassium alum.


    1. I see, thanks for the feedback! Will take a look! :)

  8. Naghahanap ako ng reviews about deonat at nakita ko to :)

    Sa pagkakaalam ko, kaya medyo hindi siya pangpabawas ng pagpapawis kasi walang aluminum salts and parabens tulad ng karamihan ng deo na tinitinda. Yung aluminum ang nakakapagbawas ng pagpapawis at nakakaitim ng UA.

    tapos yung milcu, hindi ko naman irecommend yun kahit mura. nakakaitim ng UA yan..

    ayun lang :)

    1. I agree, I do not mind na mamawis basta walang amoy di ba? Highly recommended ang Deonat kahit sa lalaki ;)

  9. very helpful review, i have just bought my deonat roll on and still on my way to finding out if the product really works....nevertheless, th reviews inspired me to check out the long term effect on my UA. tanx!

    1. Glad my review helps! As long as no allergic reactions and it does'nt darken, it's goid enough!

  10. I bought the stick of which you'll wet it with water and it a very WONDERFUL product.AS IN. because in my previous many deodorants,pag mag sweat ka na,parang ang baho.hindi B.O pero ung sweat plus ung fragrance ng deodorant?!I hate it! alam nyo hwag kayong pumili ng may fragrance kasi BOOM!parang bomba ang chemistry Department ng antiperspirant,well,i perspire sa diameter ng kili kili ko.indi naman umabot hanggang bewang.pero nung gumamit ako ng deonat, nabawasan ng 2/3!!!By the way im using the yellow one.Wala xang claim na antiperspirant pero na exceed nya expectations ko!at wala na ung B.O.may sweat but it smells sweat na normal like u can inhale it again and again.prang pawis na odorless!!I'm glad i took the risk.and what im praying for right now na sana after few months puputi ang kili2x ko. :)

    1. wow! thanks for your feedback, I am sure it is valuable for consumers who have a same situation as you! :)

  11. I am using DeoNat spray for few days now but really LOVE it. I'm sweating pero walang B.O. before i am using Naturally Fresh Spray mist & crystal rock parang tawas it's ok nmn kaya lng maamoy mo pa din sa damit mo yung BO compare to DeoNat khit natural lng kinuha ko pero yung smell nya fresh talaga. Finally, found this Deonat brand & probably will use this forever!! Thanks for this helpul BLOG. :))

    1. YAY! :) Thank you! Thanks for your feedback, it is great to know about results from other who have tried! :D

  12. i also used the deo nat spray aloe vera and so far, i am pleased with the results

  13. I'm allergic to every deo that I've tried before, kahit sa tawas nagkakarashes ako. Since i started using deonat spray aloe, nabawasan yung pamamawis, no allergies at wala ring amoy. No stains pa at medyo naglighten yung UA ko. I really lik this product.

  14. hello first week ko pa lang po gumagamit nitong deonat pero maganda ang result hindi nga namamawis ang kilikil ko unlike yung ibang anti-perspirant kuno pero mapunta ka lang sa init jusmio para kang binasa ng tubig sa kili-kili

  15. hindi po ba nakakitim ng kilikili yung deonat stick yung color blue po :)

  16. honestly, I have a very bad odor on my armpits. What's worst is that it sweats a lot. Will it work for me? Any recommendation guys?


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