Friday, September 9, 2011

I Wonder: Are You Into Stickers?

Let's go for hand-raising game shall we?

"Who adores stickers?"
"Who among you collects stickers?"

"Anyone from you who likes to put stickers on random stuff like notebooks, pens or even make-up brushes?"
"Anyone of you who are into putting stickers on walls?"

The last question got you huh?  I think I can put down my arm now as I've had it raised the whole time!  I'm not a crazy sticker collector but I do appreciate cute stickers every now and then.  Yes!  Up to this very moment!  I even put stickers with "Nikki" on my important brushes!  It's not that I love myself so much, I just don't want to grab other people's brushes when I'm on a gig.

Back when I was in high school, my bestfriend, who moved to Canada to study comes home once a year and we like to exchange gifts!  Once she gave me a huge wall sticker from Precious Moments that looks like this....
**photo from source

It was one of those simple yet unforgettable gifts that I won't forget.  You'd think they all ended up inside my bedroom?  Nope!  I like to share cute stuff with the family so I actually pasted them on our living room!  *laughs*  Just so you know, I have 2 brothers!  *hahaha*

Years after, they do look old but they survived and are still looking okay.  So can you imagine how many times I cart wheeled (yeah, as if I can do that! lol) when I saw these cuties online?

I wanted this because it exudes my "happy and sunny disposition"

Oh, this took my heart away as it reminded me of my teaching years!

This looks perfect for anyone into blogging!  
I want aqua blue colored walls!

I'm not into Mathematics but I'm actually good at it!  
8x6 = ahhhhhmmm
Next!  *laughs*

This is so cute, I can stare at these all day 
and remind myself to work hard so I can travel the world!!!

This looks so adorable!  Reminded me of myself and Mr. AMW
It's NOT because we have huge nostrils!  :P

After hours *seriously* and hours of choosing, Mr. AMW and myself have decided to go with this.....

Because Mr. AMW thinks the cat with pink (and polka dotted) skirt looks like me!

And I plainly told him the cute pig reminded me of him! *comeback!!!!*

To be honest, I have gotten these for more than 2 weeks but I still can't decide where to put them!

I really wish we have dark-colored walls so these babies can show up better! :)

It's a project I'm excited to do! And before I end this post,

I wonder:
"Are  You Into Stickers Like Me?"

I want to thank Val for these Wall Stickers!  You made the child in me forever alive!

Feel free to check them out on Facebook.
Each Wall Candy Manila Stickers Set costs approximately Php450/650/750/850/950 shipping not included.  You can purchase them HERE.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love love stickers!!!! but have never tried wall stickers, would love to have the mathematics one, its so adorable! i have stickers around on the side of my monitor and also on my keyboard...and also on the light/fan switch so i can identify which is which :D i had 2 sticker books, but after years, the adhesive on the stickers has worn off already :( doesn't stick anymore

  2. Those are so cute! >_< I had a statio and sticker collection when I was in elementary and High school. I still have them now but I use most of them for gift wrapping. I would consider buying those when I have time to renovate my room (eventually)...

  3. Those wall stickers are love! They give an oomph to a plain boring wall. :) I'd someday want to purchase one and revamped my room using those. :D They're really pretty and doodly! :)

  4. I am into sticker until now. It really brings back to me ang pagiging bata. I love to put stickers sa lahat ng book na binili ko even collecting stationaries ginagawa ko pa.

  5. You and Mr.AMW are so cute together talaga. :))) Kakakilig kayo. Parang Honeymoon stage forever :))) These stickers are so cute too. :DDD

  6. ang cute ng napili mo!!! pero parang mas bagay nga siya sa dark colored na walls! naku, my son will love this pag nakakita ng ganito, hehehe.....

  7. @xin Ahhh me too! I just realized, I have stickers on a lot of my stuff too!!! *high five* for another similarity of ours! Well the wall stickers from Precious hearts that I've used, the adhesive is still ok!!!! after a decade plus!

  8. @Kai Sis, remember those days pa we used to have statio exchange? hahahha the scent..super bango talaga!

  9. @Myrted oo, its nice to revamp a room in this way at least no hassle :D Which one is your fave?

  10. @Sweethestia Good for you! at least you've found something that makes you happy and excited :) I do collect stickers every now and then, especially the "smiley" ones

  11. I still buy stickers! Sometimes for my niece, but find them too cute and end up keeping them for myself. Even my train case and laptop have stickers. :P I sometimes buy wall decals and stickers to decorate on the walls. :)

  12. @Anonymous LOL on Honeymoon stage! thanks for saying so..its...*blushes* TRUE :P

  13. @Issa Agree dear, pero how many among us really have dark colored walls? iilan lang! heheheh I want to change my wall color!!!!

  14. I used to have a huge stickers collection in high schools that I would use on my school diary and letters to my friends. I haven't tried wall stickers yet but I want to as they are adorable. I love all the designs above, so cute!

  15. I love stickers! I just like collecting them for some reason :)) I've seen these before! I wanna try them on my room but I'm still renovating my room great post miss Nikki! :)

  16. so cute! i wonder, is it easy to remove if ever you do not like the design na? :)

  17. I'm not a sticker collector but have kept few sanrio stickers given by a dear friend 27 years ago :)


  18. That is so cute. I have to get some and that might fix what my daughter did to our walls. haha. I used to collect stationary and stickers. Im also a bit ashamed that I used to hoard craft papers and sticker just because I might end up doing a scrapbook. Haha.

  19. @xin Hey sister, you don't need to put them on walls, you can put them on cabinets or drawers! sorry you find the adhesive not so good, this one< i hope will last me !

  20. The stickies are so awesome! Now I'm itching to decorate my room! *wink*


  21. @Photoescape Well, once your room is well renovated and you have the time and budget for cutesy-patootsie, here you go!

  22. @Gellie Abogado Super easy to remove and won't leave stain on the walls or whatever surface you stick this to

  23. @Anonymous WOW Ehla, 27yrs ago! You are a good friend! I like it when friends take care of the stuff I give them :) I'm sure your friend does too!

  24. @Care GUMIN Ay tama!!! Great way to hide those nasty drawings on the wall! LOL

  25. they're so adorable!i also wanna have these cute wall stickers and wall decals t0o!:)


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